Vol.36 Ch.225 Assassin in the fog

Vol.01 Ch.001 ID LOTO Vol.01 Ch.002 Lost Saga Vol.01 Ch.003 Vol.01 Ch.004 Vol.01 Ch.005 Vol.01 Ch.006 Vol.02 Ch.007 Vol.02 Ch.008 Vol.02 Ch.009 Vol.02 Ch.010 Vol.02 Ch.011 Vol.02 Ch.012 Vol.02 Ch.013 Vol.02 Ch.014 Vol.03 Ch.015 Two Player Battle Tournement Vol.03 Ch.016 See You in the Tourney! Vol.03 Ch.017 The Best Defense... Vol.03 Ch.018 Stick It to the Plan Vol.03 Ch.019 Pair of Deuces Vol.03 Ch.020 20 Seconds Vol.03 Ch.021 You Were Saying Vol.04 Ch.022 Experience Pointers Vol.04 Ch.023 It Builds Characters Vol.04 Ch.024 For the Love of It Vol.04 Ch.025 Corpse of a Different Colour Vol.04 Ch.026 Killing Time Vol.04 Ch.027 You Hit Like a Girl. Hard. Vol.05 Ch.028 Easter Egg Hunt Vol.05 Ch.029 Human Sacrifice Vol.05 Ch.030 An Offer You Can't Refuse Vol.05 Ch.031 Quit Cloning Around Vol.05 Ch.032 This Guy's a Gas Vol.05 Ch.033 Power of the Darkside Vol.06 Ch.034 Who Was that Masked Man Vol.06 Ch.035 Over and Out Vol.06 Ch.036 Mage vs. Mage Vol.06 Ch.037 Master of None Vol.06 Ch.038 Enter the Devil Vol.06 Ch.039 Bringing Hell Vol.07 Ch.040 Give and Take Vol.07 Ch.041 Take Aim and Fire Vol.07 Ch.042 Lost Memories Vol.07 Ch.043 Purification of the Desired Vol.07 Ch.044 Team Formation Vol.07 Ch.045 Ahoy Monster Island! Vol.08 Ch.046 Between the Devil Vol.08 Ch.047 Gate of Shadows Vol.08 Ch.048 Army of One Vol.08 Ch.049 The Four Horsemen Vol.08 Ch.050 Let the Games Begin Vol.08 Ch.051 Meet Unstoppable Force Vol.09 Ch.052 Flag of Truce and Lies Vol.09 Ch.053 The Schism Within Vol.09 Ch.054 Identity Crisis Vol.09 Ch.055 Follow the Leader Vol.09 Ch.056 All for One Vol.09 Ch.057 A Reason to Fight Vol.10 Ch.058 Demon's Blessing Vol.10 Ch.059 Last of the Devas Vol.10 Ch.060 Mano-E-Mano Vol.10 Ch.061 The Power of Sacrifice Vol.10 Ch.062 Aim for the Heart Vol.10 Ch.063 We Are the Champions! Vol.11 Ch.064 Shall We Dance? Vol.11 Ch.065 Something's Lacking Vol.11 Ch.066 It's My Victory! Vol.11 Ch.067 Let's Get Outta Here First! Vol.11 Ch.068 Automatic & Manual Vol.11 Ch.069 Ultimate Barrier Vol.12 Ch.070 Magic Circles Vol.12 Ch.071 The Demon Appears! Vol.12 Ch.072 Pursuit Vol.12 Ch.073 Last Wishes Vol.12 Ch.074 Game Over = You Are Dead Vol.12 Ch.075 Parallel Offences Vol.13 Ch.076 Extermination Vol.13 Ch.077 The Last Battle Field Vol.13 Ch.078 Prelude to a Massacre Vol.13 Ch.079 Escape Vol.13 Ch.080 Switching Consciousnesses Vol.13 Ch.081 Nothing to Do? Vol.14 Ch.082 Hope Vol.14 Ch.083 Disconnection Vol.14 Ch.084 Different Forces Vol.14 Ch.085 Resolution Vol.14 Ch.086 It Is Too Late Vol.14 Ch.087 No More Running Vol.15 Ch.088 Out of Mana Vol.15 Ch.089 STOP! Vol.15 Ch.090 Turning the Tides Vol.15 Ch.091 Need Help? Vol.15 Ch.092 Lord of Bewitching Vol.15 Ch.093 Unforgivable Vol.16 Ch.094 Don't Ignore Me Vol.16 Ch.095 Duel Vol.16 Ch.096 A Reason to Log On Vol.16 Ch.097 Quitting Lost Saga... Vol.16 Ch.098 Proposition Vol.16 Ch.099 Elca Vol.16 Ch.100 Warning Vol.17 Ch.101 Killer and Hunter Vol.17 Ch.102 Her Last Word Vol.17 Ch.103 Who Are You? Vol.17 Ch.104 OK, I'm Protecting Him Vol.17 Ch.105 Way to the Land of Dragons Vol.17 Ch.106 A New Team Vol.18 Ch.107 It Is a Team Game Vol.18 Ch.108 Setting a Trap Vol.18 Ch.109 The Same Type Vol.18 Ch.110 Level Upgrade Vol.18 Ch.111 Watch Him! Vol.18 Ch.112 The Crimson Ants Vol.19 Ch.113 The Ant Hill Vol.19 Ch.114 It's Been a While Vol.19 Ch.115 Test of Levels Vol.19 Ch.116 The End of the Classification Vol.19 Ch.117 What Happens Now?... Vol.19 Ch.118 The Spy Revealed Vol.20 Ch.119 That Is Not Him Vol.20 Ch.120 Human Life Vol.20 Ch.121 Unpardonable Vol.20 Ch.122 The Traces of the Target Vol.20 Ch.123 Cause of Death Vol.20 Ch.124 Elca vs. Yureka Vol.21 Ch.125 Price to Be Paid Vol.21 Ch.126 You Have to Convince Her Vol.21 Ch.127 As Expected Vol.21 Ch.128 Act Like You Killed Someone Vol.21 Ch.129 The Right to Choose Vol.21 Ch.130 You Want to Help Him? Vol.22 Ch.131 Irreversible! Vol.22 Ch.132 How Do You Feel? Vol.22 Ch.133 The Value of Life Vol.22 Ch.134 The Tool Vol.22 Ch.135 Elca's Madness Vol.22 Ch.136 Why...? Vol.23 Ch.137 What's Your Name? Vol.23 Ch.138 This Story Again? Vol.23 Ch.139 Partners Vol.23 Ch.140 The Reason for the Bet Vol.23 Ch.141 If I'm Honest Vol.23 Ch.142 Call Her By Her Real Name Vol.24 Ch.143 Multiple Personalities Vol.24 Ch.144 Towards the Continent Vol.24 Ch.145 The Strength of the Continent Vol.24 Ch.146 Giving Up Vol.24 Ch.147 I Don't Want to Forget Vol.24 Ch.148 To Fight? Vol.25 Ch.149 Ring-Out and Give-Up Vol.25 Ch.150 False Information Vol.25 Ch.151 Slayan Vol.25 Ch.152 Key Score Vol.25 Ch.153 The End Result of Training Vol.25 Ch.154 Western Gate Defence Squad Vol.26 Ch.155 Losing the Will to Fight Vol.26 Ch.156 An Unacceptable Defeat Vol.26 Ch.157 The Southern Gate Defense Squad Vol.26 Ch.158 Evaluating Fighting Power Vol.26 Ch.159 What Shouldn't Be Shown Vol.26 Ch.160 Three-Way Battle Vol.27 Ch.161 A Face We Don't Want to See Vol.27 Ch.162 Long-awaited Battles Vol.27 Ch.163 Aquatic Battle Vol.27 Ch.164 Strategy Revealed Vol.27 Ch.165 Identity Revealed Vol.27 Ch.166 The Assassin from Another World Vol.27 Ch.167 The Great Flood Vol.28 Ch.168 The Great Mountain Vol.28 Ch.169 Discovering the Other Players Vol.28 Ch.170 The Approaching Crisis Vol.28 Ch.171 Each Person's Choice Vol.28 Ch.172 The Right to Get on Board Vol.28 Ch.173 The Seal, Released Vol.28 Ch.174 Sea God Appears! Vol.28 Ch.175 Switch with Me! Vol.29 Ch.176 Reconnoitering Skirmish Vol.29 Ch.177 The Hidden Card Revealed Vol.29 Ch.178 Turning Point of the Contest Vol.29 Ch.179 Dogfight Vol.29 Ch.180 The Ultimate Target Vol.29 Ch.181 A Private Quarrel Vol.29 Ch.182 United We Stand Vol.30 Ch.183 Rival Brothers Vol.30 Ch.184 A Tragic Destiny Vol.30 Ch.185 A Question of Preference Vol.30 Ch.186 Adrift Vol.30 Ch.187 The Ultimate Effort Vol.30 Ch.188 When an Ally Becomes the Enemy Vol.30 Ch.189 Unwillingness to Fight Vol.30 Ch.190 Between Jealousy and Admiration Vol.30 Ch.191 The Value of the Keys Vol.31 Ch.192 The Exchange Vol.31 Ch.193 The Choice Vol.31 Ch.194 The Link Vol.31 Ch.195 The Doppelganger Vol.31 Ch.196 The Exploitation of the System Vol.32 Ch.197 Lotto vs. Yureka Vol.32 Ch.198 The Approach Vol.32 Ch.199 The Conditions Vol.32 Ch.200 Recruitment Notice Vol.32 Ch.201 The Reunion Vol.33 Ch.202 Crimson marble, Blue marble Vol.33 Ch.203 Truth Revealed Vol.33 Ch.204 Mortal Enemies Vol.33 Ch.205 The Anti-Magician Vol.33 Ch.206 The Code Vol.33 Ch.207 Sword Saint Whan vs A.I. Lotto Vol.34 Ch.208 The ace of swords Vol.34 Ch.209 Worthy Opponents Vol.34 Ch.210 Pride of the Hunting Dog Vol.34 Ch.211 The Detested Words Vol.34 Ch.212 The Ruler of the Central Hall Vol.34 Ch.213 Crunade's Ability (?) Vol.35 Ch.214 Buying Time Vol.35 Ch.215 Long-Awaited Opponent Vol.35 Ch.216 Ban's Proposition Vol.35 Ch.217 Tournament in the Central Hall Vol.35 Ch.218 Tournament in the Central Hall II Vol.35 Ch.219 Read Online Vol.36 Ch.220 Baton Touch Vol.36 Ch.221 Fraudulent Weapon vs. Fraudulent Skill Vol.36 Ch.222 Unexpected Place, Unexpected Character Vol.36 Ch.223  True Memory Vol.36 Ch.224 Persona's counteroffense Vol.36 Ch.225 Assassin in the fog
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