Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!

Ch.860 Release

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Ch.496 I'll Let You Date Him Ch.497 You're the best! Ch.498 So you're gonna see a good friend? Ch.499 Resistance is futile Ch.500 I'm sending you out as my daughter Ch.501 He's weak to traditional clothes Ch.502 The Demon of the Summer Festival Ch.503 The Demon is Alive and Well Ch.504 Show a little emotion Ch.505 Similar Aura Ch.506 Feel that way Ch.507 Surprising quick-witted nature Ch.508 This one's lost too Ch.509 To make it look like that Ch.510 This is also for the time at the beach Ch.511 Can’t fight back Ch.512 An unimpressive special move Ch.513 One more time Ch.514 There's that too Ch.515 At the critical moment that puts 'now' to an end Ch.516 Into reality Ch.517 Strong or weak Ch.518 No changes to the plan Ch.519 Extreme man Ch.520 Result of making the points of contact smaller Ch.521 Misuzu's plan Ch.522 I won't let you be both Ch.523 A maiden in peril Ch.524 Gundou the Demon Ch.525 She has nothing to do with it? Ch.526 Electric Carol Ch.527 There was rain yesterday Ch.528 This has nothing to do with it Ch.529 Gave a lousy excuse Ch.530 Nonchalant SOS Ch.531 I won't overlook those fierce eyes Ch.532 I had forgotten Ch.533 Growing anxiety Ch.534 I'm the one who found you Ch.535 That's why I like her; that's why she's distant Ch.536 Rescue duty Ch.537 Delinquents + Hot Stripping Girls = Ch.538 We didn't do anything Ch.539 I didn't lay a finger on her Ch.540 The one who stripped me Ch.541 Very persuasive Ch.542 Boys charmed by the Aizawa style Ch.543 Enjoyable negotiations Ch.544 I will make them regret it Ch.545 Is this how it's gonna be? Ch.546 Believe in her and wait Ch.547 The distance she wanted Ch.548 The charisma of life and death Ch.549 Reflecting on that day Ch.550 Precautions Ch.551 Enter the monster’s den Ch.552 Dangerous When Mad Ch.553 Naive senpai Ch.554 Entrance to hell Ch.555 I've been there Ch.556 Under 100kg Ch.557 Not in some slum town? Ch.558 Difficult to categorize Ch.559 Ignition successful Ch.560 Strength he can't acknowledge Ch.561 He can't accept it himself Ch.562 An Unintentional End Ch.563 Hoping It Doesn’t Ch.564 No Retreat, No Flattery, No Looking back Ch.565 Something recently realized Ch.566 Next time Ch.567 I don't have the perfect strength Ch.568 I hadn’t heard Ch.569 A problem that was on hold Ch.570 Unexpected invitation Ch.571 For who? Ch.572 Prepared to attack on all fronts Ch.573 You wouldn't just leave me there Ch.574 Rather than the friend in front of her Ch.575 Caro... Ch.576 A game she used to play a lot Ch.577 A healthy high school boy Ch.578 Might not be able to go back Ch.579 Already Prepared Ch.580 Not getting it right away Ch.581 She's getting it! Ch.582 No ability to improvise Ch.583 Not getting away yet Ch.584 At home anywhere Ch.585 Ten percent Ch.586 An unexpected attack Ch.587 An unknown terror Ch.588 Had a feeling Ch.589 Calling off the Attack Ch.590 SUPER SCARY Ch.591 The one everyone knows Ch.592 A childhood promise Ch.593 Former king of destruction Ch.594 Really won't compromise Ch.595 Repair complete (?) Ch.596 A huge success Ch.597 He didn't approach for a while Ch.598 v3 Let's Get Him Ch.599 Illuminated Ch.600 Merry Carol Ch.601 Very Thick Skin Ch.602 Please Let Me Forget Ch.602.5 V05 Extras Ch.603 That Place Should Be Fine Ch.604 Fun Guy Ch.605 She Already Knew Ch.606 State of Selflessness Ch.607 Yes Ch.608 Impregnable Ch.609 Two Of A Kind Ch.610 A Just Cause Ch.611 As A Childhood Friend Ch.612 A Boss Without An HP Bar Ch.613 You Said You'D Get Us Togeter Ch.614 The Shock Overwhelmed The Collision Ch.615 Came Back Broken Ch.616 When She Least Wants To Be Seen Ch.617 Not My Place Ch.618 Dual Punishment For Being Overprotective Ch.619 To Her, I Am... Ch.620 Breach Ch.621 Not A Warm Welcome Ch.622 Roar Ch.623 Don't Beat Around The Bush Ch.624 Ch.624-625 Yay! Ch.626 The Reason Doesn't Matter Ch.627 Won't Allow It Ch.628 An Overly Absorbent Sponge Ch.629 She's Just Fine Ch.630 Bunny Girl Ch.631 Revenge Ch.632 The Truth of that Day Ch.633 In Some Ways It's a Shock Ch.634 Had a Feeling It Was Like That Ch.635 I’m A Fan Too Ch.636 Not One Or The Other Ch.637 Don't Let Your Guard Down Ch.638 Shut Up And Let Me Go Ch.639 Another Calamity...? Ch.640 Opinion Of Childhood Friend #1 Ch.641 Opinion Of Childhood Friend #2 Ch.642 I'm Feeling Different Today Ch.643 Just At First Is Fine Ch.644 Can't Keep Up Ch.645 Because You Look Like You're Having Fun Ch.646 Nutty Runner Ch.647 Straight Through Ch.648 Bring It On Ch.649 He Was Almost Proud Ch.650 An Argument Ch.651 Out Cold Ch.652 Tomo-chan's Strange Everyday Life Ch.653 I’m Glad I Trained Ch.654 A Very Strange Situation Ch.655 Temperature Rising Ch.656 Advice On How To Get Spoiled Ch.657 Until Now I Overlooked it, But... Ch.658 World Shattering Ch.659 I'll Show You How Weak I Am!!! Ch.660 Let It Slip Ch.661 Catching A Cold By Yourself Is Dangerous Ch.662 Folk Remedy Ch.663 Tomo's Tomo Even When Sick Ch.664 Maybe Sometimes Would Be Fine... Ch.665 That Casually Ch.666 Equal Ch.667 From Now On Ch.668 A Confusing First Win Ch.669 Gorou's Conflict Ch.670 Won't Be Found Like That Ch.671 It Fit Somehow Ch.672 Girl, noun. See Also Woman, Female Ch.673 Bra Debut Ch.674 The Ringleader Ch.675 A Meathead In The End Ch.676 Because I Really Wanted To Beat You Ch.677 When A Boy And Girl Are Together Ch.678 No Way Ch.679 What The Hell Is That About(V2) Ch.680 Immediate Regret Ch.681 A Boy That Cannot Tell A Lie Ch.682 Tomo Deficiency Ch.683 Limited Options Ch.684 Rather, She's Lively Ch.685 Bold, Senseless People Are Unreasonable Ch.686 Lunch With The Devil Ch.687 A serious relationship Ch.688 Desperate Boy Ch.689 Youth's Curiosity Ch.690 The Henpecked Husband Type Ch.691 Partnership Ch.692 If You Don't Like It, You Should Say So Ch.693 dropout Ch.694 A Late Puberty Ch.695 A Very Small Something Ch.696 When A Boy And Girl Go Someplace Together Ch.697 Tomo Hazard Ch.698 The Proportion Is All Wrong Ch.699 The Proportion Is All Wrong Ch.700 Something We Can't Share At All Ch.701 The Scene Of Their First Battle Ch.702 Accumulated Damage Ch.703 Because She Came With... Ch.704 Booster Ch.705 Gonna Go Talk Ch.706 A Chance For Sweet Talk Ch.707 Emergency Seal Ch.708 Black Haired Doll Of Death Ch.709 A Black Stain On Her Life Ch.710 The Boy Who Dumped Me Ch.711 Retribution Ch.712 Enemies, Not Friends Ch.713 Accidental Support Ch.714 Now, To Show Him How I Feel Ch.715 I Won't Let You Ignore Me Anymore Ch.716 One More Hit Ch.717 A Crossroads Ch.718 A Vow To Remain The Same Ch.719 The Beginning Of Their Misunderstanding Ch.720 Time To Face Each Other Ch.721 The Result Of Seeing Her Face To Face Ch.722 The Old You Ch.723 In Retrospect Ch.724 Unprepared Ch.725 A Natural Present Ch.726 I'm holding back right now, aren't I? Ch.727 Will I be Able To Constrain Them, I Wonder... Ch.728 The Guy That Shows Up When You've Forgetten About Him Ch.729 Tough Negotiations Ch.730 Even If You Make That Face, I Can't! Ch.731 Parental Consent Ch.732 Tanabe Tatsumi Ch.733 About Twice A Year Ch.734 Do You Speak Japanese? Ch.735 As If I'm Wearing That Ch.736 Required Duties Ch.737 Who’s That? Ch.738 You Can't Offer That Ch.739 This Familiar Trouble Is An Oasis Ch.740 The Customer Attracting Beast Ch.741 Until You Can't Say It Anymore Ch.742 Special Girls Ch.743 Red, Black, And Gold Ch.744 I Was Just Getting Used To This... Ch.745 A Regular Ch.746 An UnBelievable Response Ch.747 An Unbelievably Unbelievable Reaction Ch.748 Things Are In Perfect Form Ch.749 A Short Lived Reign Ch.750 Everyone's First Part-Time Job Ch.751 A Sudden Bonus Ch.752 An Easygoing Workplace Ch.753 The Scariest Are The Living Ch.754 It Was Pretty Good Ch.755 How Will He Come At Me?! Ch.756 I Guess Maybe He Hasn't Changed… Ch.757 Avoiding That Ch.758 Did'ya hear me? Ch.759 Offhandedly Ch.760 It's Happening Ch.761 With These Muscles! Ch.762 It's Finally Come To This? Ch.763 Bad Luck Carol Ch.764 Sacred G Ch.765 Didn't Hold Back, For Some Reason Ch.766 Heaven's Punishment Acts Swiftly Ch.767 Of Course You'd Apologize Ch.768 A Boy That Won't Miss His Chance Ch.769 How Far Could I Have Gone!? Ch.770 Aah... It's That Boy Ch.771 Suddenly Serious Ch.772 Always Looking For An Opening Ch.773 A Major Event In A Boy's Puberty Ch.774 An Effective But Unusable Tactic Ch.775 Normally Excited Ch.776 Competition Ch.777 Two Confident Ch.778 I Dunnooo? Ch.779 Now Or Never Ch.780 An Overwhelming Recommendation Ch.781 Let's do this! Ch.782 Far From An Intreeguing Role Ch.783 Second Floor Ch.784 Considerate Tomo-chan Ch.785 It's Good For A Cold Ch.786 It's Got To Be That,Right? Ch.787 Casting Ch.788 Like tearing mochi Ch.789 Let's Treat Nature With Care Ch.790 Of All Things Ch.791 Still Am, And Will Continue To Be Ch.792 I Hate Being Plotted Upon Ch.793 A Conversation With Mother Nature Ch.794 A Natural Ch.795 Incredible Ideals Ch.796 Bad At Giving Approval To Others Ch.797 Couldn't You Just Ignore Me? Ch.798 Explosive Prince Ch.799 Envy Ch.800 Cinderella left behind Ch.801 Even though you ran away the whole time Ch.802 Tomo-chan's shoujo leanings Ch.803 A Pleasure I Didn't Know Ch.804 Everyone's Culture Festival Ch.805 Culture Festival And An Old Friend Ch.806 Payback Ch.807 Celebrity Raid Ch.808 smooth Ch.809 In a way,I cant wait Ch.810 misfortunate beauty Ch.811 My Idol Ch.812 A Single-Minded Buzzkill State Of Mind Ch.813 Just A Tree! Ch.814 A Forgotten Weakness Ch.815 The Real Tomo Ch.816 Freedom Bug Ch.817 Glad I Did It Ch.818 You Are Human Ch.819 When Compared To The Classes Ch.820 The Boy Aizawa Tomo Likes Ch.821 The Treasured Sakura Tome Ch.822 The Type To Assault Scary Things Ch.823 Fear Of Regret Ch.824 Enough With The Prince Stuff Ch.825 I Absolutely Wasn't Waiting Ch.826 A Different Aim Ch.827 A Surge Of Youth Ch.828 From Fight To Flight Ch.829 Mysterious Boost Ch.830 Is there a chance,Or not? Ch.831 Hot-water Bottle Ch.832 A Defeated Hot-Water Bottle Ch.833 Think About It Sensibly Ch.834 Let's Make Eye Contact When We Talk, Ok? Ch.835 Finally!! Ch.836 zero Ch.837 What A Huge Guy Ch.838 About Time Ch.839 It's Different, Depending On Who Says It Ch.840 Even After You Achieve Your Goal Ch.841 Something That Can't Be Ignored Ch.841.5 Volume 7 Extras Ch.842 Which "Me" Should I Be? Ch.843 I Called Out To You Ch.844 ...So? Ch.845 Because Of Me? Ch.846 My Mistake Ch.847 My Pure Childhood Friends Ch.848 It's Faint, But It Was There Ch.849 It's A Relationship, Even If It's Rotten Ch.850 The Beast, Unleashed Ch.851 Capture Complete Ch.852 The Aizawa Style Apology Ch.853 Come Again? Ch.854 A Punch For Something Else Ch.855 The One Who Overcame, And... Ch.856 The Answer To The Confession Is... Ch.857 Double Knockdown Ch.858 To My True Close Friend Ch.859 Stay Ch.860 Release Ch.861 Directly, Without Hesitating Ch.862 That's Not What I Meant Ch.863 Still Not Herself Ch.864 Really Really Really, Right!? Ch.865 In Other Words, A Gap Ch.866 Prepared? Or Is It Just A Problem? Ch.867 A Sudden Start Ch.868 Skipping Two Steps At A Time Ch.869 We Can Work It Out Ch.870 Speaking Without Hesitation Ch.871 True Feelings Ch.872 Too Happy Ch.873 Likely To Ask Again Tomorrow Ch.874 I’m glad in a lot of ways Ch.875 A Close Shave With Death Ch.876 Ch.877 Ch.878 Ch.879 Even Though You’re Just A Jun!! Ch.880 Ch.881 It's Not That Easy Ch.882 Kou-chan NG Ch.883 Misuzu-chan's Day Off Ch.884 Just Go With It Ch.885 Get Nervous, Damn You! Ch.886 There Isn't Ch.887 She IS A Girl, Huh? Ch.888 How ‘Bout I Strike You? Ch.889 A Sincere Man Ch.890 Lining Up The Linen To Line Up With Tomo Ch.891 Go Get Him, Tomo-chan! Ch.892 Lesson Prep Complete Ch.893 Instant Counter Ch.894 Ch.895 I Can't Put My Hands On His Now!! Ch.896 Focused Viewing Ch.897 The Reason For Seriously Watching Ch.898 An Unexpected Twinkle Ch.899 Seriously Ch.900 If I Can't Wear This, What Do I Wear? Ch.901 Three Minutes Ch.902 Don't Underestimate The Ice Ch.903 More, More Ch.904 I'm Laying The Groundwork!! Ch.905 What Should We Do? Ch.906 Ignition Ch.907 Aizawa-style Love Schemes Ch.908 There's No Way I Wouldn't!! Ch.909 A Fist Here!? Ch.910 Ch.911 Ch.912 The Strongest Obstacle Ch.913 Ch.914 Ch.915 Ch.916 Won't Hand Over Being Number One Ch.917 Didn't Even Have To Think Twice Ch.918 Even Though She Was So Excited Ch.919 Mindset Is Half The Battle Ch.920 Sunk, Right Off The Bat Ch.921 Seems Like It'll Work Out Just Fine Ch.922 I Can't Promise That Ch.923 I Don't Want To Be A Burden Ch.924 A Problem That Can't Be Postponed Ch.925 Ch.926 The Difference Is Clear Ch.927 The Role Of Aizawa Tomo Ch.928 A Helping Hand, For The Showdown? Ch.929 Negative Ch.930 Terrifying Boy Ch.931 Back To Normal Ch.932 Rather, Invincible Ch.933 Let's Do Karate Ch.934 A Serious Challenger Ch.935 Support That Only I Can Give Ch.936 Off You Go, Take Care Ch.937 The Last Resort ・ Attack By Probability Ch.938 I've Been Here For A Little While! Ch.939 The Tomo-chan Theory Ch.940 Intentionally Serious Ch.941 Gorou's True Motive Ch.942 Ch.943 Ch.944 Ch.945 Ch.946 Ch.947 Ch.948 Ch.949 Ch.950 Ch.950.5 Ch.951 Ch.952 Ch.953 Ch.953.5
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