Wagaya no Oinarisama.

Vol.08 Ch.044 Coaxing, Protection-Girl-Sama

Vol.01 Ch.001 Nice to Meet You, Tenko-sama Vol.01 Ch.002 Save Us, Oinari-Sama! Vol.01 Ch.003 Let's Travel, Oinari-sama Vol.01 Ch.004 Good Luck Mamorime-Sama Vol.01 Ch.005 A Shrine Visit, Oinari-sama! Vol.01 Ch.006 Are You Crazy!? Ebisu-sama? Vol.02 Ch.007 Miyako and Oinari-sama Vol.02 Ch.008 Read Online Vol.02 Ch.009 In Danger! Oinari-sama Vol.02 Ch.010 Sayonara, Mother Vol.02 Ch.011 Errand, Mamorime-sama Vol.02 Ch.012 The Targeted Mamorime-Sama Vol.03 Ch.013 It's a Flood of Visitors, Oinari-Sama Vol.03 Ch.014 Read Online Vol.03 Ch.015 The End of Summer and Oinari-sama Vol.03 Ch.016 Our Neighbor, Mubyou-chan Vol.03 Ch.017 A Women's Battle, Oinari-sama Vol.03 Ch.018 Overconfidence Is One's Greatest Enemy, Oinari-sama Vol.04 Ch.019 Soar High! Oinari-sama Vol.04 Ch.020 For A Person WhoEnjoys Saying, "Go Away", Where Would They Come Vol.04 Ch.021 Inquiring About, Oinari-Sama Vol.04 Ch.022 Wagaya No Oinarisama Vol.04 Ch.023 Fireworks & Fireworks, Oinarisama Vol.04 Ch.024 The two Mubyou-sama Vol.04 Ch.025 Betrayal, Oinarisama Vol.05 Ch.026 Embrace, Mubyou-sama Vol.05 Ch.027 One case closed, Oinarisama Vol.05 Ch.028 The Water Kingdom, Tooru-kun Vol.05 Ch.029 Festival, Oinarisama Vol.05 Ch.030 Gold and Silver, Oinarisama Vol.05 Ch.031 After the Festival, Oinarisama Vol.06 Ch.032 It's a Delivery, Oinarisama Vol.06 Ch.033 Missing person, the woman with tattoos Vol.06 Ch.034 We call upon you, Toshu-sama Vol.06 Ch.035 Mother and Son, Onarisama Vol.06 Ch.036 Who are you, oh great fox spirit? Vol.06 Ch.037 Phone call, oh great fox spirit! Vol.07 Ch.038 Meeting! Fox spirit-sama. Vol.07 Ch.039 Fox army all-out effort! Fox spirit-sama. Vol.07 Ch.040 Please give it back, Fox Spirit-sama Vol.07 Ch.041 With a White Butterfly, Fox Spirit-sama Vol.07 Ch.042 Red Eyes, Class-Duty-san Vol.07 Ch.043 Takagami siblings, you’re popular <3 Vol.08 Ch.044 Coaxing, Protection-Girl-Sama Vol.08 Ch.045 In Pursuit! Black Cat-Taxi Vol.08 Ch.046 Don't Do It, Tooru-kun Vol.08 Ch.047 Rogue, Fox Spirit-sama Vol.08 Ch.048 Vol.08 Ch.049 Vol.09 Ch.050 Gathering! Akagi-High. Vol.09 Ch.051  Let's Have A Medical Exam, White Demon-sama. Vol.09 Ch.052 Good Night, Shiro-chan. Vol.09 Ch.053 A Gift, Fox-Spirit-sama. Vol.09 Ch.054 Vol.09 Ch.055 Shocked, Fox Spirit-sama. Vol.10 Ch.056 The Appearance and Disappearance of a Werewolf? Vol.10 Ch.057 Oinari-sama and the Magic Medicin Vol.10 Ch.058 Hang in there, Family Head! Vol.10 Ch.059 Solve it, Mubyou-sama. Vol.10 Ch.060 Vol.10 Ch.061 Extracurricular Lesson, Oinari-sama Vol.11 Ch.062 Hashimoto-kun and Takagami-kun Vol.11 Ch.063 Soar into the Flames, Family Head Vol.11 Ch.064 Melt, Oinari-sama Vol.11 Ch.065
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