Trace 2.0

Ch.081 Kidnappers 21

Ch.000 Prologue Ch.000.5 Intro Ch.001 This Chaotic World Ch.002 D Purple Ch.003 The Swindlers Ch.004 Choose Ch.005 A Good Guy Ch.006 Procedure Ch.007 Confrontation Ch.008 Strength of the "Normal" Ch.009 Regret Ch.010 Promises Ch.011 Let's Not Get Hurt Ch.012 Game Set Ch.013 Let's Do It Ch.014 I Have Always... Ch.015 I'm Sorry Ch.016 Changes Ch.017 Investigation Ch.018 I Am Not Ch.019 Negotiations Ch.020 Testing Ch.021 Practice Ch.022 Find Him Ch.023 Now's My Chance Ch.024 Group Match Ch.025 Clash Ch.026 The Return Ch.027 Time's Up Ch.028 Epiphany Ch.029 Frustration Ch.030 Determination Ch.031 Their Next Target Ch.032 Let's Go Ch.033 Armor Line Ch.034 Unasked Questions Ch.035 Interrogation Ch.036 Trouble Ch.037 Rules Ch.038 The Final Game Ch.039 Mad Rush Ch.040 Dice Ch.041 The Last Word Ch.042 Words Ch.043 Hyunsung Ch.044 Secrets Ch.045 You Were... Ch.046 Letters Ch.047 Haran Ch.048 The Day of the Rally Ch.049 Loss Ch.050 Police Ch.051 A Weapon Ch.052 Dumpilun's Hand Ch.053 The Die Ch.054 Yoonsung Kim Ch.055 A Choice Ch.056 Dumpilun Ch.059 Kidnappers Teaser 00 Ch.060 Kidnappers intro; Ep2 part0 Ch.061 Kidnappers 1 Ch.062 Kidnappers 2 Ch.063 Kidnappers 3 Ch.064 Kidnappers 4 Ch.065 Kidnappers 5 Ch.066 Kidnappers 6 Ch.067 Kidnappers 7 Ch.068 Kidnappers 8 Ch.069 Kidnappers 9 Ch.070 Kidnappers 10 Ch.071 Kidnappers 11 Ch.072 Kidnappers 12 Ch.073 Kidnappers 13 Ch.074 Kidnappers 14 Ch.075 Kidnappers 15 Ch.076 Kidnappers 16 Ch.077 Kidnappers 17 Ch.078 Kidnappers 18 Ch.079 Kidnappers 19 Ch.080 Kidnappers 20 Ch.081 Kidnappers 21
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