Vol.15 Ch.159 Invalid Communication

Vol.01 Ch.001 Gambler Vol.01 Ch.002 Eating a Black-market Lender Vol.01 Ch.003 Personal Information Trap Vol.01 Ch.004 Secrets Vol.01 Ch.005 Values of Things Vol.01 Ch.006 Playing in the Abandoned Building Vol.01 Ch.007 Everything's a Gamble Vol.01 Ch.008 The Heart Breaks Apart Vol.01 Ch.009 Pleasure of Murder Vol.02 Ch.010 Banquet of Screams Vol.02 Ch.011 A Man Called Saying Lies Vol.02 Ch.012 Awakening Vol.02 Ch.013 Masked Terror Vol.02 Ch.014 Beyond Yakata Vol.02 Ch.015 Plan B Vol.02 Ch.016 Begging for Life Vol.02 Ch.017 Wipe the Blood Vol.02 Ch.018 Last Resort Vol.02 Ch.019 "Life" Take a Grip Vol.02 Ch.020 Oni Gokko Hell Vol.03 Ch.021 Who Am I? Vol.03 Ch.022 Atone!! Vol.03 Ch.023 Recouping Strength for a Renewed Attack Vol.03 Ch.024 Worrying Over Money Vol.03 Ch.025 Vol.03 Ch.026 I Bet ! Vol.03 Ch.027 Human Values Vol.03 Ch.028 Advice from an Exemplary Mind Vol.03 Ch.029 Devour Vol.03 Ch.030 Control the Money! Vol.03 Ch.031 Fortune Is Mysterious and Unpredictable Vol.04 Ch.032 Kakerou's Prodigy Vol.04 Ch.033 Brutalizing Killing Intent Vol.04 Ch.034 The Raging Demon is Back! Vol.04 Ch.035 Revolutionist Appears Vol.04 Ch.036 Women's Intuition Vol.04 Ch.037 Precious Life Is... Vol.04 Ch.038 The Chosen One Vol.04 Ch.039 Something's Wrong… Vol.04 Ch.040 Man Owners Vol.04 Ch.041 Hangman Vol.04 Ch.042 Leo Vol.05 Ch.043 First Game Vol.05 Ch.044 Five of Eleven Vol.05 Ch.045 5050 Battle Vol.05 Ch.046 The Fight Against Time Vol.05 Ch.047 Enraged Vol.05 Ch.048 Kill the Many to Save the Few! Vol.05 Ch.049 Steering Towards Life Vol.05 Ch.050 Eroded Gear Vol.05 Ch.051 The Toy That's About to Break Vol.05 Ch.052 The Big Liar Vol.05 Ch.053 The Feast Continues... Vol.06 Ch.054 Death God's Smile Vol.06 Ch.055 An Alien's Fate Vol.06 Ch.056 Zero, Once Again!! Vol.06 Ch.057 The Way of the World Vol.06 Ch.058 Misreading Vol.06 Ch.059 The Defeated Vol.06 Ch.060 Lion vs Lion Vol.06 Ch.061 Parental Feelings Vol.06 Ch.062 First Time Sensation Vol.06 Ch.063 Fate Out of Nowhere Vol.06 Ch.064 The Truth Behind the Revolution Vol.07 Ch.065 Going Berserk Vol.07 Ch.066 Sacrificing Vol.07 Ch.067 Fortune Arrival Vol.07 Ch.068 Secret Ambition Vol.07 Ch.069 Cheque Clearing Condition Vol.07 Ch.070 Parent and Child Vol.07 Ch.071 My Worth Vol.07 Ch.072 True Strength Vol.07 Ch.073 Messenger Vol.07 Ch.074 Ideal Vol.07 Ch.075 Assassin's Terms Vol.08 Ch.076 Merciful One Vol.08 Ch.077 Die Yobbo Vol.08 Ch.078 Ambitious Group Vol.08 Ch.079 Target Vol.08 Ch.080 Strange Rumors Vol.08 Ch.081 Fateful Boundary Vol.08 Ch.082 The Road of Bewilderment Vol.08 Ch.083 Awakenings Vol.08 Ch.084 Demon King Advent Vol.08 Ch.085 Infinite Chances Vol.08 Ch.086 Labyrinth Vol.09 Ch.087 Bewildered Dog Vol.09 Ch.088 Composition of the World Vol.09 Ch.089 Enter the Labyrinth! Vol.09 Ch.090 The Name of the Companion Vol.09 Ch.091 The Best Seat in the House Vol.09 Ch.092 Divine Possession Vol.09 Ch.093 To Remember Vol.09 Ch.094 The Third Man Vol.09 Ch.095 Warning Vol.09 Ch.096 That Which is Lost Vol.09 Ch.097 A Decision Is Made... Vol.10 Ch.098 Order of the Ant Vol.10 Ch.099 Contract for Life Vol.10 Ch.100 A Big Mistake Vol.10 Ch.101 Order That Must Be Kept Vol.10 Ch.102 The Grim Reaper Has Descended Vol.10 Ch.103 The Corrupted Labyrinth Vol.10 Ch.104 Purpose in Life Vol.10 Ch.105 Lowlife Vol.10 Ch.106 The Devil of the Abandoned Building, Again Vol.10 Ch.107 Something that is Obvious Vol.10 Ch.108 Crash Vol.10 Ch.109 The Truth of the Rumor Vol.11 Ch.110 Feast of the Wild Beasts Vol.11 Ch.111 Battle Royale Vol.11 Ch.112 Clash!!! Vol.11 Ch.113 Eternal Pandemonium Vol.11 Ch.114 Next Stage Vol.11 Ch.115 L-File Vol.11 Ch.116 Natural Selection Vol.11 Ch.117 Victory is Inevitable Vol.11 Ch.118 The Finest Scent Vol.11 Ch.119 Monster Minotaur Vol.11 Ch.120 Probing Each Other Vol.11 Ch.120.5 Volume 11 Side Story Vol.12 Ch.121 The Thing That Follows Vol.12 Ch.122 A Restless Atmosphere Vol.12 Ch.123 A Savage Exsitence Vol.12 Ch.124 Entering M Time! Vol.12 Ch.125 A Pure Fight Vol.12 Ch.126 Intricate Thoughts Vol.12 Ch.127 Vol.12 Ch.128 Vol.12 Ch.129 Vol.12 Ch.130 Vol.12 Ch.131 Vol.12 Ch.132 Vol.12 Ch.133 Vol.12 Ch.134 Various Stories Vol.12 Ch.135 Vol.12 Ch.136 Vol.12 Ch.137 Vol.13 Ch.138 The Thing Borrowed Vol.13 Ch.139 Mixed Colors Vol.13 Ch.140 The Country Won't Give Up Vol.13 Ch.141 Vol.13 Ch.142 Things Lost to Darkness Vol.14 Ch.143 Vol.14 Ch.144 Two Monsters Vol.14 Ch.145 Exterminate the Monster Vol.14 Ch.146 Vol.14 Ch.147 Welcome Home Vol.14 Ch.148 Both Men Face Off Vol.14 Ch.149 A Well-Plotted Revenge Vol.14 Ch.150 The Qualification of the Fight Vol.14 Ch.151 Vol.14 Ch.152 Vol.14 Ch.153 A Depraved Heart Vol.15 Ch.154 The Vicious Virus Vol.15 Ch.155 Vol.15 Ch.156 Vol.15 Ch.157 Vol.15 Ch.158 Vol.15 Ch.159 Invalid Communication Vol.15 Ch.160 Vol.15 Ch.161 Hellfire Vol.15 Ch.162 Vol.15 Ch.163 Vol.15 Ch.164 Vol.16 Ch.165 The Logic Of Killing Vol.16 Ch.166 Vol.16 Ch.167 Vol.16 Ch.168 Vol.16 Ch.169 Vol.16 Ch.170 Vol.16 Ch.171 Vol.16 Ch.172 Vol.16 Ch.173 Vol.16 Ch.174 Vol.16 Ch.175 Vol.16 Ch.176 Vol.16 Ch.177 Vol.16 Ch.178 Vol.16 Ch.179 Vol.16 Ch.180 Vol.16 Ch.181 Vol.16 Ch.182 Vol.17 Ch.183 A Dark Strategy Vol.17 Ch.184 Vol.17 Ch.185 Vol.17 Ch.186 Vol.17 Ch.187 Vol.17 Ch.188 Vol.17 Ch.189 Vol.17 Ch.190 Vol.18 Ch.191 Rules And Hints Vol.18 Ch.192 Vol.18 Ch.193 Vol.18 Ch.194 Vol.18 Ch.195 Vol.18 Ch.196 Vol.18 Ch.197 Vol.18 Ch.198 Vol.18 Ch.199 Vol.18 Ch.200 Vol.18 Ch.201 Vol.18 Ch.202 Vol.18 Ch.203 Vol.18 Ch.204 Vol.18 Ch.205 Vol.18 Ch.206 Vol.18 Ch.207 Vol.18 Ch.208 Vol.18 Ch.209 Vol.20 Ch.210
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