Tsurezure Children

Vol.02 Ch.031.1 Omake

Vol.01 Ch.001 Confession Vol.01 Ch.004 Beginner Vol.01 Ch.005 Trap Vol.01 Ch.006 It's All Because Of The Fever Vol.01 Ch.007 Mushy Talk Vol.01 Ch.013 Brother's Girlfriend Vol.01 Ch.014 Spring Vol.01 Ch.015 I'll Make You a Man Vol.01 Ch.016 Contact Vol.01 Ch.016.2 Plus! One (Omake) v2 Vol.01 Ch.017 Mask Vol.01 Ch.017.5 Omake Vol.02 Ch.018 Cleaning Duty Vol.02 Ch.019 Let's Make Sure Vol.02 Ch.020 Reply Vol.02 Ch.025.1 Omake Vol.02 Ch.026 Coward Vol.02 Ch.031.1 Omake Vol.02 Ch.032 Advice Vol.02 Ch.032.1 Omake Vol.03 Ch.035 X-File Vol.03 Ch.035.1 Omake Vol.03 Ch.036 Beginner Vol.03 Ch.039 Peaches Vol.03 Ch.039.1 Omake Vol.03 Ch.040 Trap Vol.03 Ch.044 Mushy Talk Vol.03 Ch.045 It's All Because Of The Fever Vol.03 Ch.045.1 Omake Vol.03 Ch.045.6 Plus! Two (Omake) Vol.04 Ch.046 I want more Vol.04 Ch.047 Score Vol.04 Ch.048 It's Not That I Don't Want To Vol.04 Ch.049 Consideration Touches the Heart (Yamane/Kurihara) Vol.04 Ch.049.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.050.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.051.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.052 Gaze (Takano/Sugawara) Vol.04 Ch.052.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.053.1 Once More (Kamine/Gouda) Vol.04 Ch.053.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.054 Like (Furuya/Minegawa) Vol.04 Ch.054.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.055.2 Boobs (Ryouko/Asafumi) Vol.04 Ch.055.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.056 Sickness (LoveMaster/Kazuko) Vol.04 Ch.056.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.057 Education (Kirihara/Chiba) Vol.04 Ch.057.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.058 That (Patricia/Tsuji) Vol.04 Ch.058.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.059 "Ahhh" (Toujou/ Ogiue) Vol.04 Ch.059.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.060 Square One Vol.04 Ch.060.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.061 Bullying (Kaga/Nanase) Vol.04 Ch.061.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.062 Suspicion (Saejima/Souma) Vol.04 Ch.062.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.063 Over my Dead Body (Yamane/Kurihara) Vol.04 Ch.064 Envy (Kamine/Gouda) v2 Vol.04 Ch.065 DeDeDe (Wabisabi/Usakata) Vol.04 Ch.066 Telepathy (Takase/Alice) Vol.04 Ch.067 Ch.67 Lovers (Chiaki/Kana) Vol.04 Ch.068 Sweets (Furuya/Minegawa) Vol.04 Ch.069 Rap (Onizuka/Yamada) Vol.04 Ch.070 Temptation (Takeru/Ayaka) Vol.04 Ch.071 Ch.71 Froth (Chiaki/Kana) Vol.04 Ch.072.1 Term Exams (Part One) Vol.04 Ch.072.2 Term Exams (Part Two) Vol.04 Ch.073 Misunderstanding Vol.04 Ch.074 Ch.74 Tuning (Chizuru/Sugawara) Vol.04 Ch.075 Ch.75 Let Bygones be Bygones (Chiaki/Kana) v2 Vol.04 Ch.076 Smile (Toda/Sanagawa) Vol.04 Ch.077 Yo! v2 (Onitsuka/Yamada) Vol.04 Ch.078 I Don't Like You (Kirihara/Chiba) Vol.04 Ch.079 Welcome Back (Kage/Nanase/Sasahara) Vol.04 Ch.080.1 Sports Festival (Part One) Vol.04 Ch.080.2 Sports Festival (Part Two) Vol.04 Ch.080.3 Sports Festival (Part Three) Vol.04 Ch.081.1 Summer Begins (Part One) Vol.04 Ch.081.2 Summer Begins (Part Two) Vol.04 Ch.081.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.081.6 Plus! Three (Omake) Vol.04 Ch.082 Pure (Furuya/Minegawa) Vol.04 Ch.082.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.083 Is It Alright If I'm Popular With Girls? (Yamane/Kurihara) Vol.04 Ch.083.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.084 Pudding (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Vol.04 Ch.084.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.085 Left and Right (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Vol.04 Ch.085.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.086 Won't Be Stopped Anyhow (Ryouko/Asafumi) Vol.04 Ch.087 Assistant v2 (Kirihara/Chiba) Vol.04 Ch.088 First Love's Crazy (Kamine/Gouda) Vol.04 Ch.089 Charisma v2 (Chizuru/Love Master) Vol.04 Ch.090 Water's Edge (Part One) Vol.04 Ch.091 Water's Edge (Part Two) Vol.04 Ch.092 Water's Edge (Part Three) Vol.04 Ch.093 Water's Edge (Part Four) Vol.04 Ch.094 I Came (Alice/Takase) Vol.04 Ch.094.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.095 Trauma (Saejima/Souma) Vol.04 Ch.096 Oath (Patricia/Tsuji) Vol.04 Ch.097 Aquarium (Toda/Sunagawa) Vol.04 Ch.098 Actual Feelings (Furuya/Minegawa) Vol.04 Ch.099 Leading You (Part One) Vol.04 Ch.100 Leading You (Part Two) Vol.04 Ch.101 Leading You (Part Three) Vol.04 Ch.101.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.101.6 Plus! Four (Omake) Vol.04 Ch.102 Rendezvous Vol.04 Ch.103 Airhead (Matsuura/Urara) Vol.04 Ch.104 Like This From the Start (LoveMaster/Kazuko) Vol.04 Ch.105 Chance (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Vol.04 Ch.106 Poker Face (Toujou/Ogiue) Vol.04 Ch.107 Summer Festival (Chiba/Kirihara) Vol.04 Ch.108 Line (Kanda/Takase) Vol.04 Ch.109 Fireworks (Onizuka/Yamada) Vol.04 Ch.110 Space is Way Too Big (Sasahara/Yukawa) Vol.04 Ch.111 I'll Lend You My Chest (Matsuura/Urara/LoveMaster) Vol.04 Ch.112 Takoyaki (Kaga/Nanase) Vol.04 Ch.113 Lie (Akagi/Ryouko) Vol.04 Ch.114 Pursuit (Minagawa/Furuya) Vol.04 Ch.115 Intro (Motoyama/Enomoto) Vol.04 Ch.116 Defense (Motoyama/Enomoto) Vol.04 Ch.117 Pace (Takano/Sugawara) Vol.04 Ch.118 Probing (Kanda/Takase) Vol.04 Ch.119 Spending Time (LoveMaster/Kazuko/Akagi) Vol.04 Ch.119.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.120 High Five (Toujou/Ogiue) Vol.04 Ch.121 Not Very Good (Ryouko/Shibasaki) Vol.04 Ch.122 Take Your Time (Takano/Sugawara) Vol.04 Ch.123 Passing the Baton to You (Kanda/Takase) Vol.04 Ch.124 Vol.8 Ch.124 Circle Vol.04 Ch.125 Not a Dream (Kurihara/Yamane) Vol.04 Ch.126 Stupid (Alice/Noro) Vol.04 Ch.127 Gate (Saejima/Souma) Vol.04 Ch.128 Ninjutsu (Kana/Chiaki) Vol.04 Ch.129 Snacks (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Vol.04 Ch.130 Alone (Onizuka) Vol.04 Ch.131 Departure Vol.04 Ch.132 Memories (Enomoto/Motoyama) Vol.04 Ch.133 Wanting To Be Alone With You (Takano/Sugawara) Vol.04 Ch.134 Naked Vol.04 Ch.135 Something's Here (Toujou/Ogiue) Vol.04 Ch.136 Joker (Toda/Sunagawa) Vol.04 Ch.137 Tryst (Kamine/Gouda) Vol.04 Ch.137.5 Omake Vol.04 Ch.138 I Want to Get Stronger (Saejima/Souma) Vol.04 Ch.139 Nuisance (Alice/Noro) Vol.04 Ch.140 Quiz (Minagawa/Furuya) Vol.04 Ch.141 Mermaid (Chiba/Kirihara) Vol.04 Ch.142 Adolescence Without Me (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Vol.04 Ch.143 Detective (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Vol.05 Ch.144 Night Vol.05 Ch.145 Souvenir (Takano/Sugawara) Vol.05 Ch.146 Surprise (Patricia/Keisuke) Vol.05 Ch.147 Shyness (Kana/Chiaki) Vol.05 Ch.148 True Feelings (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Vol.05 Ch.149 As a Girl (Minagawa/Furuya) Vol.05 Ch.150 Cypher (Onizuka/LoveMaster) Vol.06 Ch.151 Interested In That Girl (Kanda/Takase) Vol.06 Ch.152 Dot to Dot (Alice/Noro) Vol.06 Ch.153 I Want to Be Your Strength (Kamine/Gouda) Vol.06 Ch.154 Repertoire (Kurihara/Yamane) Vol.06 Ch.155 Stimulation (Toda/Sunagawa/Akagi/Ryouko) Vol.06 Ch.156 Unlikable (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Vol.06 Ch.156.5 Omake Vol.06 Ch.157 Vol10 Prologue Vol.06 Ch.158 Divergence (Enomoto/Motoyama) Vol.06 Ch.159 Animal Trail (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Vol.06 Ch.160 If I Win (Saejima/Souma) v2 Vol.06 Ch.161 Chicken (Yamada/Onizuka) Vol.06 Ch.162 I, the Burden (Nanase/Kaga) Vol.06 Ch.163 I Want to Be A Good Senpai Vol.06 Ch.164 Cultural Festival Vol.06 Ch.165 Crisis Crisis Vol.06 Ch.166 Haunted House (Takano/Sugawara) Vol.06 Ch.167 Transformation Vol.10 Ch.168 A Man's Man (Saejima/Souma) Vol.10 Ch.169 Best Couple (Kana/Chiaki) Vol.10 Ch.170 Cultural Festival 2 Vol.10 Ch.171 Play (Matsuura/Urara) Vol.10 Ch.172 Follow the Stars (Nanase/Kaga/Sasahara/Yukawa) Vol.10 Ch.173 Miss Wabisabi (Shibasaki/Kaji) Vol.10 Ch.174 Vol.10 Ch.174.1 Vol.12 Ch.212 Confession (Kanda/Takase) END Ch.205 Love is Unsightly (Enomoto/Motoyama) Ch.207 I'm Getting Rejected Tonight (Chiba/Kirihara) Vol.TBD Ch.008 Vol.TBD Ch.009 Vol.TBD Ch.010 Vol.TBD Ch.011 Vol.TBD Ch.175 Luna, Luna (Kana/Chiaki) Vol.TBD Ch.176 Mischief (Toda/Sunagawa) Vol.TBD Ch.177 Asking For Too Much (Enomoto/Motoyama) Vol.TBD Ch.178 Accomplice (Chiba/Kirihara) Vol.TBD Ch.179 Escape Route (Patricia/Keisuke) Vol.TBD Ch.180 Temperature Difference (Toujou/Ogiue) Vol.TBD Ch.181 Unrequited Love (Alice/Takase) Vol.TBD Ch.182 Present (Minagawa/Furuya) Vol.TBD Ch.183 Nervous Vol.TBD Ch.184 Melting in the Night (Toujou/Ogiue) Vol.TBD Ch.185 Vol.TBD Ch.186 Vol.TBD Ch.187 Vol.TBD Ch.188 Vol.TBD Ch.189 Protagonist (Enomoto/Motoyama) Vol.TBD Ch.190 Love isn't stylish (Kana/Chiaki) Vol.TBD Ch.191 Overflow (Takano/Sugawara) Vol.TBD Ch.192 There's Nothing Tying Us Together (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Vol.TBD Ch.192.1 Omake Vol.TBD Ch.193 Spica (Nanase/Kaga) Vol.TBD Ch.194 Rumor (Toujou/Ogiue) Vol.TBD Ch.195 Brother's Girlfriend (Minagawa/Hotaru) Vol.TBD Ch.196 Siren (Nashimoto/Sonobe) Vol.TBD Ch.197 Dry (Toda/Sunagawa) Vol.TBD Ch.198 We Don't Need Women (Motoyama/Yamane) Vol.TBD Ch.199 My Bloody Valentine (Alice) Vol.TBD Ch.200 Contact (Kamine/Gouda) Vol.TBD Ch.201 Rapper (Yamada/Onizuka) Vol.TBD Ch.202 The Student Council President's Worries (Kaji/Akagi) Vol.TBD Ch.203 I'll Make You a Man (Saejima/Souma) Vol.TBD Ch.204 Patricia (Patricia/Keisuke) Vol.TBD Ch.205 Love is Unsightly (Enomoto/Motoyama) Vol.TBD Ch.206 Short Distance Relationship (Kana/Chiaki) Vol.TBD Ch.207 I'm Getting Rejected Tonight (Chiba/Kirihara) Vol.TBD Ch.208 Mask (Shibasaki/Ubukata) Vol.TBD Ch.209 Senpai, You're Annoying (Matsuura/Urara) Vol.TBD Ch.210 Love Master (Kazuko/LoveMaster) Vol.TBD Ch.211 Rain (Takano/Sugawara) Vol.TBD Ch.212 Confession (Kanda/Takase) END Vol.TBD Ch.212.1 Omake
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