Yami no Aegis

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Shield of Aegis

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Shield of Aegis Vol.01 Ch.002 Zero Hound 1 Vol.01 Ch.003 Zero Hound 2 Vol.01 Ch.004 Zero Hound 3 Vol.01 Ch.005 Sniper's Requiem 1 Vol.01 Ch.006 Sniper's Requiem 2 Vol.01 Ch.007 Sniper's Requiem 3 Vol.01 Ch.008 Sniper's Requiem 4 Vol.02 Ch.009 Night Runners 1 Vol.02 Ch.010 Night Runners 2 Vol.02 Ch.011 Night Runners 3 Vol.02 Ch.012 Night Runners 4 Vol.02 Ch.013 Cracked Woman 1 Vol.02 Ch.014 Cracked Woman 2 Vol.02 Ch.015 Ashes to Ashes 1 Vol.02 Ch.016 Ashes to Ashes 2 Vol.02 Ch.017 Ashes to Ashes 3 Vol.02 Ch.018 Ashes to Ashes 4 Vol.03 Ch.019 Night Fall 1 Vol.03 Ch.020 Night Fall 2 Vol.03 Ch.021 Night Fall 3 Vol.03 Ch.022 Night Fall 4 Vol.03 Ch.023 Behind the Mask 1 Vol.03 Ch.024 Behind the Mask 2 Vol.03 Ch.025 Behind the Mask 3 Vol.03 Ch.026 Behind the Mask 4 Vol.03 Ch.027 Behind the Mask 5 Vol.03 Ch.027.5 Extra Vol.04 Ch.028 Phantom Pain 1 Vol.04 Ch.029 Phantom Pain 2 Vol.04 Ch.030 Sanctuary 1 Vol.04 Ch.031 Sanctuary 2 Vol.04 Ch.032 Sanctuary 3 Vol.04 Ch.033 Sanctuary 4 Vol.04 Ch.034 Blade in the Dark 1 Vol.04 Ch.035 Blade in the Dark 2 Vol.04 Ch.036 Blade in the Dark 3 Vol.04 Ch.037 Blade in the Dark 4 Vol.05 Ch.038 Trigger 1 Vol.05 Ch.039 Trigger 2 Vol.05 Ch.040 Trigger 3 Vol.05 Ch.041 Trigger 4 Vol.05 Ch.042 Sonatine Vol.05 Ch.043 Nemesis 1 Vol.05 Ch.044 Nemesis 2 Vol.05 Ch.045 Nemesis 3 Vol.05 Ch.046 Nemesis 4 Vol.06 Ch.047 The Island of Aegis 1 Vol.06 Ch.048 The Island of Aegis 2 Vol.06 Ch.049 The Island of Aegis 3 Vol.06 Ch.050 Seiren 1 Vol.06 Ch.051 Seiren 2 Vol.06 Ch.052 Seiren 3 Vol.06 Ch.053 Seiren 4 Vol.06 Ch.054 Gun Smoke and Old Lace 1 Vol.06 Ch.055 Gun Smoke and Old Lace 2 Vol.06 Ch.056 Gun Smoke and Old Lace 3 Vol.07 Ch.057 Dragon Emblem 1 Vol.07 Ch.058 Dragon Emblem 2
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Yami no Aegis contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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