Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai.

Vol.01 Ch.007.5 Omake The daily life of Rui and Ritsuko

Vol.01 Ch.001 Yakumo-san wants to lure him in Vol.01 Ch.001.1 Original One-shot Vol.01 Ch.002 Yakumo-san buys a rice cooker Vol.01 Ch.003 The daily life of Shuuhei Yamato Vol.01 Ch.004 The daily life of Shuuko Yakumo Vol.01 Ch.005 Flower viewing night Vol.01 Ch.006 Rampaging Rui enters the stage Vol.01 Ch.007 Times are slowly changing Vol.01 Ch.007.5 Omake The daily life of Rui and Ritsuko Vol.02 Ch.008 The supreme sidedish Vol.02 Ch.009 What I can do Vol.02 Ch.010 The dreaded C Vol.02 Ch.011 Let’s go to a baseball match Vol.02 Ch.012 Yakumo-san's award winning meal Vol.02 Ch.013 Let's enjoy English! Vol.02 Ch.014 Yamato-kun returns the favour Vol.02 Ch.014.5 Omake Their encounter Vol.03 Ch.015 Yamato Sakura wants to lure him in too Vol.03 Ch.016 A Feudal Lord has arrived!? Vol.03 Ch.017 Yamato's hardship Vol.03 Ch.018 Rui's way of love Vol.03 Ch.019 Which side are you on? Vol.03 Ch.020 LIMIT?BREAK!! Vol.03 Ch.021 Restless night Vol.03 Ch.021.5 College girl compilation Vol.04 Ch.022 Summer hunch. (v2) Vol.04 Ch.023 A boy’s endless worries Vol.04 Ch.024 The Yamato-kun research report Vol.04 Ch.025 Clover of happiness Vol.04 Ch.026 Summer Koushien, START!! Vol.04 Ch.027 Celebrating a homerun!! Vol.04 Ch.028 Way of the white ball. (v2) Vol.04 Ch.028.5 Rui's (heart pounding) home visit <3 Vol.04 Ch.029 Yamato's answer Vol.04 Ch.030 Exciting hurricane meal Vol.04 Ch.031 Night-bloomers Vol.04 Ch.032 Swim the Night (Part 1) Vol.04 Ch.033 Vol.04 Ch.034 A man's gourmet. Vol.04 Ch.035 Yakumo-san's endless worries Vol.04 Ch.036 Vol.04 Ch.037 Vol.04 Ch.038 Vol.04 Ch.039 Vol.04 Ch.040 Pipin' Hot ☆ Pan Parting Party Vol.04 Ch.041 Vol.04 Ch.042 Vol.04 Ch.043 Vol.04 Ch.044 Yakumo-san VS the Annoyance Meter Vol.04 Ch.045 Vol.04 Ch.046 Vol.04 Ch.047 Vol.04 Ch.048 Vol.07 Ch.049 Vol.07 Ch.050 Vol.07 Ch.050.5 Vol.07 Ch.051
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