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Ch.114 Resembled Or Resemble

Ch.001 Hello Ch.002 Just for a Month Ch.003 The Second Day Ch.004 Those that Compliment Each Other, Junghyun Who Is Displeased Ch.005 Hom's Room Ch.006 Panic Ch.007 Even Hom Can Get Angry Ch.008 One Month Promise Ch.009 About Hom Ch.010 Hom, Be Wary... Ch.011 Junghyun's Change, And... Ch.012 Walk in Their Shoes Ch.013 Explaination and a Subtle Change Ch.014 In an Anti's Conversation Ch.015 Oh YoonSung, What's Wrong with You? Ch.016 Hom Who Is Sick with a Cold Ch.017 Junghyun Who Faces Hardships Ch.018 Hom's Friends (1) Ch.019 Hom's Friends (2) Ch.020 The Things that Junghyun Sees Ch.021 An Unexpected Reaction Ch.022 Split Up? Ch.023 I'm Going Now Ch.024 The Second Week Ch.025 After One Week Ch.026 Returning Road, 10 Minutes Ch.027 Beginning vs End Ch.028 Was I tricked? Part I Ch.029 Was I tricked? Part II Ch.030 Sangjoong hyung and hom Ch.031 People who lie, lie again, and again. Ch.032 THE THINGS JUNGHYUN WAS HIDING Ch.033 The Truth Revealed! Ch.034 I Am Sorry Ch.035 Up Till Now & After... Ch.036 What's Wrong with You? Ch.037 Finally, After Two Weeks... Ch.038 Our Own Life's Path - 1 Ch.039 Our Own Life's Path - 2 Ch.040 New Beginning, New Person Ch.041 Rumor Ch.042 Pair Ch.043 Suffering a Side Blow in a Fight Ch.044 Innocent Bystander Ch.045 Explosion Ch.046 Everything Ch.047 My Sister Is... Ch.048 Yoonsung Taken Aback Ch.049 Yoona's Anguish Ch.050 Four People Ch.051 My Roommate is Changing Ch.052 Yuuna Suddenly Ch.053 Resolute Confession of the Siblings Ch.054 Explosion Ch.055 I Cried Ch.056 To Return Ch.057 Rose and Junghyun's First Experience Ch.058 That's What Junghyun Thought. Ch.059 Rose Will Never Ch.060 You're Wrong Ch.061 Kim Homo Teaches Stupid Stuff Ch.062 Rose Out. Here Comes KyungAh Ch.063 Rose vs. KyungAh Ch.064 Mystery Solved. Turns Back Ch.065 Last Pink Burst Ch.066 Just So-So Ch.067 Campus Couple? Ch.068 Kim Junghyun's Depressing Week Ch.068.5 Ch.068.6 Story Until Now Ch.069 Now, We Begin Ch.070 Where Are You, Mool Byung? Ch.071 Drink! & Found! Ch.072 Far Away Ch.073 Us Four Together Ch.074 They Go Well Together Ch.075 It Evaporated Ch.076 I'm here looking for you Ch.077 Why Did You Hold Me Back? Ch.078 Jung Jihoon & Chuseok Special? Ch.079 Run While You Have the Strength Ch.080 Why are you acting like that again? Ch.081 Found Out Ch.082 Reunion Ch.083 Drip Drip Drip Ch.084 Fun Place Ch.085 Rejected Ch.086 With No Words Ch.087 Clear Weather Ch.088 Easygoing Special Ch.089 Junghyun's Secret Diary Ch.090 All Together! Ch.091 Campus Life Ch.092 It's Lonely Living Away From Home Ch.093 Filtering For You Ch.094 It'll Be Alright Ch.095 Where It Comes Off Ch.096 Living Away From Home Ch.097 Slice of Life Ch.098 Meeting of the Girls Ch.099 Junghyun's Summer Vacation Plan! Ch.100 Woohoo. It's MT! - 1 Ch.101 Woohoo. It's MT! - 2 Ch.102 Woohoo. It's MT! - 3 Ch.103 Couple, Couple, Couple!! Ch.104 One Day Suddenly Ch.105 My Stupid Little Brother Ch.106 Started Pressuring Me Ch.107 Like a Little Kid Ch.108 Stop Right There Ch.109 What If Ch.110 H...Huh? What? Huh? Ch.111 Ch.112 One Step Ch.113 Sure Ch.114 Resembled Or Resemble
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