Shinjuku Swan

Vol.01 Ch.001 Scout Debut

Vol.01 Ch.001 Scout Debut Vol.01 Ch.002 Hustle Time Vol.01 Ch.003 Host Vol.01 Ch.004 S-Rank Girl Vol.01 Ch.005 Fireworks Vol.01 Ch.006 Start of a Battle Vol.01 Ch.007 Responsibility Vol.01 Ch.008 Business Settled Vol.02 Ch.009 Without a Home Vol.02 Ch.010 Sake Cup Vol.02 Ch.011 New Lifestyle Vol.02 Ch.012 Hetu and Pratyay Vol.02 Ch.013 Scout Battle Start Vol.02 Ch.014 Battle Conclusion!? Vol.02 Ch.015 Vanished Memory Vol.02 Ch.016 Mayaya Vol.02 Ch.017 Body Soap Vol.02 Ch.018 Executive's Meeting Vol.02 Ch.019 Disclosure Vol.03 Ch.020 Drugs Vol.03 Ch.021 Operation Infiltrate Vol.03 Ch.022 Asuka and Ageha Vol.03 Ch.023 Photo Booth Vol.03 Ch.024 Host Club Vol.03 Ch.025 12 Days Vol.03 Ch.026 The True Ageha Vol.03 Ch.027 Confession Vol.03 Ch.028 Briefcase Vol.03 Ch.029 Drug Dealer Vol.04 Ch.030 Rule Vol.04 Ch.031 Settled Vol.04 Ch.032 I remember Vol.04 Ch.033 Not Too Different Vol.04 Ch.034 The Real Hideyoshi Vol.04 Ch.035 Salvation Vol.04 Ch.036 Curtain Close Vol.04 Ch.037 First Day of Summer Vol.04 Ch.038 Team Tatsuhiko Vol.04 Ch.039 Prospect Training Vol.05 Ch.040 Suits Vol.05 Ch.041 Meeting By Chance Vol.05 Ch.042 Fate Vol.05 Ch.043 Mako's Negotiations Vol.05 Ch.044 AV Promotion Vol.05 Ch.045 Araboshi Planning Vol.05 Ch.046 Club Vol.05 Ch.047 My Way Vol.05 Ch.048 Kaede and Aoi Vol.05 Ch.049 Still More To Go Vol.05 Ch.050 Bodyguard Vol.06 Ch.051 A No Good Scout Vol.06 Ch.052 Kaede's Scenario Vol.06 Ch.053 Why Vol.06 Ch.054 Takeshi and Hayama Vol.06 Ch.055 Burst's Answer Vol.06 Ch.056 Chisato Morinaga! Vol.06 Ch.057 Adult Fight Vol.06 Ch.058 Ketsumochi Vol.06 Ch.059 Tsuchiya and Amano Vol.06 Ch.060 Starting Job Vol.07 Ch.061 Rain Vol.07 Ch.062 Everyone's Like That Vol.07 Ch.063 Rainy Season Vol.07 Ch.064 Morinaga's Reason Vol.07 Ch.065 This Place Vol.07 Ch.066 Our Business Vol.07 Ch.067 Kousei Ara Vol.07 Ch.068 I Don't See Anything Vol.07 Ch.069 The Despair Of The Two Vol.07 Ch.070 That's Correct Vol.07 Ch.071 Just A Scout Vol.08 Ch.072 Infiltration Vol.08 Ch.073 Escape Vol.08 Ch.074 Sisters Vol.08 Ch.075 Order Vol.08 Ch.076 Daybreak Vol.08 Ch.077 Reason Vol.08 Ch.078 Life Or Death Vol.08 Ch.079 Achievements Vol.08 Ch.080 Summer! Sea!! Vol.08 Ch.081 Festival Vol.09 Ch.082 Turning Point Vol.09 Ch.083 Search Vol.09 Ch.084 Seeing Off Vol.09 Ch.085 Promise Vol.09 Ch.086 First Day Vol.09 Ch.087 Easy Money Vol.09 Ch.088 Pipe Dream Vol.09 Ch.089 Promotion Vol.09 Ch.090 Explosive Interest Vol.09 Ch.091 Hourly Wage Guarantee Vol.09 Ch.092 Faithful Dog Vol.10 Ch.093 Trouble Vol.10 Ch.094 Backstabber Vol.10 Ch.095 Credibility Vol.10 Ch.096 Despair Vol.10 Ch.097 Consultation Vol.10 Ch.098 Stock-In-Trade Vol.10 Ch.099 Bonds Vol.10 Ch.100 Right and Wrong Vol.10 Ch.101 Meeting Again Vol.10 Ch.102 Determination Vol.10 Ch.103 Apology Vol.11 Ch.104 Graveyard Vol.11 Ch.105 Winners Vol.11 Ch.106 Shitty Kid Vol.11 Ch.107 Debtor Vol.11 Ch.108 Regrets Vol.11 Ch.109 The Evil Ones Are Vol.11 Ch.110 Pride Vol.11 Ch.111 Emotionless Vol.11 Ch.112 Disaster Vol.11 Ch.113 A Person's Feelings Vol.12 Ch.114 Reason Vol.12 Ch.115 Circumstances Vol.12 Ch.116 Friend Vol.12 Ch.117 Last Face Vol.12 Ch.118 Inevitable Vol.12 Ch.119 Reunion Vol.12 Ch.120 Middle Management Vol.12 Ch.121 Position Vol.12 Ch.122 An Advisor's Job Vol.12 Ch.123 A New Contract Vol.12 Ch.124 Vol.12 Ch.129 Vol.12 Ch.134 Ch.125 How far can you go? Ch.126 Just like the Boss Ch.127 Fireworks Ch.130 Private Scout Ch.131 The Worst Reunion Ch.132 Cockroach Ch.133 First Move Ch.134 Marked Ch.135 Victims Ch.136 Request Ch.137 Leadership Vol.14 Ch.138 Breaking the Deadlock Vol.14 Ch.139 Promise Vol.14 Ch.140 Vol.14 Ch.141 Sinking Ship Vol.14 Ch.142 Vol.14 Ch.143 Triangle Vol.14 Ch.144 Vol.14 Ch.145 Vol.15 Ch.146 Toraikai Family Vol.15 Ch.147 Calculated Victory Vol.15 Ch.148 Wind and Waves Vol.15 Ch.149 Annoyance Vol.15 Ch.150 1997 [First Half] Vol.15 Ch.151 1997 [Second Half] Vol.15 Ch.152 Unjust Vol.15 Ch.153 For Love Vol.15 Ch.154 Vol.15 Ch.155 Vol.16 Ch.128 Vol.16 Ch.156 Liberation Vol.16 Ch.157 Counterattack Vol.16 Ch.158 Utter Defeat Vol.16 Ch.159 Tremor Vol.16 Ch.160 Promise Vol.16 Ch.161 One-on-One Vol.16 Ch.162 Disposition Vol.16 Ch.163 Fetters Vol.16 Ch.164 Vol.16 Ch.165 Vol.17 Ch.165.5 Vol.17 Ch.166 Vol.17 Ch.167 Vol.17 Ch.168 Vol.17 Ch.169 Vol.17 Ch.170 Vol.17 Ch.171 Vol.17 Ch.172 Vol.17 Ch.173 Vol.18 Ch.174 Vol.18 Ch.175 Vol.18 Ch.176 Vol.18 Ch.177 Vol.18 Ch.178 Vol.18 Ch.179 Vol.18 Ch.180 Vol.18 Ch.181
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