Shiritsu Kiwamemichi Koukou

Vol.02 Ch.041 Enraged

Vol.01 Ch.000 Pilot Vol.01 Ch.001 The Cherry Blossom and Two Bones Vol.01 Ch.002 One-Day Enrollment!! Vol.01 Ch.003 The Cherry Blossom Blizzard and the Student Council Vol.01 Ch.004 Spirit of the Rising Sun!! Vol.01 Ch.005 The Lord of Sunflower Dorms Vol.01 Ch.006 Come on Out, Monster!! Vol.01 Ch.007 Demonstration Vol.01 Ch.008 The Man Who Summons Storms Vol.01 Ch.009 The Rebellious Duo Vol.01 Ch.010 Fight Training!! Vol.01 Ch.011 The Raid!! Vol.01 Ch.012 The President is Released!! Vol.01 Ch.013 Ahh, the Feat Before the Excitement!! Vol.01 Ch.014 The Gold Badge of Tears!! Vol.01 Ch.015 An Audacious Provocation!! Vol.01 Ch.016 Your Head Is Mine!! Vol.01 Ch.017 The Steel Giant!! Vol.01 Ch.018 The Human Barbecue Vol.01 Ch.019 The President's Madness!! Vol.02 Ch.020 The Yakuza Radical!! Vol.02 Ch.021 The Admired Ultimate Path!! Vol.02 Ch.022 A Real Man!! Vol.02 Ch.023 Ultimate Path-style Mock Entrance Exam Vol.02 Ch.024 The Yakuza is On the Move!! Vol.02 Ch.025 A Yakuza, Love, and Flowers!! Vol.02 Ch.026 The Sports Festival Program Vol.02 Ch.027 A Letter from Abashiri Vol.02 Ch.028 The Yakuza's Festival Vol.02 Ch.029 Mystery of the Thousand-Meter Assault!! Vol.02 Ch.030 Chrysanthemum Class' Hard Fight Vol.02 Ch.031 The Die-Hard Raid!! Vol.02 Ch.032 The Dynamite Cavalry Battle!! Vol.02 Ch.033 Battle of Guts!! Vol.02 Ch.034 Enter the Student Council President!? Vol.02 Ch.035 Test of Mental Power!! Vol.02 Ch.036 The Passion of the Mother Who Passed Through Ultimate Path's Gates!! Vol.02 Ch.037 Yakuza Mama Power!! Vol.02 Ch.038 The Fearsome Shopping Clan Vol.02 Ch.039 Memorial Hall of the Student Council Presidents Vol.02 Ch.040 The Red vs. White Thanksgiving Visit Vol.02 Ch.041 Enraged
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