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Vol.07 Ch.055 And Then, the One Minatsu Chose Is...! [End]

Vol.01 Ch.001 Since the First Time I Saw You Vol.01 Ch.002 Three Pals? Vol.01 Ch.003 I'm Not Kidding! Vol.01 Ch.004 Huh? Vol.01 Ch.005 Kadomatsu Talks in His Sleep Vol.01 Ch.006 I Was Totally Wrong Vol.01 Ch.007 I Like Her Vol.01 Ch.007.5 Season Vol.02 Ch.008 A Lunch the Day Before Pay Vol.02 Ch.009 Minatsu versus Ayoko Vol.02 Ch.010 A Nice Sunday Vol.02 Ch.011 The Coach's Bet Vol.02 Ch.012 Ayako Isn't Here? Vol.02 Ch.013 Sign the Contract -Part 1- Vol.02 Ch.014 Sign the Contract -Part 2- Vol.02 Ch.015 The Fight!! Vol.03 Ch.016 Oh! Maria Sudou Steps in the Light Vol.03 Ch.017 You Like Scary Movies?! -Part 1- Vol.03 Ch.018 You Like Scary Movies?! -Part 2- Vol.03 Ch.019 Shuu + Minatsu + Naoto + Maria = 3 Persons... Isn't It? Vol.03 Ch.020 A Wierd Four-sided Relation Vol.03 Ch.021 The Gift Scheme Vol.03 Ch.022 Maria's Heart Vol.03 Ch.023 Minatsu Is in Danger Vol.04 Ch.024 The Two Old Women (Part 1) Vol.04 Ch.025 The Two Old Women (Part 2) Vol.04 Ch.026 If They Can See It from the Women's Bath, Then... Vol.04 Ch.027 Naoto's Thoughts Vol.04 Ch.028 Marriage Proposal Vol.04 Ch.029 Minatsu's Secret Vol.04 Ch.030 Naoto's Doubts Vol.04 Ch.031 They Look A Lot Alike! Vol.05 Ch.032 Minatsu is in a Pinch! Vol.05 Ch.033 Aah, What a Bother! Vol.05 Ch.034 An Easy Game to Win...?? Vol.05 Ch.035 The Summer Story of Six (!?) Men and Women -Part 1- Vol.05 Ch.036 The Summer Story of Six (!?) Men and Women -Part 2- Vol.05 Ch.037 The Summer Story of Six (!) Men and Women -Part 3- Vol.05 Ch.038 Chika's Few Words Vol.05 Ch.039 The Fires of Passion Vol.06 Ch.040 A Storm Of Love Vol.06 Ch.041 Showdown! Naoto vs Shuh Vol.06 Ch.042 The Melancoly Of Chika Vol.06 Ch.043 What Is The Rival Families Picnic? Vol.06 Ch.044 Californian Typhoon Has Arrived Vol.06 Ch.045 Sudou Maria, Again Vol.06 Ch.046 Showdown! Maria VS Reiko Vol.06 Ch.047 Showdown! Minatsu VS Reiko Vol.07 Ch.048 A Powerful Enemy For Yamazakura Appears Vol.07 Ch.049 Somei's Weakness Vol.07 Ch.050 The Gynophobia Drastic Remedy Vol.07 Ch.051 Youuu Paaass! Vol.07 Ch.052 An Uninvited Guest on New Year's Eve Vol.07 Ch.053 Yamazakura's Goal Is...? Vol.07 Ch.054 A Thoroughly Body Attack Vol.07 Ch.055 And Then, the One Minatsu Chose Is...! [End]
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