Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san

Vol.02 Ch.029 Happy Summer Season

Vol.01 Ch.001 World Domination Start Vol.01 Ch.002 Cosy Workplace Vol.01 Ch.003 Weekly Girl Power Advice Vol.01 Ch.004 Wandering, wandering... Vol.01 Ch.005 First World Domination Meeting Vol.01 Ch.006 A New Secret Move Vol.01 Ch.007 A Scene Often Found In B-Movies Vol.01 Ch.008 A Hero's Everyday Life Vol.01 Ch.009 Secretary and Pudding and Explosions Vol.01 Ch.010 RX Group's New Weapon of Terror! Vol.01 Ch.011 General-sama's Greatest Danger Vol.01 Ch.012 Operation Chemical Lunch Vol.01 Ch.013 Terror A New Species' Explosive Birth! Vol.01 Ch.014 Attack of the Boss! Vol.01 Ch.015 Dark Skinned Monster Girl Vol.01 Ch.016 The Dark Side of Marriage Vol.01 Ch.016.5 Special Edition x Oneshot Version Precarious Woman Executive Miss ... Vol.02 Ch.017 My Sweet Memories Vol.02 Ch.018 Out With Demons and Luck Vol.02 Ch.019 Valentine Panic Vol.02 Ch.020 Cat's Paw for Hire Vol.02 Ch.021 Pollen and Executive Warning Vol.02 Ch.022 Attack of a New Hero Vol.02 Ch.023 Flowers, Dumplings, etc. Vol.02 Ch.024 Jet-Black Thieving Cat Vol.02 Ch.025 Scene with Maid-san Vol.02 Ch.026 The So-Called Creation and Destruction Vol.02 Ch.027 Meetings and Circumstances and Rookie Training Vol.02 Ch.028 Even a Secret Organization Wants to Go on Vacation Vol.02 Ch.029 Happy Summer Season Vol.02 Ch.030 Villain League Vol.02 Ch.031 Summer Hero Special Vol.02 Ch.032 Infiltrating the Hero Exam! Vol.02 Ch.033 Natural is Best Vol.02 Ch.033.5 Special One Shot x The Hitwoman and the Masked Man Vol.02 Ch.033.8 Special Edition x RX Group's New Monster Recruitment!! Vol.03 Ch.034 Full of Holes in Different Ways Vol.03 Ch.035 The Female Rose Knight Vol.03 Ch.036 The Taste of Autumn and Fiction vs Reality Vol.03 Ch.037 Christmas Eve's Gift Vol.03 Ch.038 RX Group's Christmas Vol.03 Ch.039 RX Group Will Cover the Shipping Cost Vol.03 Ch.040 Attack of the Evil Organization Next Door Vol.03 Ch.041 Secretary and Drugs and Explosions Vol.03 Ch.042 Operation Love Potion Vol.03 Ch.043 A Truly Scary Urban Legend Vol.03 Ch.044 Vol.03 Ch.045 Vol.03 Ch.046 The Right Way To Make A Wall Slam Vol.03 Ch.047 Vol.03 Ch.048 The Blood and Iron of the Robot Yakuza Vol.03 Ch.049 Vol.03 Ch.050 Vol.04 Ch.050 My Hobby Is Reading Vol.04 Ch.051 Vol.04 Ch.052 Vol.04 Ch.053 The Hero Meeting
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