Shoujo Shounen

Vol.07 Ch.013 The Conclusion

Vol.01 Ch.001 Spring Fairy Vol.01 Ch.002 Angel's Premonition Vol.01 Ch.003 Fairy Vs Angel Vol.01 Ch.004 Demon's Signal Vol.01 Ch.005 Mischievous Angels Vol.01 Ch.006 Vol.01 Ch.007 Vol.01 Ch.008 Vol.01 Ch.009 Vol.01 Ch.010 Vol.01 Ch.011 Vol.01 Ch.012 Vol.01 Ch.012.5 Vol.02 Ch.001 The Decision of Fate Vol.02 Ch.002 Bewilderment Vol.02 Ch.003 Options Vol.02 Ch.004 Obstacle Vol.02 Ch.005 Ups and Downs Vol.02 Ch.006 Feelings and Thoughts Vol.02 Ch.007 Lost Vol.02 Ch.008 Emotions Vol.02 Ch.009 Confession Vol.02 Ch.010 Agony Vol.02 Ch.011 The Captured Kids Vol.02 Ch.012 Bonds Vol.03 Ch.001 A Boy is Huggable Vol.03 Ch.002 Setting Off Vol.03 Ch.003 Far Far Away Vol.03 Ch.004 Under The Tokyo Sky Vol.03 Ch.005 Not Losing to the Rain Vol.03 Ch.006 Shaking Away Vol.03 Ch.007 Every… Vol.03 Ch.008 Indifferent Feelings Vol.03 Ch.009 Lonely Feelings Vol.03 Ch.010 Looking for an Answer Vol.03 Ch.011 I’m Going to Meet You Vol.03 Ch.012 Every Time Vol.03 Ch.013 To be Myself Vol.04 Ch.001 Scout Vol.04 Ch.002 Audition Vol.04 Ch.003 Awakening of Love Vol.04 Ch.004 Unrequited Love Vol.04 Ch.005 Suffering Heart Vol.04 Ch.006 School Trip Vol.04 Ch.007 Memories Vol.04 Ch.008 The Four-Angled Triangle Vol.04 Ch.009 The Tangled Thread Vol.04 Ch.010 Complications Vol.04 Ch.011 Love > Friendship? Vol.04 Ch.012 The Three of Us Vol.05 Ch.001 Invitation ~Secret Plan~ Vol.05 Ch.002 Revenge ~Unit Debut!~ Vol.05 Ch.003 Blind ~Minoru and Yutaka~ Vol.05 Ch.004 ma-da ~Secrets~ Vol.05 Ch.005 Growing Up ~Venture at the Beach~ Vol.05 Ch.006 GUAM ~The Two at the Southern Island~ Vol.05 Ch.007 complex ~Akane and Shinobu~ Vol.05 Ch.008 I Need You ~Right Next to You~ Vol.05 Ch.009 runaway ~Rain, then Him~ Vol.05 Ch.010 Home Sweet Home ~Be more Honest~ Vol.05 Ch.011 Such a Lovely Place ~Coming Back to Hold Your Hand~ Vol.05 Ch.012 Ever After Vol.06 Ch.001 The Beginning is Happening! Vol.06 Ch.002 A Hidden Talent? Vol.06 Ch.003 Real vs. Fake Vol.06 Ch.004 Doki Doki! Fan Conference Vol.06 Ch.005 A Date with Asama-kun! A Big Plan?! Vol.06 Ch.006 The Delicate Feelings of a Boy Vol.06 Ch.007 Nasuno Interview Vol.06 Ch.008 Hikaru, Greatest Pinch! Vol.06 Ch.009 A Dangerous Kiss Vol.06 Ch.010 Could It Be…!? Vol.06 Ch.011 The Autumn Sky, Heart Break Vol.06 Ch.012 Nozomi’s Determination Vol.06 Ch.013 You Taught That to Me Vol.07 Ch.001 Princess Voice Vol.07 Ch.002 Say You! Vol.07 Ch.003 After Recording Vol.07 Ch.004 Chance! Vol.07 Ch.005 A Voice Actress News Conference Vol.07 Ch.006 The Place You Belong Vol.07 Ch.007 On Air! Vol.07 Ch.008 A Nonexistent Clear Sky Vol.07 Ch.009 Telecommunication ~Mismatched~ Vol.07 Ch.010 The Unspoken Word Vol.07 Ch.011 Waiting for Your Voice Vol.07 Ch.012 To Reach You Vol.07 Ch.013 The Conclusion
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