This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real!

Ch.050 Expose

Ch.000.1 PREVIEW Ch.000.2 PREVIEW Ch.001.1 Valentine's Day Ch.001.2 Valentine's Day Ch.002.1 Causing Trouble Ch.002.2 Causing Trouble Ch.003.1 Rainy Night Ch.003.2 Rainy Night Ch.004.1 Stay Over Ch.004.2 Stay Over Ch.005.1 Can't Fight Ch.005.2 Can't Fight Ch.006.1 Late Night Games Ch.006.2 Late Night Games Ch.007.1 Sunrise Ch.007.2 Sunrise Ch.008.1 A Bold Idea Ch.008.2 A Bold Idea Ch.009.1 Rejection Ch.009.2 Rejection Ch.010.1 Signing The Contract Ch.010.2 Signing The Contract Ch.011.1 Pride Ch.011.2 Pride Ch.012.1 Drunken Night Ch.012.2 Drunken Night Ch.013.1 Can You Sing Ch.013.2 Can You Sing Ch.014.1 I Already Have Plans Ch.014.2 I Already Have Plans Ch.015.1 You Jealous? Ch.015.2 You Jealous? Ch.016.1 Misunderstanding Ch.016.2 Misunderstanding Ch.017.1 Together Ch.017.2 Together Ch.018.1 Got Pranked Ch.018.2 Got Pranked Ch.019.1 Encountering Trouble Ch.019.2 Encountering Trouble Ch.020.1 The Transparent Toilet Ch.020.2 The Transparent Toilet Ch.021.1 Romance After Nightfall Ch.021.2 Romance After Nightfall Ch.022.1 Haunted House Ch.022.2 Haunted House Ch.023.1 Coincidental Encounter Ch.023.2 Coincidental Encounter Ch.024.1 People Can Change Ch.024.2 People Can Change Ch.025 An Endless Hallway part.2 Ch.025.1 An Endless Hallway Ch.025.2 An Endless Hallway Ch.026.1 Clothing Model Ch.026.2 Clothing Model Ch.027.1 Distracted Ch.027.2 Distracted Ch.028 A Small Accident part.1 Ch.028.1 A Small Accident Ch.028.2 A Small Accident Ch.029.1 Visit Ch.029.2 Visit Ch.030 I'm Going Too part.1 Ch.030.2 I'm Going Too Ch.031 Photo Album part.1 Ch.032 Sick part.2 Ch.033 New Employee part.2 Ch.034 Admit part.2 Ch.035 Uproar part.2 Ch.036 Just a Little Peck part.1 Ch.037 So, It Was You! part.2 Ch.038 Seen This Before part.2 Ch.039 Guilty part.2 Ch.040 Present part.2 Ch.041 Sudden Visit Ch.042 Disappointment Ch.043 Crossed the Line Ch.044 Contract Termination Ch.045 Courage Ch.046 Moving Onwards Alone Ch.047 Honest Ch.048 For Real Ch.049 Stirring the Pot Ch.050 Expose
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