Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Vol.13 Ch.052 Never Ending (The End)

Vol.01 Ch.001 My Neighbour Is Yoshida Vol.01 Ch.002 I Don't Hate You Vol.01 Ch.003 Strange Vol.01 Ch.004 Troublesome Person Vol.02 Ch.005 An Explosion in Popularity Vol.02 Ch.006 It's Summer Vol.02 Ch.007 Things about Yoshida Vol.02 Ch.008 The Girl's Melancholic Days Vol.03 Ch.009 I Love You Vol.03 Ch.010 The Distance of the Two Vol.03 Ch.011 Welcome! Matsuyou Festival Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.012 Come to Shouyou's Festival Last Part Vol.04 Ch.013 0 & 1 Vol.04 Ch.014 Christmas Vol.04 Ch.015 Yamaguchi Kenji-kun Vol.04 Ch.016 Drawing to the End of the Year Vol.05 Ch.017 Natsume-san's Story Vol.05 Ch.018 The Suspicious Holiday Vol.05 Ch.019 The "Sort of" Date Vol.05 Ch.020 Staying Overnight Vol.06 Ch.021 Sasayan and Haru Vol.06 Ch.022 Girls Cooking Chocolate Vol.06 Ch.023 Birthday Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.024 Birthday Part 2 Vol.07 Ch.025 The Two in Love Vol.07 Ch.026 The End of One Year Vol.07 Ch.027 Spring Break Vol.07 Ch.028 Spring Vol.08 Ch.029 The First Step Vol.08 Ch.030 The Beginning Vol.08 Ch.031 A Happy Paradise Vol.08 Ch.032 Summer Holidays; Second Round - Part 1 Vol.09 Ch.033 Summer Holidays; Second Round - Part 2 Vol.09 Ch.034 Summer Holidays; Second Round- Part 3 (The Last Summer) Vol.09 Ch.035 Sasayan-kun and Natsume-chan Vol.09 Ch.036 Future Paths Vol.10 Ch.037 Yuuzan's Story Vol.10 Ch.038 The Day of the School Festival Vol.10 Ch.039 Shizuku Vol.10 Ch.040 Going to See the World Vol.11 Ch.041 Two Weeks Later Vol.11 Ch.042 Merry-Go-Round Vol.11 Ch.043 Two People in a Dream Vol.11 Ch.044 Yamaken and Shizuku Vol.12 Ch.045 The Warm Dawn Vol.12 Ch.046 Home Sweet Home Vol.12 Ch.047 Third-Year Students Vol.12 Ch.048 Graduation Ceremony Vol.13 Ch.049 Sasayan's Story 2 Vol.13 Ch.050 Operation Iyo's Prince! Vol.13 Ch.051 The Kids at the Riverside Vol.13 Ch.052 Never Ending (The End)
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