Yowamushi Pedal

Vol.01 Ch.001 Because I Can Go to Akiba for Free

Vol.01 Ch.001 Because I Can Go to Akiba for Free Vol.01 Ch.002 Did You Really Go to Akiba? Vol.01 Ch.003 How Are We Going to Settle This? Vol.01 Ch.004 For the Sake of the Club! Vol.01 Ch.005 There's No Way He Can Catch Up! Vol.01 Ch.006 Cadence Vol.01 Ch.007 You Went to Akiba on that Bike Vol.02 Ch.008 Showdown Vol.02 Ch.009 He Loves to Show Off Vol.02 Ch.010 It's What We Call Trust Vol.02 Ch.011 The Chase Vol.02 Ch.012 Changing Gears Vol.02 Ch.013 Express! Vol.02 Ch.014 Souhoku High Bicycle Racing Club Vol.02 Ch.015 If I Have the Potential Vol.02 Ch.016 Forty Minutes to the Race Vol.03 Ch.017 The Welcome Race Begins Vol.03 Ch.018 First Stage! Vol.03 Ch.019 Shifting into Deceleration Vol.03 Ch.020 One With the Bicycle Vol.03 Ch.021 You Are Fast! Vol.03 Ch.022 He Can't Catch Up Vol.03 Ch.023 The Competition Vol.03 Ch.024 Climb Vol.03 Ch.025 Reaching the Summit Vol.04 Ch.026 Sprint Climb! Vol.04 Ch.027 Naruko Shoukichi Vol.04 Ch.028 Faster than Anyone Vol.04 Ch.029 Pride Vol.04 Ch.030 Something I Can Do Vol.04 Ch.031 What He Lacks as a Climber Vol.04 Ch.032 Full Speed Ahead Vol.04 Ch.033 The Winner is Onoda! Vol.04 Ch.034 Result Vol.05 Ch.035 Training Begins! Vol.05 Ch.036 The Peak Spider Vol.05 Ch.037 Makishima Vol.05 Ch.038 Inter-High Qualifiers Vol.05 Ch.039 Souhoku Vol.05 Ch.040 The Cyclist from Hakone Vol.05 Ch.041 First Day of Camp Vol.05 Ch.042 Sealed Away Vol.05 Ch.043 The Challenge Vol.05 Ch.043.5 Spare Bike 5 Ch.054.5 Do your Best!! Shunsuke-kun! Vol.06 Ch.044 Imaizumi and Naruko's 1000km Vol.06 Ch.045 Hakogaku Vol.06 Ch.046 Second Meeting at Dawn Vol.06 Ch.047 Sangaku and Sakamichi Vol.06 Ch.048 Inter-Highs Vol.06 Ch.049 740km Vol.06 Ch.050 Strategy Vol.06 Ch.051 Team of Two Vol.06 Ch.052 Breakthrough Vol.06 Ch.052.5 Spare Bike 6 Vol.07 Ch.053 60 Seconds Vol.07 Ch.054 Out of Ideas Vol.07 Ch.055 Closing In Vol.07 Ch.056 In Last Position Vol.07 Ch.057 Showdown Vol.07 Ch.058 Winners and Losers Vol.07 Ch.059 All-Out Battle Vol.07 Ch.060 Rain Vol.07 Ch.061 Pedal Vol.08 Ch.062 Onoda Makes the Goal Vol.08 Ch.063 A New Start Vol.08 Ch.064 Souhoku in Action Vol.08 Ch.065 Manami Sangaku Vol.08 Ch.066 Road Battle Vol.08 Ch.067 Snake of the Stone Path Vol.08 Ch.068 Unwavering Will Vol.08 Ch.069 Fall Vol.09 Ch.070 Utter Defeat Vol.09 Ch.071 Inter-Highs Vol.09 Ch.072 The Other Reunion Vol.09 Ch.073 Midousuji Vol.09 Ch.074 Calm Before the Storm Vol.09 Ch.075 Starting Line Vol.09 Ch.076 Top Sprinter! Vol.09 Ch.077 Race! Vol.09 Ch.078 Sprint Machine! Vol.10 Ch.079 Atonement Vol.10 Ch.080 No More Tricks! Vol.10 Ch.081 Izumida's Anxiety Vol.10 Ch.082 Awakening Vol.10 Ch.083 Loss Vol.10 Ch.084 Trio Vol.10 Ch.085 Fast Sprinter Vol.10 Ch.086 Exchange Vol.11 Ch.087 Hakone Vol.11 Ch.088 I Can See the Sky Vol.11 Ch.089 100 People Vol.11 Ch.090 Humming Vol.11 Ch.091 God of the Mountain Toudou Vol.11 Ch.092 Climber Vol.11 Ch.093 One More Climber Vol.11 Ch.094 The Barrier of 100 People Vol.12 Ch.095 The 100th Person Vol.12 Ch.096 Hopes Arrive Vol.12 Ch.097 Throw Away Hope Vol.12 Ch.098 Climax Vol.12 Ch.099 Last Climb Vol.12 Ch.100 Summit Vol.12 Ch.101 The Aces Make Their Moves Vol.12 Ch.102 In the Lead!! Vol.12 Ch.103 Arakita Vol.12 Ch.103.1 Yowamushi Spare Bike 1 Vol.12 Ch.103.3 Yowamushi Spare Bike 3 Vol.12 Ch.103.4 Yowamushi Spare Bike 4 Vol.13 Ch.104 Essence Vol.13 Ch.105 Imaizumi Rages Vol.13 Ch.106 Kyouto #91 Midousuji Vol.13 Ch.107 As Planned Vol.13 Ch.108 The 3 Strongest Vol.13 Ch.109 Zekken Vol.13 Ch.110 Darkening Vol.13 Ch.111 Night of Hopes Vol.13 Ch.112 The 2nd Day Starts Vol.14 Ch.113 Dark Clouds Vol.14 Ch.114 Not the Time to Stop Vol.14 Ch.115 Tadokoro, Sinking Vol.14 Ch.116 Here Comes Sakamichi Vol.14 Ch.117 Hime Na No Da Vol.14 Ch.118 Hime Na No Da 2 Vol.14 Ch.119 Joining Up Vol.14 Ch.119.5 Extra Vol.15 Ch.120 Kyouto Fushimi Moves Vol.15 Ch.121 Provocation Vol.15 Ch.122 Hakogaku #4 Vol.15 Ch.123 Shinkai Vol.15 Ch.124 Souhoku's Disadvantage Vol.15 Ch.125 Buuuuu- Vol.15 Ch.126 Shinkai, Cornered Vol.15 Ch.127 Demon Vol.15 Ch.128 The Man Who Triumphs Vol.16 Ch.129 The Strongest and Fastest Vol.16 Ch.130 The Second Half of the Battle Vol.16 Ch.131 Onoda's Riding Vol.16 Ch.132 Souhoku, Together!! Vol.16 Ch.133 The End of the Sprinters Vol.16 Ch.134 Discarded Baggage Vol.16 Ch.135 Replacing the Kings Vol.16 Ch.136 The Last of the Kings Vol.16 Ch.137 Single Digit Zekken Vol.17 Ch.138 Kings Vol.17 Ch.139 Sohoku Soul Vol.17 Ch.140 The Last Team Strategy Vol.17 Ch.141 Phase 49 Vol.17 Ch.142 The Fastest, Shinkai! Vol.17 Ch.143 A Reason to Ride Vol.17 Ch.144 The Last Deadlock Vol.17 Ch.145 The 3 Meters of Perseverance Vol.17 Ch.146 Movement Vol.17 Ch.146.5 Spare Bike 11 Vol.18 Ch.147 Margin Vol.18 Ch.148 Ace Vol.18 Ch.149 Two Aces Vol.18 Ch.150 Approach Vol.18 Ch.151 A Passion for Winning Vol.18 Ch.152 Akira Vol.18 Ch.153 Victory Vol.18 Ch.154 The Winner of the Second Stage!! Vol.18 Ch.154.1 Spare Bike 12 Vol.18 Ch.154.2 Spare Bike 13 Vol.18 Ch.154.3 Spare Bike 14 Vol.19 Ch.155 Sohoku in Second Place Vol.19 Ch.156 Midousuji's Decision Vol.19 Ch.157 The 3km to the Pharmacy Vol.19 Ch.158 The Third Day Begins! Vol.19 Ch.159 Lucky Man Machimiya Vol.19 Ch.160 The Man Who Won't Come Vol.19 Ch.161 The Last Start Vol.19 Ch.162 Cooperation Vol.19 Ch.163 Reunion with the Front Vol.20 Ch.164 The Pack Closes In Vol.20 Ch.165 Hiroshima Kureminami Vol.20 Ch.166 The Terrible Machimiya Vol.20 Ch.167 Arakita Vol.20 Ch.168 The Three's Chase!! Vol.20 Ch.169 Rollercoaster Ride Vol.20 Ch.170 Con Artist Vol.20 Ch.171 Kure's Fighting Dog Vol.20 Ch.172 The Fighting Dog Howls! Vol.20 Ch.172.5 Spare Bike 16 Vol.21 Ch.173 Explosive Power Born from Resentment Vol.21 Ch.174 My Old Self Vol.21 Ch.175 "Forward" Vol.21 Ch.176 The Domain That Lies Ahead Vol.21 Ch.177 The Teams Assemble Vol.21 Ch.178 Real Survival Vol.21 Ch.179 Last Stage Vol.21 Ch.180 For One Jersey Vol.21 Ch.181 Pursuit!! Vol.22 Ch.182 Selection Vol.22 Ch.183 Izumida's Pride Vol.22 Ch.184 The Third-Years' Decision Vol.22 Ch.185 Their Backs Vol.22 Ch.186 The Six Line Up!! Vol.22 Ch.187 Flat-Out Run, at Lake Yamanaka Vol.22 Ch.188 Tadokoro's Last Sprit Vol.22 Ch.189 The End of the Ace Vol.22 Ch.190 The Last Order Vol.23 Ch.191 The Trusted Four Vol.23 Ch.192 Naruko's Real Worth Vol.23 Ch.193 The Unveiling!! Vol.23 Ch.194 Obstinacy Vol.23 Ch.195 The Man Who Fulfilled His Duty Vol.23 Ch.196 Ace Imaizumi! Vol.23 Ch.197 Evolution Vol.23 Ch.198 Awakening Vol.23 Ch.199 The Persistent Man Vol.24 Ch.200 Unexpected Vol.24 Ch.201 Hakogaku's Number 6 Vol.24 Ch.202 Manami's Smile Vol.24 Ch.203 Wind Vol.24 Ch.204 Step by Step Vol.24 Ch.205 "Sohoku's Four-Eyes" Vol.24 Ch.206 Sakamichi, Off-Course Vol.24 Ch.207 The End!!! Vol.24 Ch.207.5 Extra Vol.25 Ch.208 Sakamichi's Role Vol.25 Ch.209 Erosion Vol.25 Ch.210 The Two's Bond Vol.25 Ch.211 Imaizumi vs Midousuji Vol.25 Ch.212 A Close Battle Vol.25 Ch.213 What Lies Ahead of Battle Vol.25 Ch.214 Full Speed Dash Vol.25 Ch.215 #91 Vol.25 Ch.216 The Sixth Man Vol.26 Ch.217 Manami and Sakamichi Vol.26 Ch.218 The Will to Fight Vol.26 Ch.219 I Will Get Past You Vol.26 Ch.220 Manami's Wings Vol.26 Ch.221 Manami Climbs Vol.26 Ch.222 Shift Up Vol.26 Ch.223 Last Gear Vol.26 Ch.224 One Kilometer Left Vol.26 Ch.225 Straight Ahead Vol.27 Ch.226 The Promised Road Vol.27 Ch.227 Let These Feelings Reach Vol.27 Ch.228 Simply to the Goal Vol.27 Ch.229 Last Sprint Vol.27 Ch.230 The One to Look Up at the Sky Vol.27 Ch.231 Winner Vol.27 Ch.232 To a Height of 15 Centimeters Vol.27 Ch.233 Inter-High Special Stage Vol.27 Ch.234 New Machine Vol.27 Ch.234.5 Spare Bike 17 Vol.28 Ch.235 The Last Minegayama Vol.28 Ch.236 The New Sohoku Vol.28 Ch.237 What Makishima Left Behind Vol.28 Ch.238 What Lights the Heart Aflame Vol.28 Ch.239 The Third Man Vol.28 Ch.240 Metronome Vol.28 Ch.241 Teammates in Middle School Vol.28 Ch.242 Ashikiba vs Sohoku Vol.28 Ch.243 Teshima and the Riding of His Soul Vol.28 Ch.243.5 Spare Bike 22 Vol.29 Ch.244 The Fastest Man on Minegayama Vol.29 Ch.245 Ashikiba's Trail Vol.29 Ch.246 Sprinters!!! Vol.29 Ch.247 The New Souhoku Vol.29 Ch.248 The younger Sugimoto brother Vol.29 Ch.249 Within 3 minutes Vol.29 Ch.250 Ōsaka Vol.29 Ch.251 Bicycle baritude Vol.29 Ch.252 Naruko vs Midōsuji Vol.30 Ch.253 Shaving away at each other Vol.30 Ch.254 Locust Vol.30 Ch.255 The man from Osaka Vol.30 Ch.256 Hakogaku, the last farewell party Vol.30 Ch.257 The 4 zekken Vol.30 Ch.258 To the figure I admire Vol.30 Ch.259 The pair's summit Vol.30 Ch.260 Kuroda, defiant Vol.31 Ch.261 Hakogaku's goal line Vol.31 Ch.262 New Shoukou start!! Vol.31 Ch.263 Vol.31 Ch.264 To the wide World Vol.31 Ch.265 The first opponent Vol.31 Ch.266 The miracle pair Vol.31 Ch.267 The 6th man Vol.31 Ch.268 The stronger feelings Vol.31 Ch.269 Kaburagi's declaration Vol.32 Ch.270 The bond between the sugimoto brothers Vol.32 Ch.271 4 people downhill Vol.32 Ch.272 The conclusion Vol.32 Ch.273 The final preparation Vol.32 Ch.274 The new souhouku 6 members Vol.32 Ch.275 Kaburagi Issa's debut match! Vol.32 Ch.276 Trouble! Vol.32 Ch.277 the strenght of 6 Vol.32 Ch.278 the man who doesn't yield Vol.33 Ch.279 Telephone Vol.33 Ch.280 1000km once more Vol.33 Ch.281 Kaburagi, all alone Vol.33 Ch.282 One more 3rd year Vol.33 Ch.283 koga of the thunderous roar Vol.33 Ch.284 teshima's determination Vol.33 Ch.285 Teshima vs Koga Vol.33 Ch.286 the 2nd day of the training camp starts!! Vol.33 Ch.287 1st year zekken #73 Koga Vol.34 Ch.288 Teshima's challenge Vol.34 Ch.289 The last 400 m Vol.34 Ch.290 The average person and the genius Vol.34 Ch.291 Koga's goal Vol.34 Ch.292 Deep wheel Vol.34 Ch.293 Fingertips Vol.34 Ch.294 1000 KM! Vol.34 Ch.295 Start!!! Vol.35 Ch.296 single digit zekken Vol.35 Ch.297 grappling with each other Vol.35 Ch.298 Trembling Vol.35 Ch.299 confrontation Vol.35 Ch.300 The second start Vol.35 Ch.301 the road that leads to the goal Vol.35 Ch.302 starting flag Vol.35 Ch.303 sprinter?! Vol.36 Ch.304 the expanding aoyagi Vol.36 Ch.305 Kaidou Doubashi Vol.36 Ch.306 The spirit of the vending machine Vol.36 Ch.307 I am right Vol.36 Ch.308 Doubashi attacks Vol.36 Ch.309 the strongest legs Vol.36 Ch.310 souhoku's light Vol.36 Ch.311 Kaburagi, full throttle Vol.37 Ch.312 the two sprinters Vol.37 Ch.313 Hakone gakuen makes their move! Vol.37 Ch.314 Souhoku and Hakogaku Vol.37 Ch.315 Sakamichi, trapped Vol.37 Ch.316 the pressure of the #1 zekken Vol.37 Ch.317 Inescapable net Vol.37 Ch.318 Teshima junta! Vol.37 Ch.319 sho! Vol.37 Ch.320 teshima's challenge!! Vol.38 Ch.321 Message Vol.38 Ch.322 Pedal, pedal!! Vol.38 Ch.323 Kyoto fushimi Vol.38 Ch.324 manami's "wings" Vol.38 Ch.325 concentration!! Vol.38 Ch.326 sakamichi vs kyoufushi's yamaguchi Vol.38 Ch.327 a weed's riding Vol.38 Ch.328 search for a "chance"!! Vol.38 Ch.329 400m to the line Vol.38 Ch.330 The two wishes Vol.39 Ch.331 Looking up at the sky Vol.39 Ch.332 The Ones Providing Support Vol.39 Ch.333 Hakone Gakuen's Ace Assist Vol.39 Ch.334 super wavering downhill!! Vol.39 Ch.335 Hakone's delivery man Vol.39 Ch.336 Naruko, version II Vol.39 Ch.337 The two aces!! Vol.40 Ch.338 overlapping wishes!! Vol.40 Ch.339 Near future Vol.40 Ch.340 severely earthshaking Vol.40 Ch.341 spiky bean Vol.40 Ch.342 Switch Vol.40 Ch.343 Getting Away!! Vol.40 Ch.344 Exciting straight line!! Vol.40 Ch.345 Ashikiba Takuto Vol.40 Ch.346 The Resolute 5 Vol.41 Ch.347 Transformation Vol.41 Ch.348 Shaving off 3 seconds Vol.41 Ch.349 The Goal Line!!! Vol.41 Ch.350 The Wings Of Glory Vol.41 Ch.351 Wavering Sohoku Vol.41 Ch.352 Kinjou's Words Vol.41 Ch.353 the footsteps of hope Vol.41 Ch.354 Kyoto fushimi's uneasiness Vol.41 Ch.355 The morning of the 2nd day Vol.42 Ch.356 Nickname Vol.42 Ch.357 The second day starts!! Vol.42 Ch.358 Souhoku moves forward Vol.42 Ch.359 kaburagi's struggle Vol.42 Ch.360 Teshima and onoda Vol.42 Ch.361 the final decision Vol.42 Ch.362 Koga's yell Vol.42 Ch.363 The baton of hope Vol.42 Ch.364 the two who can't advance Ch.425 Ch.430 Ch.431 Ch.432 Vol.43 Ch.365 Ani-song Vol.43 Ch.366 #16 shinkai yuuto Vol.43 Ch.367 Yes Vol.43 Ch.368 Mountain king Vol.43 Ch.369 Battle to join up Vol.43 Ch.370 Souhoku's 3 Vol.43 Ch.371 Chase after!! Vol.43 Ch.372 The correct decision Ch.436 Ch.437 Ch.439 Ch.440 Ch.441 Ch.443 Vol.44 Ch.373 Fallen feelings Vol.44 Ch.374 Izumida VS! Vol.44 Ch.375 Massager Vol.44 Ch.376 Meat is beautiful Vol.44 Ch.377 Hakogaku's captain, Izumida Vol.44 Ch.378 The fastest javelin Vol.44 Ch.379 Flower Field Vol.44 Ch.380 Heart's bundle Vol.44 Ch.381 Heart's box Vol.44 Ch.382 Vol.44 Ch.383 Vol.44 Ch.387 Vol.44 Ch.388 Ch.444 Ch.445 Ch.448 Ch.449 Ch.451 Ch.453 Vol.45 Ch.384 The delightful sprint line Vol.45 Ch.385 The inherited spirit Vol.45 Ch.386 Souhoku behind Vol.45 Ch.389 Winter's promise Vol.45 Ch.390 Ch.454 Ch.461 Ch.462 Vol.46 Ch.391 Phase 28 Vol.46 Ch.392 The fallen bottle Vol.46 Ch.393 Battle Vol.46 Ch.394 Souhoku's orders Vol.46 Ch.395 Shooting towards the goal Vol.46 Ch.396 Kyouto fushimi's advance Vol.46 Ch.397 Naruko's willpower Vol.46 Ch.398 Ch.472 Ch.473 Vol.47 Ch.399 The summit draws near Ch.474 Vol.47 Ch.400 Onoda Sakamichi Vol.47 Ch.401 Midousuji's outcry Vol.47 Ch.402 Vol.47 Ch.403 Towards the 2nd day's goal Vol.47 Ch.404 Vol.47 Ch.405 Rebellion Vol.47 Ch.406 Vol.47 Ch.407 A dangerous man Vol.47 Ch.408 Vol.47 Ch.409 Ch.475 Ch.476 Ch.477 Ch.479 Vol.48 Ch.410 Predator Vol.48 Ch.411 Vol.48 Ch.412 Shinkai Yuto Vol.48 Ch.413 the three strong ones Vol.48 Ch.414 Vol.48 Ch.415 The winner Vol.48 Ch.416 Vol.49 Ch.417 Souhoku's dark cloud Vol.49 Ch.418 Vol.49 Ch.419 Vol.49 Ch.420 Vol.49 Ch.421 Vol.49 Ch.422 Vol.49 Ch.423 Vol.49 Ch.424 Vol.49 Ch.605 Vol.50 Ch.426 Vol.50 Ch.427 Vol.50 Ch.428 Vol.50 Ch.429 Vol.50 Ch.430 Vol.50 Ch.433 Vol.50 Ch.434 Vol.51 Ch.435 Vol.51 Ch.438 Vol.51 Ch.442 Vol.52 Ch.446 Vol.52 Ch.447 Vol.52 Ch.450 Vol.53 Ch.452 Vol.53 Ch.455 Vol.53 Ch.456 Vol.53 Ch.457 Vol.53 Ch.458 Vol.54. Ch.000 Vol.54 Ch.459 Vol.54 Ch.460 Vol.54 Ch.463 Vol.54 Ch.464 Vol.54 Ch.465 Vol.54 Ch.466 Vol.54 Ch.467 Vol.55 Ch.468 Vol.55 Ch.469 Vol.55 Ch.470 Vol.55 Ch.471 Vol.56 Ch.478 Vol.56 Ch.480 Vol.56 Ch.481 Vol.56 Ch.482 Vol.56 Ch.483 Vol.56 Ch.484 Vol.57 Ch.485 Vol.57 Ch.486 Vol.57 Ch.487 Vol.57 Ch.488 Ch.606 Ch.607 Ch.608 Ch.610 Ch.611 Ch.614 Ch.615 Ch.616 Ch.617 Ch.618 Ch.619 Ch.620 Ch.622 Ch.623 Ch.624 Ch.625
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