Sousei no Onmyouji

Vol.11 Ch.040 Three Monts Pass

Vol.01 Ch.001 Rokuro and Benio Vol.01 Ch.002 Twin Star Crossing Vol.01 Ch.003 The Sound of Magano Vol.01 Ch.003.5 Bangaihen Vol.02 Ch.004 Who doth ye be Vol.02 Ch.005 Your Courage, My Courage Vol.02 Ch.006 Rokuro's Feelings Vol.02 Ch.007 Intersecting Tragedies Vol.03 Ch.008 Glimpse of Evil Vol.03 Ch.009 As an exorcist Vol.03 Ch.010 Evil Vol.03 Ch.011 Like a Newborn Star Vol.04 Ch.012 A Couple' First Battle Vol.04 Ch.013 Twin Star Sublimation + Bangaihen Vol.04 Ch.014 My Fangs? Vol.05 Ch.015 Stellar Instrumentalist Vol.05 Ch.016 EAST! Vol.05 Ch.017 Two Paths, Each Their Own Vol.05 Ch.018 Continuation Of The Dream Vol.06 Ch.019 Vigorous Movements Of The Stars Vol.06 Ch.020 Supreme ruler of the empty sky + specials Vol.06 Ch.021 Perfect Linker Vol.07 Ch.022 Spell Vol.07 Ch.023 A world without Exorcism Vol.07 Ch.024 A History of Defeat Vol.07 Ch.025 Turn Over Vol.08 Ch.026 Those who do not seek it Vol.08 Ch.027 Mayura’s Fight Vol.08 Ch.028 A Black Birth Cry Vol.08 Ch.029 The Sewer Rat's Dream Vol.09 Ch.029.5 Special Arc Twin Star Regression Vol.09 Ch.030 Magano's Encroachment Vol.09 Ch.031 What I Fear Vol.09 Ch.032 The Tomorrow the Two Walk Towards... Vol.09 Ch.033 Twin Star Divergence Vol.10 Ch.034 The Island Where Stars Gather Vol.10 Ch.035 Frontline Vol.10 Ch.036 Place of Beginning. A Distant Past. Vol.10 Ch.037 The Little Adashino Giant Vol.10 Ch.038 An Unsightly Desire Vol.10 Ch.039 Heir of Tsuchimikado Vol.10 Ch.039.5 Awaken Mayura’s Dormant Fangs Vol.11 Ch.040 Three Monts Pass Vol.11 Ch.041 A Woman’s Battle, Part 1 Vol.11 Ch.042 A Woman's Battle, Part 2 Vol.11 Ch.043 Ideals, Dreams, and Aspirations Vol.11 Ch.044 Raging Inferno at Hadarae Castle!! Vol.11 Ch.045 Welcome Back, Dr. Kan-chan Vol.11 Ch.046 The Strength to Move Forward Vol.11 Ch.047 My Name is not Birdmaru Vol.11 Ch.048 Vol.11 Ch.049 Vol.11 Ch.050 Vol.11 Ch.051 Vol.11 Ch.052 Vol.11 Ch.053 Vol.11 Ch.054 Vol.15 Ch.012.5 Vol.15 Ch.013.5 Vol.15 Ch.049.1 Vol.15 Ch.055 The Lid to Hell Vol.15 Ch.056 Despair Comes with a Smile Vol.15 Ch.057 Vol.15 Ch.058 Vol.15 Ch.059 One More Promise Vol.15 Ch.060 Vol.15 Ch.061 Vol.15 Ch.062 Vol.15 Ch.063 Vol.15 Ch.064 Vol.15 Ch.065 Vol.15 Ch.066 Vol.15 Ch.067 Vol.15 Ch.068 Vol.15 Ch.069 Vol.15 Ch.070 Vol.15 Ch.071 Vol.15 Ch.072 Vol.15 Ch.073 Vol.15 Ch.074 Vol.15 Ch.075 Vol.15 Ch.076 Vol.15 Ch.076.5 Vol.15 Ch.077 Vol.15 Ch.078 Vol.15 Ch.079 Vol.15 Ch.080 Vol.15 Ch.081 Vol.15 Ch.082 Vol.15 Ch.083 Vol.15 Ch.085 Vol.15 Ch.086
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