Yagate Kimi ni Naru

Vol.07 Ch.037 Kindling

Vol.01 Ch.001 I Can’t Reach For The Stars. Vol.01 Ch.002 Suddenly, Ayumi is intersecting. Vol.01 Ch.003 My First Experience With Love. Vol.01 Ch.004 Unclear Atmosphere. Vol.01 Ch.005 My Beloved Vol.01 Ch.005.5 Extra Vol.01 Ch.005.6 Toranoana Extra Vol.01 Ch.006 A Kiss is Just A Kiss Vol.02 Ch.007 I'm Not an Actor Vol.02 Ch.008 Multiple Choice Question Vol.02 Ch.009 Multiple Choice Question, Part Two Vol.02 Ch.010 Imprisoned by a Word / Imprison Her with a Word Vol.02 Ch.010.5 Special 2 Her Sister's Perspective Vol.02 Ch.011 Many Secrets Vol.03 Ch.012 Sparks Vol.03 Ch.013 Rained In Vol.03 Ch.014 Intersection Vol.03 Ch.015 On Your Mark Vol.03 Ch.015.5 Special 3 Vol.04 Ch.016 I Can't Hear the Starting Shot Vol.04 Ch.017 I'm Incomplete Vol.04 Ch.017.1 Volume 1 Extras Vol.04 Ch.017.2 Volume 2 Extras Vol.04 Ch.017.3 Volume 3 Extras Vol.04 Ch.017.4 Volume 4 Extras Vol.04 Ch.018 The Day Star Vol.04 Ch.019 Mirage Vol.04 Ch.020 Balancing a Triangle Vol.04 Ch.021 Fuse Vol.04 Ch.022 Suddenly Suffocating Vol.04 Ch.022.5 Special 4 Vol.04 Ch.023 To the Final Destination Vol.05 Ch.024 Lighthouse Vol.05 Ch.025 Where Admiration Led Vol.05 Ch.026 Costars Vol.05 Ch.027 One Scary Thing Vol.05 Ch.028 A Wish Vol.05 Ch.028.5 Special 5 Vol.05 Ch.029 The Curtain Rises Vol.06 Ch.030 Part One Vol.06 Ch.031 Part Two Vol.06 Ch.032 Off the Stage Vol.06 Ch.033 Lead-Up Vol.06 Ch.034 Overflowing Vol.06 Ch.034.5 Volume 6 Extras Vol.07 Ch.035 Both Alone Vol.07 Ch.036 Someday in the Future Vol.07 Ch.036.5 Special 6 Vol.07 Ch.037 Kindling Vol.07 Ch.038 Direction Vol.07 Ch.039 Within the Light
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