Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka

Vol.01 Ch.001 The World, Reality and Admiration

Vol.01 Ch.001 The World, Reality and Admiration Vol.01 Ch.002 So I'm Running Vol.01 Ch.003 A Night of Awakening Vol.01 Ch.004 I Want to Support You Vol.01 Ch.004.5 Vol.01 Ch.005 A Goddess' Prank Vol.01 Ch.006 The Monster Feriae Begins Vol.01 Ch.007 The Festival, a Date and Looking for Someone Vol.02 Ch.008 Favor of the Goddess Vol.02 Ch.009 All the Courage Vol.02 Ch.010 Family Vol.02 Ch.010.5 Vol.02 Ch.011 The Goddess' Knife Vol.02 Ch.012 Bump of Chicken Vol.02 Ch.013 Sonorous Cry Vol.02 Ch.014 A Meeting Vol.02 Ch.014.5 The Circumstances Behind the Goddess' Part-time Job Vol.03 Ch.015 Shopping is Responsible For All Evils?! Vol.03 Ch.016 The Circumstances of a Supporter's Work Vol.03 Ch.017 A Trap Hidden in the Dungeon? Vol.03 Ch.018 Big Mistakes and Big Miscalculations Vol.03 Ch.019 A Great Misunderstanding?! Vol.03 Ch.020 Jealous, Delight and Taking a Bath? Vol.03 Ch.021 The Calm Before the Storm!? Vol.03 Ch.022 Do Not Let Your Guard Down! Vol.04 Ch.023 Manifestation Vol.04 Ch.024 Is This What Magic Asks? Vol.04 Ch.025 Godly Liquor Vol.04 Ch.026 10th Floor Vol.04 Ch.027 Betrayal? Vol.04 Ch.028 Death Vol.04 Ch.029 Trust Vol.04 Ch.030 Restart Vol.05 Ch.031 The Youth and the Sword Princess Vol.05 Ch.032 The Sword Princess and Her Special Training Vol.05 Ch.033 The Start of the Plan Vol.05 Ch.034 Party Play Vol.05 Ch.035 Outbreak of Holy War Vol.05 Ch.036 Surprise Attack Vol.05 Ch.037 To The Summit Vol.06 Ch.038 Fear Vol.06 Ch.039 Presentiment Vol.06 Ch.040 A Desperate Predicament Vol.06 Ch.041 What It Means To Be A Hero Vol.06 Ch.042 Where Despair Ends Vol.06 Ch.043 Awakening Vol.06 Ch.044 Aspiring Hero Vol.06 Ch.045 Conclusion Vol.06 Ch.046 Adventurer Vol.06 Ch.047 The Intimate Relationship Between Ranking Up And The God's Meeting Vol.07 Ch.048 Raising the Curtain on the Gods' Meeting Vol.07 Ch.049 Vol.07 Ch.050 Increasing the Relationships Vol.07 Ch.051 The Rank Ups Blessing Vol.07 Ch.052 A Blacksmith's Skill Vol.07 Ch.053 Activate Vol.07 Ch.054 Truth Vol.07 Ch.055 Two Dreams, One Future Vol.07 Ch.056 A New Advance Vol.08 Ch.057 Herald of the Sign Vol.08 Ch.058 Premonition of a Complication Vol.08 Ch.059 Change "Trust" into "Power" Vol.08 Ch.060 Decision and Proposal Vol.08 Ch.061 The Gods' Decision Vol.08 Ch.062 The Gale Joins The Battle Vol.08 Ch.063 Time of Departure Vol.08 Ch.064 A Second Confrontation Vol.08 Ch.065 Hero's Wild Dance Vol.08 Ch.066 Do or Die Spirit Vol.08 Ch.067 The Place They Arrive At Vol.08 Ch.068 Miraculous Encounter Vol.08 Ch.069 Relationship Difficulties Vol.08 Ch.070 The Incident Happened Like Zhis Vol.08 Ch.071 The Incident Developed Into Trouble!? Vol.08 Ch.072 Pastr and Present Vol.08 Ch.073 Change Loving Into Strength Vol.08 Ch.074 Tested Resolve Vol.08 Ch.075 Outbreak Vol.09 Ch.076 Omen Vol.09 Ch.077 Divinity Vol.09 Ch.078 An Unprecedented Disaster Vol.09 Ch.079 All-Out Attack Vol.09 Ch.080 Resuscitation Vol.09 Ch.081 Vol.09 Ch.082 Vol.09 Ch.083 Vol.09 Ch.084 Vol.09 Ch.085 Vol.09 Ch.086 Vol.09 Ch.087 Vol.09 Ch.088 Vol.09 Ch.089 Vol.09 Ch.090
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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