Tales of the Abyss 4koma Kings

Ch.096 v4 As a Person

Ch.001 Inside the Pocket (1) Ch.002 Inside the Pocket (2) Ch.003 v3 Something Like This? Ch.004 v3 Area Exclusive Ch.005 v3 A "Big" Love for Mil Ch.006 v3 A Fearsome Doll Ch.007 v4 Drawn-out War Ch.008 v4 Substitute Ch.009 v4 The Last One Ch.010 v4 Twin Twin Ch.011 v4 Self-introduction Ch.012 v4 Do the Same Ch.013 v4 Blind Ch.014 v4 Make-believe Family Ch.015 v4 Around 40 Ch.016 v4 Peony and Pork Ch.017 v4 Peony and Anise Ch.018 v4 Rendezvous Ch.019 v4 Anti-straying Measures Ch.020 v4 Endure Ch.021 v4 Revenge Ch.022 v4 Yes, That's Great, Please Ch.023 v4 Transform Ch.024 v4 Friend's Cheap Delivery Ch.025 v4 Trap Underfoot Ch.026 v4 Two in One Go Ch.027 v4 At Sheridan Ch.028 v4 Real Motive? Ch.029 v4 Around That Age Ch.030 v4 A Man's Cooking 1 Ch.031 v4 A Man's Cooking 2 Ch.032 v4 Losing to a Cheagle Ch.033 v4 ▼ Ch.034 v4 ▼ ▼ Ch.035 v4 Can't Breathe Ch.036 v4 Mutual Understanding? Ch.037 v4 Because He's a Necromanc Ch.038 v4 Natalia Radar Ch.039 v4 Curse Slot ~Malkuth's Hospitality~ Ch.040 v4 Curse Slot ~Guy's Also Just A Human, After All~ Ch.041 v4 100% Humidity Ch.042 v4 7-2=5 Ch.043 v4 A Certain Room in Duke Fabre's Household Ch.044 v4 An Ordinary Day in Duke Fabre's Household Ch.045 v4 Blushy Kid Ch.046 v4 His Ignorance of the World Ch.047 v4 Capacity Core Applications Ch.048 v4 Disciplining a Seven-year-old kid Ch.049 v4 Elasticity Ch.050 v4 Major Legretta's Assertion Ch.051 v4 A Gentleman's Manners Ch.052 v4 Underneath the Zao Ruins Ch.053 v4 The Difference Between the Two Ch.054 v4 The Effects of War Ch.055 v4 Children in a Snowy Country Ch.056 v4 Take This Part, for Example Ch.057 v4 After So- And So- Ch.058 v4 Let's Try to Imagine That Ch.059 v4 Guy and His True Nature 1 Ch.060 v4 Fellow Mother Hen Ch.061 v4 Guy and His True Nature 2 Ch.062 v4 A Green Blessing Ch.063 v4 Papa from Today Onward Ch.064 v4 What Papa is Doing Starting Today Ch.065 v4 Completely Unsurprising Ch.066 v4 Channel That's Always On Ch.067 v4 Weather Ch.068 v4 And Your Name is... Ch.069 v4 A Genius's Pocket Ch.070 v4 Long-distance Flight Ch.071 v4 Grazed Ch.072 v4 Shaping Feelings Ch.073 v4 Keeping Warm Ch.074 v4 Amazing Names Ch.075 v4 Always Together Ch.076 v4 I Won't Lose Ch.077 v4 Cleaning Up Ch.078 v4 Who the Hell are You? Ch.079 v4 One-hit KO Ch.080 v4 Full Power Ch.081 v4 Prim And Proper Maid Ch.082 v4 A Realisation Ch.083 v4 The Dorian General's Efforts Are Worthy of Praise Ch.084 v4 Equality is Established by the Sacrifice of Other Things Ch.085 v4 Danger Do not Mix Ch.086 v3 Growth Record Ch.087 v3 Imitation Ch.088 v3 Ignoring Gravity Ch.089 v4 Nervousness Ch.090 v4 How a Princess Should Be Ch.091 v4 Secret Ch.092 v3 The Emperor's Indulgence Ch.093 v1 Old Ch.094 v1 Eyebrows Ch.095 v4 The Colonel's Type is...? Ch.096 v4 As a Person
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