The Mythical Realm

Ch.094 Demon Dragon

Ch.000 Prologue Ch.001 Into Harm’s Way Ch.002 Skirmish Ch.003 Black and White Light Ch.004 Revenge Ch.005 Ch.006 Touching Liu Dao Lie Ch.007 Spilling Blood Ch.008 Ch.009 Ch.010 Ch.011 Injustice Ch.012 Encountering the First Lady Ch.013 The Second Genius Ch.014 Unable to Move Ch.015 The Ley Line test Ch.016 Genius vs Genius Ch.017 Seeing the Hall Ch.018 Golden Elixir Ch.019 Cliff of Iron Spikes Ch.020 Jun Ruo Lan's Ability Ch.021 Deadly Shockwave Ch.022 A Royal's Idea Ch.023 Raking in the Big Bucks Ch.024 Outer Disciples Ch.025 Spirit water Ch.026 Rhythmical breathing stage Ch.027 Rich Reward Ch.028 Poisoned Ch.029 The next round Ch.030 A Definite Strong Enemy Ch.031 Poisoned Ch.032 Mercy Under the Sword Ch.033 Admit Defeat Ch.034 Final Match Ch.035 Spirit Weapon Battle Ch.036 Absorption Ch.037 Championship Ch.038 The Cabinet of Manuals Ch.039 Thunder Cloud and Lightning Sword Ch.040 Small Star Suction Tactic Ch.041 Mastering the Technique Ch.042 First Person in a Thousand Years Ch.043 Teleportation Sigil Ch.044 Fog Ch.045 Alliance of the Sects Ch.046 Rushing the first blazing formation Ch.047 Formation Center Ch.048 We Meet Again, Missy Ch.049 Breaching the Black Fog Ch.050 With bad intention Ch.051 Encountering Qi Perception Stage Ch.052 Crystal Tree Ch.053 Getting Their Own Treasures Ch.054 The Obstruction of a Stone Gate Ch.055 Meeting With Blades Ch.056 Entering battlefield Ch.057 Ring of flames Ch.058 The God and The Devil Ch.059 The lost treasure Ch.060 Inner Battle Ch.061 Hidden technique Ch.062 Runaway Ch.063 The reflective door Ch.064 Deva Realm Ch.065 Against the way of Dao Ch.066 Bait Ch.067 Counterattack Ch.068 The secret of the Tomb Ch.069 Against the Descendant Ch.070 Black Lotus Ch.071 Blackmail Ch.072 Gathering of the Enemies Ch.073 The Collapsed Tomb Ch.074 The Uncovered Crimes Ch.075 The Spirit Vulture Mountain Ridge Ch.076 Bare fisted wind attack Ch.077 The Defense Ch.078 Never Let Go Ch.079 Accepting Disciples Ch.080 Free Su Ling Ch.081 The Encounter Ch.082 Patriarch Ch.083 Mist Beast Ch.084 Fire and Ice Ch.085 Other Plans Ch.086 Inner Organizations Ch.087 Gentleman's Sword Ch.088 Cone of Cold Ch.089 Punishment Ch.090 Mist Ch.091 A Natural Sword Ch.092 The Market Place Ch.093 Meet your enemy again Ch.094 Demon Dragon Ch.095 Mythical Bull Ch.096 Breaking the Qi Barrier Ch.097 Elders of Black and White Ch.098 Soldier On Loan Ch.099 Su Yin Xue, We meet again Ch.100 Fists of Destruction Ch.101 Revisiting Powerful Foes Ch.102 Three Strikes Ch.103 Sword of Ice and Light Ch.104 Ice and light against the sword of gods Ch.105 Ch.106 Ghoul Sec Ch.107 Feud Over Star Spirit Stones Ch.108 Jun Ruo Lan Ch.109 Rebellious Ch.110 Ch.111 Ch.112 Ch.113 Ch.114 Ch.115 Ch.116 Ch.117 Ch.118 Ch.119 Ch.120 Ch.121 Ch.122 The Chase Ch.123 The Stone Tablet Prophecy Ch.124 Ch.125 Su Hao's Strenght Ch.126 The War of the Four Factions Ch.127 A Helping Hand Ch.128 The Murder of Invisible Sword Ch.129 The Gold Core Formation Cultivator's Great Sword Ch.130 The Following Offense Ch.131 The First Genius Ch.132 The Puppet Ch.133 Under Control Ch.134 Geniuses Join Forces Ch.135 Police Ch.136 An Unkind Visit Ch.137 Shen Mo Ch.138 Heavy Casualties Ch.139 Black Lotus and White Lotus Ch.140 Going all In Ch.141 Beginning of Season 2 Ch.141.2 Ch.142.1 Ch.142.2 Ch.143.1 Ch.143.2 Ch.144.1 Ch.144.2 Ch.145.1 Ch.145.2 Ch.146.1 Ch.146.2 Ch.147.1 Ch.147.2 Ch.148.1 Ch.148.2 Ch.149.1 Ch.149.2 Ch.150.1 Ch.150.2 Ch.151.1 Ch.151.2 Ch.152.1 Ch.152.2 Ch.153.1 Ch.153.2 Ch.154.1 Ch.154.2 Ch.155.1 Ch.155.2 Ch.156.1 Ch.156.2 Ch.157.1 Ch.157.2 Ch.158.1 Ch.158.2 Ch.159.1 Ch.159.2 Ch.160.1 Ch.160.2 Ch.161.1 Ch.161.2 Ch.162.1 Ch.162.2 Ch.163.1 Ch.163.2 Ch.164.1 Ch.164.2 Ch.165.1 Ch.165.2 Ch.166.1 Ch.166.2 Ch.167.1 Ch.167.2 Ch.168.1 Ch.168.2 Ch.169.1 Ch.169.2 Ch.170.1 Ch.170.2 Ch.171.1 Ch.171.2 Ch.172.1 Ch.172.2 Ch.173.1 Ch.173.2 Ch.174.1 Ch.174.2 Ch.175.1 Ch.175.2 Ch.176.1 Ch.176.2 Ch.177.1 Ch.177.2 Ch.178.1 Ch.178.2 Ch.179.1 Ch.179.2 Ch.180.1 Ch.180.2 Ch.181.1 Ch.181.2 Ch.182.1 Ch.182.2 Ch.183.1 Ch.183.2 Ch.184.1 Ch.184.2 Ch.185.1 Ch.185.2 Ch.186.1 Ch.186.2 Ch.187.1 Ch.187.2 Ch.188.1 Ch.188.2 Ch.189.1 Ch.189.2 Ch.190.1 Ch.190.2 Ch.191.1 Ch.191.2 Ch.192.1 Ch.192.2 Ch.193.1 Ch.193.2 Ch.194.1 Ch.194.2 Ch.195.1 Ch.195.2 Ch.196.1 Ch.196.2
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