They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter

Ch.043 Outing

Ch.001 Murder Ch.002 Strange World Ch.003 Meeting "Him" Ch.004 Meeting My Fiancé Ch.005 Farewell Party Ch.006 Daddy's Girl, Part 1 Ch.008 A Traumatic Coming-of-Age Ch.009 Living in a Men's World Ch.010 How He Showed Affection Ch.011 Your Side Ch.012 Considerate Hwanseok Ch.013 The Second Drawer Ch.014 Training the Older Brat Ch.015 My First Excursion Outside Ch.016 Just Trust Baba Ch.017 I Can Read It Ch.018 Daddy or Fiancé Ch.019 Treat Me Well Ch.020 Her Mix-Up Ch.021 Good News Ch.022 Receiving the Title Ch.023 A Gift for Scumbag Ch.024 A Painful Visit Ch.025 That Night Ch.026 Up All Night Ch.027 Reason For The Visit Ch.028 Flying Ch.029 Second Excursion Ch.030 Like Father Like Son Ch.031 I Want to Impress You Ch.032 Going to the Empire Ch.033 Meeting the Emperor Ch.034 What Do You Think of Sanghee? Ch.035 Observation Ch.036 Warm-Up Ch.037 Sanghee Kim and Jisoo Choi Ch.038 The Coming-of-Age Celebration Ch.039 Coming-of-Age Ceremony, Part 2 Ch.040 Wrath Ch.041 Tired of This Ch.042 Command Ch.043 Outing Ch.044 No Sleep Means Execution Ch.045 For The Lovely You Ch.046 Hwanseok Kim's Wedding Ch.047 One's Choice Ch.048 One's Own Choice Ch.049 Starting School Ch.050 A Tough Journey, As Expected Ch.050.5 Recap (Season 2) Ch.051 Starting from the Bottom Ch.052 I Can Do It! Ch.053 Prince William Ch.054 Confirming Feelings Ch.055 The Next Best Thing Ch.056 Something Feels Off Ch.057 It's Not A Monster Ch.058 Bye Prince William Ch.059 Swearing Elegantly Ch.060 Nice People Ch.061 Taking Responsibility Ch.062 Keeping An Eye Out Ch.063 Apologies Ch.064 The Promise Ch.065 Declaration Of War Ch.066 Ultimatum Ch.067 Misunderstanding Ch.068 Picnic Ch.069 Revelations and Declaration Ch.070 Newfound Feelings Ch.071 The Letter From The Children Ch.072 The Bet Ch.073 Time To Reveal My Abilities Ch.074 You... What? Ch.075 I Want To Tell You Something Ch.076 First Place Ch.077 You're Mine Ch.078 I Remember Ch.079 The Smell of Blood Ch.080 The Emperor's Trap Ch.081 A Close Call Ch.082 The Secret Code of Falling In Love Ch.083 Group Project Ch.084 Letter to a Daughter Ch.085 Get Rid of Her Ch.086 Decoding Cheater Ch.087 Her Own Special Method Ch.088 The Treasured Princess' Defense Ch.089 She's Amazing Ch.090 Playing Dead Ch.091 The First Battalion Ch.092 Something's Wrong Ch.093 Unknown Force Ch.094 Revenge Ch.095 Punishment Ch.096 Sudden Invasion Ch.097 Invincible Ch.098 Some Progress Ch.099 Finding Love Ch.100 Good News Ch.101 Road Trip to Koryo Ch.102 Savior of the Innocent Ch.103 A Meal to Dine For tapas Miss Mystery Ch.104 104 Ch.105 105 Ch.106 106 Ch.104 Starry Night
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