Yanki-kun to Megane-chan

Vol.23 Ch.212 Epilogue

Vol.01 Ch.000.1 Stand (Prologue) Vol.01 Ch.000.2 Bow (Prologue) Vol.01 Ch.000.3 Sit (Prologue) Vol.01 Ch.001 Future Plans Survey? Vol.01 Ch.002 Minus 10 Points Equals Repeat Vol.01 Ch.003 Isn't Everything Yankee-kun's Fault? Vol.01 Ch.004 The Meat's Gonna Get Cold! Vol.01 Ch.005 Those Who Have Good Eyesight, Get Outta My Way! Vol.02 Ch.006 Because I Used to Be Like that Too! Vol.02 Ch.007 I Wanna Go to the School Festival! Vol.02 Ch.008 Sometimes I Have to Pick Him Up Too Vol.02 Ch.009 In the End, It Was All Just a Waste of Time Vol.02 Ch.010 That's Mine Vol.02 Ch.011 If You Want to Mug Me, Then Go Right Ahead!!! Vol.02 Ch.012 But I Didnt Join a Club! Vol.02 Ch.013 New Happy Years Vol.03 Ch.014 It Couldn't Be Helped this Time Vol.03 Ch.015 Why the Hell Do You Want to Eat Me?! Vol.03 Ch.016 But You're Not Sick in the First Place! Vol.03 Ch.017 I'm the One Who Should Be Asking... Vol.03 Ch.018 This Is a Temple Vol.03 Ch.019 The Owner Didn't Train It Properly Vol.03 Ch.020 Quit Making Up Vol.03 Ch.021 What Did You Get Vol.03 Ch.022 What Do You Think of Me? Vol.03 Ch.023 She's a Very Nice Girl Vol.04 Ch.024 This Time It's a Yankee Girl... Vol.04 Ch.025 I Want to Be a Better Class Rep Vol.04 Ch.026 Mmmfh Mmfh Mmm!!! Vol.04 Ch.027 My Body's Feeling Much Better Now! Vol.04 Ch.028 This Is the Universe Vol.04 Ch.029 It's Best if She Focused on Her Schoolwork Instead Vol.04 Ch.030 Weak Vol.04 Ch.031 Then Didn't I Do this All for Nothing? Vol.04 Ch.032 The Pink Warrior Should Just Shut Up! Vol.05 Ch.033 It Doesn't Look Like It Was Made by a Human Vol.05 Ch.034 Horrible Two Glasses Man Team Vol.05 Ch.035 Then Stay Under There for All Eternity! Vol.05 Ch.036 We'll Deal with You Later Vol.05 Ch.037 Was There a Ceremony Just Now? Vol.05 Ch.038 It Should Be a Non-traditional Student Vol.05 Ch.039 I Can't Do It as a City Merchant Vol.05 Ch.040 How Do 200 G's Sound? Vol.05 Ch.041 Now I Can Sell Bananas! Vol.05 Ch.042 Wanna Join My Gang? Vol.06 Ch.043 It Must've Been Some Old Guy's Idea, Right? Vol.06 Ch.044 Is this Some Sort of Bad Joke? Vol.06 Ch.045 You Really Piss Me Off! Vol.06 Ch.046 Don't Look Down on the Farsighted! Vol.06 Ch.047 Those Two Are Mine!! Vol.06 Ch.048 All I Want Is the Final Payment Vol.06 Ch.049 Teeeeeennnn-Hut! Vol.06 Ch.050 I Thought You Were Supposed to Be a Playboy Vol.06 Ch.051 This Guy's Practically a Housewife Vol.06 Ch.052.5 I Don't Have a Mechanical Pencil!! Vol.07 Ch.052 You Look Like a Total Nerd Vol.07 Ch.053 I'm Tutoring You in Math Vol.07 Ch.054 I Like You, Kid! Vol.07 Ch.055 So Is that the Only Requirement? Vol.07 Ch.056 Why Don't You Just Send Him a Text? Vol.07 Ch.057 A Way that Would Definitely Attract Attention Vol.07 Ch.058 Those Two Guys Totally Aren't Normal! Vol.07 Ch.059 There're a Lot of Horses Here! Vol.07 Ch.060 It's All the Demons' Fault!! Vol.07 Ch.061 It Must Have Been the Light Playing a Trick Vol.08 Ch.062 Don't Say It Like You're in Front of the Police! Vol.08 Ch.063 Hey! What Are You Insinuating?? Vol.08 Ch.064 That's, Like, Sexual Harassment!! Vol.08 Ch.065 Then I Guess I'll Take a Break! Vol.08 Ch.066 Never Come Back! Vol.08 Ch.067 You Should Wish for Something Amazing!! Vol.08 Ch.068 I Feel so Relaxed... Vol.08 Ch.069 Hi! Vol.08 Ch.070 Don't You Think It's a Little Small? Vol.08 Ch.071 Otherwise It'll Just Get Messier! Vol.09 Ch.072 I'm Telling Ya - He's Dangerous! Vol.09 Ch.073 Put Your Best Foot Forward! Vol.09 Ch.074 Why Wouldn't I Resent Him? Vol.09 Ch.075 I'm Part of a Bozoku Vol.09 Ch.076 That's All It Takes for Your Leg to Hurt Vol.09 Ch.077 That Scene Just Totally Lost Its Momentum! Vol.09 Ch.078 This Is the Era of Tactical Warfare! Vol.09 Ch.079 An Old Guy's Reaction Vol.09 Ch.080 You're Way Too Loud!! Vol.09 Ch.081 I've Never Thought of Losing Since Birth Vol.10 Ch.082 He's Dancing While He's Walking Vol.10 Ch.083 Even I Never Did That! Vol.10 Ch.084 T-Shirts Really Ain't Your Style Vol.10 Ch.085 Someone's Got a Lot of Free Time Vol.10 Ch.086 It Feels Good, to Be Honest Vol.10 Ch.087 You're a Lost Soldier! Vol.10 Ch.088 So Let's Give this Fuckin' Richie Boy a Bit Of... Vol.10 Ch.089 I Was Like that to Begin With Vol.10 Ch.090 We Don't Really Have Anywhere Else to Go Vol.10 Ch.091 This Is My First Time Seeing It from the Outside! Vol.11 Ch.092 I Was Kind of an Idol, Back in the Day Vol.11 Ch.093 I Don't Think That's the Type of Expression You Should Use to Say That Vol.11 Ch.094 You Think You're Tara-chan or Something?! Vol.11 Ch.095 Shinagawa-kun's Body Is Burning Up Vol.11 Ch.096 Getting Angry Will Only Bring About Misfortune Vol.11 Ch.097 What Should We Do? Vol.11 Ch.098 Aaaaare Yoouuuuu Goin Somewheeere? Vol.11 Ch.099 If You Were Going on a Date, You Should've Asked Me! Vol.11 Ch.100 MMM~ Gotcha! Vol.12 Ch.101 Shut It You Diaper Wearing Freak! Vol.12 Ch.102 But I'm Stronger Vol.12 Ch.103 It's Adachi Who's Being Strange!! Vol.12 Ch.104 It's that Rotten Punk!! Vol.12 Ch.105 Stuffed Vol.12 Ch.106 You Can Clearly See the School from Here Vol.12 Ch.107 Be Sure to Save Water Whenever Possible! Vol.12 Ch.108 You Can Stop Cracking Your Knuckles Now... Vol.12 Ch.109 Because I Could Do It Too! Vol.12 Ch.109.5 He Really Has to Go to McDonald's! Vol.13 Ch.110 That's Settled Then! Vol.13 Ch.111 Thanks... for All the Hard Work this Year! Vol.13 Ch.112 You Play Video Games Too, Huh Vol.13 Ch.113 So... Tell Us Who D'You Like? Vol.13 Ch.114 Both Ideas Suck Vol.13 Ch.115 I'll Become the Wind Vol.13 Ch.116 Thisssssss Isssss a Cursssssse! Vol.13 Ch.117 The Waves Are Closing in on Us! Vol.13 Ch.118 My Back's Aching Vol.13 Ch.119 It's Not Bad Vol.14 Ch.120 Insta-Kill Vol.14 Ch.121 Heave! Ho! Vol.14 Ch.122 You Guys Should Keep Close Watch on What I Do to Figure It Out! Vol.14 Ch.123 In What Way Are You Looking at Them Right Now? Vol.14 Ch.124 How the Hell Does One "Zoom"? Vol.14 Ch.125 Maybe I Oughtta Start Callin' You "Daichi", Huh? Vol.14 Ch.126 Not... Very Punk Vol.14 Ch.127 I Don't Need a Replacement Vol.14 Ch.127.5 Bonus Chapter + Homework Momoko Ecstasy!! Vol.15 Ch.128 You'll Scare Them All Away! Vol.15 Ch.129 How'd They Get Their Mouths in Harmony? Vol.15 Ch.130 Why's She Carrying a Coffin?! Vol.15 Ch.131 Bowl of Ghost Rice Vol.15 Ch.132 Hi! Didja Wait Long? Vol.15 Ch.133 That Girl You Like Is... Vol.15 Ch.134 Just How Hardheaded Are You? Vol.15 Ch.135 It's a Revolution Vol.15 Ch.136 The Quicker the Better, Right? Vol.15 Ch.137 He Out Sick, or What? Vol.16 Ch.138 She's Got Nothin' to Say to You Punks! Vol.16 Ch.139 Don't Exist No More!! Vol.16 Ch.140 Isn't this the Cutest Spot?! Vol.16 Ch.141 D... D-d-don't Get the Wrong Idea! Vol.16 Ch.142 We're Just Air, Aren't We Vol.16 Ch.143 Shina's House Vol.16 Ch.144 She's Weird, Right? Vol.16 Ch.145 So They Do Exist! Vol.16 Ch.146 Now, Let's Have a Go at those Buttons Vol.16 Ch.147 Let's Walk Home Together! Vol.17 Ch.148 That's NOT Happening!!!! Vol.17 Ch.149 Read Online Vol.17 Ch.150 Just How Much Free Time Do You Have?! Vol.17 Ch.151 That's An Incense Offering Table Vol.17 Ch.152 Oh, Do You Ever Suck... Vol.17 Ch.153 Grrroovy!! Vol.17 Ch.154 The Bathroom Belongs to Everyone Vol.17 Ch.155 The Reality Is Too Cruel Vol.17 Ch.156 I Might Get There Someday! Vol.17 Ch.157 Tarou Uzushio Vol.18 Ch.158 Tono-U Isn't a Dream! Vol.18 Ch.159 It's Like Looking in a Mirror, Isn't It? Vol.18 Ch.160 Do I Have a Stalker? Vol.18 Ch.161 It Ain't Cursed Vol.18 Ch.162 It's Daichi Shinagawa from Class 3-A! Vol.18 Ch.163 She's a Real Weirdo Vol.18 Ch.164 It's a Matter of Life-or-Death Vol.18 Ch.165 Hyper Science Vol.18 Ch.166 Stop Calling Me That Vol.19 Ch.167 Your True Feelings? Vol.19 Ch.168 This is the Conclusion! Vol.19 Ch.169 What's She Doing?... That Idiot! Vol.19 Ch.170 You Were Always Right By Her Side Vol.19 Ch.171 I'm So Pathetic...!! Vol.19 Ch.172 Do You Live in that Bush? Vol.19 Ch.173 We're the Strongest in the District! Vol.19 Ch.174 I Want to Become a Normal Girl! Vol.19 Ch.175 Classes Are Over for Today Vol.19 Ch.176 Not a Bad Number! Vol.20 Ch.177 All Nice and Pretty! Vol.20 Ch.178 Huuuhn... Mmmrgh... Huuuhn... Vol.20 Ch.179 Ojiya Hotel Vol.20 Ch.180 Read Online Vol.20 Ch.181 This Is Baaaaaaaad!!! Vol.20 Ch.182 Schooling at Tono-U, Under the Moniker Despair Vol.20 Ch.183 Oh, You'll Return It, All Right Vol.20 Ch.184 As Long as I'm Going to College... Vol.20 Ch.184.5 Bonus Chapter Vol.21 Ch.185 Stop Acting Like You Know It All Vol.21 Ch.186 Well, Well Vol.21 Ch.187 That Part Of Your New-Fangled Flashy Guy Style or Some Shit? Vol.21 Ch.188 Dude, Those Knockers! Vol.21 Ch.189 Is This Someone's Idea of a Joke?! Vol.21 Ch.190 You're Just Shaken, That's All! Vol.21 Ch.191 I'm Giving My Customers "Hope" Here! Vol.21 Ch.192 Unnun and Gannun Vol.21 Ch.193 Don't Look For Me Vol.22 Ch.194 That's Not Even a Proper Wish Vol.22 Ch.195 Everyone Must Get to Tono University Vol.22 Ch.196 We Are Forever Vol.22 Ch.197 Good Luck on the Exam Vol.22 Ch.198 And This is Why Boys are Annoying!! Vol.22 Ch.199 Exactly Because of That Vol.22 Ch.200 It’s possible if you want to do it!! Vol.23 Ch.201 Gorilla Vol.23 Ch.202 Read Online Vol.23 Ch.203 10087 Vol.23 Ch.204 A Fun Life as a University Student Awaits Vol.23 Ch.205 Challenge Accepted Vol.23 Ch.206 Wakayama Engineering Firm Vol.23 Ch.207 Gleam Vol.23 Ch.208 So, Let’s Go Vol.23 Ch.209 Because of Them Vol.23 Ch.210 What About Adachi Vol.23 Ch.211 Together Again(End) Vol.23 Ch.212 Epilogue
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