Vol.TBD Ch.327 The Man Named Tadaoki

Vol.01 Ch.001 Shinmen Takezo Vol.01 Ch.002 Akemi Vol.01 Ch.003 Oko Vol.01 Ch.004 The Brigand Tsujikaze Vol.01 Ch.005 Blood Game Vol.01 Ch.006 The Troubles of Hon'iden Matahachi at Seventeen Vol.01 Ch.007 Farewell Takezo Vol.01 Ch.008 Miyamoto Village Vol.01 Ch.009 Fiancee Vol.01 Ch.010 Left Behind Vol.02 Ch.011 Demon Vol.02 Ch.012 Takuan Vol.02 Ch.013 Life Vol.02 Ch.014 Cut Down Vol.02 Ch.015 No Fear Vol.02 Ch.016 Captured Vol.02 Ch.017 Invincible under the Sun Vol.02 Ch.018 Tree of Shame Vol.02 Ch.019 The Demon's Child Vol.02 Ch.020 Death Vol.02 Ch.021 A Place in the Sun Vol.03 Ch.022 Miyamoto Musashi Vol.03 Ch.023 First Step Vol.03 Ch.024 The Challenge Vol.03 Ch.025 Chaos at the Yoshioka School Vol.03 Ch.026 Patriarch Vol.03 Ch.027 Instinct Vol.03 Ch.028 Demon II Vol.03 Ch.029 Ignorance Vol.03 Ch.030 A Single Stroke Vol.03 Ch.031 Inferno Vol.04 Ch.032 Wanderers Vol.04 Ch.033 Departures Vol.04 Ch.034 Departures II Vol.04 Ch.035 Distraction Vol.04 Ch.036 Hozoin Vol.04 Ch.037 Bloodthirst Vol.04 Ch.038 Graceless Vol.04 Ch.039 Inshun Vol.04 Ch.040 Agon Vol.05 Ch.041 The Assassin Vol.05 Ch.042 Howl Vol.05 Ch.043 Inshun's Spear Vol.05 Ch.044 Life Vol.05 Ch.045 Unease Vol.05 Ch.046 The Demon Within Vol.05 Ch.047 Fear Vol.05 Ch.048 Fear II Vol.05 Ch.049 Fear III Vol.06 Ch.050 Surviving Vol.06 Ch.051 Lying Low Vol.06 Ch.052 Lying Low II Vol.06 Ch.053 Journey Vol.06 Ch.054 Vision Vol.06 Ch.055 The Decision of a Formerly Kept Man Vol.06 Ch.056 Osaka Vol.06 Ch.057 Vermin Vol.06 Ch.058 Sasaki Kojiro Vol.06 Ch.059 Hozoin Pickles Vol.07 Ch.060 Duel's Eve Vol.07 Ch.061 Duel's Eve II Vol.07 Ch.062 Dawn Vol.07 Ch.063 Spiders Thread Vol.07 Ch.064 Heaven and Earth Vol.07 Ch.065 Legacy Vol.07 Ch.066 The Master Vol.07 Ch.067 Kami Izumi Ise no Kami Hidetsuna Vol.07 Ch.068 No Sword Vol.08 Ch.069 Life II Vol.08 Ch.070 Life III Vol.08 Ch.071 Inshun Vol.08 Ch.072 Shinnosuke Vol.08 Ch.073 Playing in the Sand Vol.08 Ch.074 Sudden Storm Vol.08 Ch.075 Survivors Vol.08 Ch.076 Don't Put Your Life on the Line Vol.08 Ch.077 They Call Me Sensei Vol.08 Ch.078 Ascending Dragon Vol.09 Ch.079 The Yagyu Vol.09 Ch.080 Coming Home Vol.09 Ch.081 The Peony Message Vol.09 Ch.082 Successor to the Invincible Vol.09 Ch.083 Legacy Vol.09 Ch.084 Promise Vol.09 Ch.085 Ship of Stone Vol.09 Ch.086 A Round of Discussion Vol.09 Ch.087 Provocateur Vol.10 Ch.088 Disciple Vol.10 Ch.089 One Man Battle Vol.10 Ch.090 The Battle Vol.10 Ch.091 Bamboo Flute Vol.10 Ch.092 The Four Senior Disciples Vol.10 Ch.093 Valor Vol.10 Ch.094 Retribution Vol.10 Ch.095 Longing Vol.10 Ch.096 Reunion Vol.10 Ch.097 Sliding Door Vol.11 Ch.098 Unrivaled Vol.11 Ch.099 Son of the Invincible Vol.11 Ch.100 The Real Thing Vol.11 Ch.101 Blue Sky Vol.11 Ch.102 The Infinite Universe Vol.11 Ch.103 Farewell at Dawn Vol.11 Ch.104 Autumn Sky Vol.11 Ch.105 Journey Vol.11 Ch.106 Footprints Vol.11 Ch.107 The Road to Ise Vol.12 Ch.108 Summit Vol.12 Ch.109 Sea of Clouds Vol.12 Ch.110 Uncle Gon Vol.12 Ch.111 Lowlife Vol.12 Ch.112 Mother Vol.12 Ch.113 Osugi's Ordeal Vol.12 Ch.114 He and I Vol.12 Ch.115 Apparition Vol.12 Ch.116 Baiken Vol.12 Ch.117 Chain and Sickle Vol.13 Ch.118 Rindo Vol.13 Ch.119 The Girl and the God of Death Vol.13 Ch.120 The Resurrection of the God of Death Vol.13 Ch.121 Two swords Vol.13 Ch.122 Moths Vol.13 Ch.123 Akebi Fruit Vol.13 Ch.124 Connections Vol.13 Ch.125 Spiral Vol.13 Ch.126 Tsujikaze Kohei I Vol.13 Ch.127 Tsujikaze Kohei II Vol.14 Ch.128 The Letter Vol.14 Ch.129 Hands Vol.14 Ch.130 Glimmering Waves Vol.14 Ch.131 Seaweed Vol.14 Ch.132 Fate Vol.14 Ch.133 To Live by the Sword Vol.14 Ch.134 Driftwood Vol.14 Ch.135 The Plan Vol.14 Ch.136 Kojiro and Tenki Vol.15 Ch.137 A Gift from the Sea Vol.15 Ch.138 Farewell, Kojiro Vol.15 Ch.139 Butterfly Vol.15 Ch.140 Flames Vol.15 Ch.141 Sword against Sword Vol.15 Ch.142 Savior Vol.15 Ch.143 The Kanemaki Dojo Vol.16 Ch.144 Master and Pupil Vol.16 Ch.145 The Fifth Year of Keicho (1600 A.D.) Vol.16 Ch.146 Senior Disciple Vol.16 Ch.147 Jisai's Cocoon Vol.16 Ch.148 Tiger Vol.16 Ch.149 Blood Bath Vol.16 Ch.150 Mad Tiger Vol.17 Ch.151 Numb Vol.17 Ch.152 Brothers Vol.17 Ch.153 Blood Battle Vol.17 Ch.154 Shore of Blood Vol.17 Ch.155 The Departure Vol.17 Ch.156 A Complete Life Vol.17 Ch.157 Ganryu Vol.18 Ch.158 Muso Gonnosuke Vol.18 Ch.159 The Stage Vol.18 Ch.160 Battlefield Vol.18 Ch.161 Those Who Defy Death Vol.18 Ch.162 Rampage of the Beast Vol.18 Ch.163 Six O'Clock at Sekigahara Vol.18 Ch.164 Refugee Hunters Vol.19 Ch.165 Death Torches Vol.19 Ch.166 First Friend Vol.19 Ch.167 Mountain of Shattered Dreams Vol.19 Ch.168 Over the Mountain Vol.19 Ch.169 The Distant Ocean Vol.19 Ch.170 Strands of the Departed Vol.19 Ch.171 The Sword Vol.20 Ch.172 Sons Vol.20 Ch.173 The Desire to Fight Vol.20 Ch.174 Ichizo Vol.20 Ch.175 Younger Brother Vol.20 Ch.176 Open Mind Vol.20 Ch.177 Koun and Kojiro Vol.20 Ch.178 Koun and Kojiro II Vol.20 Ch.179 Koun and Kojiro III Vol.21 Ch.180 Gathering in Kyoto Vol.21 Ch.181 Carving Demons Vol.21 Ch.182 First Snow Vol.21 Ch.183 The Same Moon Vol.21 Ch.184 Eagle and Ant Vol.21 Ch.185 Rendaiji Vol.21 Ch.186 Altercation After Dark Vol.21 Ch.187 Before Dawn Vol.21 Ch.188 The Place Where I Belong Vol.22 Ch.189 The Burdened Vol.22 Ch.190 The Death of Seijuro Vol.22 Ch.191 Drawing Pictures with Water Vol.22 Ch.192 Kouetsu and Myoshu Vol.22 Ch.193 Riot in the Capital Vol.22 Ch.194 Kyoto Celebrity Vol.22 Ch.195 A Meeting of Rivals Vol.22 Ch.196 The Devil Has Come Vol.22 Ch.197 The Real One Vol.23 Ch.198 Grass, Snow and Blood Vol.23 Ch.199 Kojiro and Matahachi Vol.23 Ch.200 Two Kojiros Vol.23 Ch.201 A Bridge to Great Success Vol.23 Ch.202 Growing Arrogant Vol.23 Ch.203 The day After Tomorrow Vol.23 Ch.204 Sharpen Your Katana Vol.23 Ch.205 An Opportunity with No Equal Vol.23 Ch.206 Simple Honesty Vol.24 Ch.207 Afternoon Nap Vol.24 Ch.208 Chance Encounter Vol.24 Ch.209 A Long Detour Vol.24 Ch.210 Rivals at Play Vol.24 Ch.211 The Night Before Vol.24 Ch.212 Bright New Morning Vol.24 Ch.213 Rubbish Vol.24 Ch.214 Rengeoin Vol.24 Ch.215 It's Already Begun Vol.25 Ch.216 A Year After Vol.25 Ch.217 Denshichiro Advances Vol.25 Ch.218 Demise Vol.25 Ch.219 Unbreakable Bonds Vol.25 Ch.220 Admiration and Hate Vol.25 Ch.221 Old Friends Vol.25 Ch.222 Friends Vol.25 Ch.223 From the Treetop Vol.25 Ch.224 Ichijoji Sagarimatsu Vol.26 Ch.225 Musashi and the Seventy Samurai Vol.26 Ch.226 Debt to the Yoshioka Vol.26 Ch.227 Lone Force Vol.26 Ch.228 Clustered Vol.26 Ch.229 The Rapids Vol.26 Ch.230 A Yellow Sky Vol.26 Ch.231 Exhaustion Vol.26 Ch.232 Life Vol.26 Ch.233 It Finds the Way Vol.27 Ch.234 Heaps Vol.27 Ch.235 The Depth Vol.27 Ch.236 The End of the Sword Fight Vol.27 Ch.237 In the Way Vol.27 Ch.238 Necessary to the Era Vol.27 Ch.239 Mud of Blood Vol.27 Ch.240 A Chance Meeting Vol.27 Ch.241 One Stroke of the Sword Vol.27 Ch.242 The End of the Battle Vol.28 Ch.243 Frogs Vol.28 Ch.244 The Solitary Way Vol.28 Ch.245 Reunion Vol.28 Ch.246 Nothing's Changed Vol.28 Ch.247 While You Sleep Vol.28 Ch.248 Pulse Vol.28 Ch.249 The Man in the Rumors Vol.28 Ch.250 An End to Fighting Vol.28 Ch.251 Prayer Vol.29 Ch.252 An Inprisoned Musashi Vol.29 Ch.253 To Live by the Sword Vol.29 Ch.254 Home Vol.29 Ch.255 Questions Vol.29 Ch.256 Voices Vol.29 Ch.257 Contradiction Vol.29 Ch.258 The Glowing Light in the Depths Vol.29 Ch.259 Still the Stick Vol.29 Ch.260 The Flames of Hatred Vol.30 Ch.261 Moonlight Vol.30 Ch.262 Separation Vol.30 Ch.263 The Facts of a Dream Vol.30 Ch.264 Heat Haze Vol.30 Ch.265 Just That Much Vol.30 Ch.266 Fragments Vol.30 Ch.267 Crossroads Vol.30 Ch.268 On the Edge of the Sword Vol.30 Ch.269 Light Vol.31 Ch.270 Vagabond Vol.31 Ch.271 Within the Ring Vol.31 Ch.272 Dreams Worn Out and Returning Home Vol.31 Ch.273 Mother and Child Vol.31 Ch.274 Mother Vol.31 Ch.275 Liar Vol.31 Ch.276 A Chance Meeting Vol.31 Ch.277 A Friend Vol.31 Ch.278 Treasure Vol.32 Ch.279 Aspiration Vol.32 Ch.280 Ittousai, the Demon Swordsman Vol.32 Ch.281 A Great Man Falls Vol.32 Ch.282 This Form Vol.32 Ch.283 Thirteen Years Old Vol.32 Ch.284 The Spiral Vol.32 Ch.285 Learning to Smile Vol.32 Ch.286 Tiger and Tiger Vol.32 Ch.287 The Way of "Without a Blade" Vol.33 Ch.288 Kokura Vol.33 Ch.289 The Music Inside Vol.33 Ch.290 The World of People Vol.33 Ch.291 7 Years Vol.33 Ch.292 Profile Vol.33 Ch.293 Haze Vol.33 Ch.294 Give It Up Vol.33 Ch.295 Paper Ballon Vol.33 Ch.296 Kojirou's City Vol.34 Ch.297 The Flower of Kakura Vol.34 Ch.298 Instructor Vol.34 Ch.299 Mogura Vol.34 Ch.300 The Future of Our Freedom Vol.34 Ch.301 At the End of the Journey Vol.34 Ch.302 Children of the Earth Vol.34 Ch.303 Rainy Soil Vol.35 Ch.304 Overflowing Water Vol.35 Ch.305 The Water Path Vol.35 Ch.306 Infinite Smiles Vol.35 Ch.307 The Tip Vol.35 Ch.308 Locusts Vol.35 Ch.309 Earth Vol.36 Ch.310 Late Autumn Vol.36 Ch.311 A Lively Life Vol.36 Ch.312 The Fool's Paddy Field! Vol.36 Ch.313 A Corpse and Lives Vol.36 Ch.314 Breath Vol.36 Ch.315 When the Water Warms Vol.37 Ch.316 Spring Thunder Vol.37 Ch.317 Pure and Clear Vol.37 Ch.318 Rice Seeplings Vol.37 Ch.319 Something Frail Vol.37 Ch.320 Ridges Between Rice Fields Vol.37 Ch.321 Shusaku Collapses Vol.37 Ch.322 Dragonflies Vol.TBD Ch.323 Travel Clothes Vol.TBD Ch.324 Kokura's Treasure Vol.TBD Ch.325 Noted Treasure Vol.TBD Ch.326 To be a Samurai Vol.TBD Ch.327 The Man Named Tadaoki
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