Vol.10 Ch.070 Epilogue

Vol.01 Ch.000 Vol.02 Ch.000.1 Vol.02 Ch.000.2 Vol.03 Ch.014 A Dangerous Gene Vol.03 Ch.015 People From The Past Vol.03 Ch.016 The Attack Vol.03 Ch.017 Double Impact Vol.03 Ch.018 Gallant Young Men From Silla Vol.03 Ch.019 Awakening Vol.04 Ch.020 When Awakened Vol.04 Ch.021 Control Factors Vol.04 Ch.022 Minatsuki Osei (M.O.) Vol.04 Ch.023 Trouble Vol.04 Ch.024 Strategy Vol.05 Ch.025 Provoke Vol.05 Ch.026 Hostage Vol.05 Ch.027 Pressure Vol.05 Ch.028 Completed Lead Vol.06 Ch.029 Enter Liede Vol.06 Ch.030 Enter Liede Part II Vol.06 Ch.031 Misunderstanding Vol.06 Ch.032 Circle 24 S.G. Force Vol.06 Ch.033 Circle 25 Motive Vol.06 Ch.034 Circle 26 Fury Vol.06 Ch.035 Circle 27 Escalation Vol.06 Ch.036 Circle 28 part 1 Roinel's Level Vol.07 Ch.037 Circle 28 part 2 Roinel's Level Vol.07 Ch.038 Circle 29 M.O.'s Level Vol.07 Ch.039 Death God Yooshin Vol.07 Ch.040 Yooshin's Ability Vol.07 Ch.041 Powerlessness Vol.07 Ch.042 Hasegawa Renji Vol.07 Ch.043 Hasegawa's Threat Vol.07 Ch.044 Confusion Vol.08 Ch.045 Lightning Strike Vol.08 Ch.046 Involvement Vol.08 Ch.047 Motive Vol.08 Ch.048 Trap Vol.08 Ch.049 Puppeteer Vol.08 Ch.050 Reunion Vol.08 Ch.051 Collision Vol.08 Ch.052 Motive 2 Vol.09 Ch.053 Motive 2 (Part 2) Vol.09 Ch.054 Zero DNA Vol.09 Ch.055 The Role of a Mercenary Vol.09 Ch.056 Close Combat 1 Vol.09 Ch.057 Close Combat 2 Vol.09 Ch.058 Close Combat 3 Vol.09 Ch.059 Epiphany Vol.09 Ch.060 Crumbled Vol.10 Ch.061 Catastrophe Vol.10 Ch.062 Change Vol.10 Ch.063 Vanish Vol.10 Ch.064 Preparation to Initiate Vol.10 Ch.065 Charge 1 Vol.10 Ch.066 Change 2 Vol.10 Ch.067 Circle 57 Vol.10 Ch.068 Bitter Vol.10 Ch.069 Final Circle (END) Vol.10 Ch.070 Epilogue
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