Rosario to Vampire Season II

Vol.14 Ch.067 After Story

Vol.01 Ch.001 Regrettable Season Vol.01 Ch.002 First Practice Class Vol.01 Ch.002.5 Extra Guide Book How to Play the Recorder Gently? Vol.01 Ch.003 The Clingy Girl Vol.01 Ch.004 Pride Vol.02 Ch.005 The Fake Vol.02 Ch.006 Doppleganger Vol.02 Ch.007 Growing Drops Vol.02 Ch.008 Children to Be Feared Vol.02 Ch.008.5 Vol.03 Ch.009 Dances with Werewolves Vol.03 Ch.010 Snow White Vol.03 Ch.011 The Snow Priestess Vol.03 Ch.012 Flower Offering Vol.03 Ch.012.5 Vol.04 Ch.013 Fairy Tail Vol.04 Ch.014 Something Important Vol.04 Ch.014.5 Gaiden Vol.04 Ch.015 Paradise Vol.04 Ch.016 The Inner Side's Face Vol.04 Ch.017 The Orchid Dream Vol.04 Ch.017.5 Vol.05 Ch.018 2nd Year Summer Camp Vol.05 Ch.019 Hope Vol.05 Ch.020 The Song of an Angel Vol.05 Ch.021 Follow Through with Your Feelings Vol.05 Ch.022 Surely Someday Vol.05 Ch.022.5 Vol.06 Ch.023 Mafia Boy Vol.06 Ch.024 A Peaceful Athletics Carnival Vol.06 Ch.025 Ishin Denshin Vol.06 Ch.026 Stay Awakened Vol.06 Ch.026.5 Vol.07 Ch.027 Reverse Vol.07 Ch.028 Sweet Home Vol.07 Ch.029 Fixing the Seal Vol.07 Ch.030 The Eldest Daughter of the Shuzen Family Vol.07 Ch.030.5 Vol.08 Ch.031 Shinso Vol.08 Ch.032 As Darkness Falls, Stars Are Born Vol.08 Ch.033 Treasure Vol.08 Ch.034 The Secret Behind the Seal Vol.08 Ch.035 Confession Vol.08 Ch.035.5 Vol.09 Ch.036 Those Who Will Be Hurt Vol.09 Ch.037 Fated Encounter Vol.09 Ch.037.5 Extra Chapter Vol.09 Ch.038 Alliance Pact Vol.09 Ch.039 Their Respective Scenery (1) Vol.09 Ch.039.5 Extra Chapter Ghosts + Vampire Vol.09 Ch.040 Their Respective Scenery (2) Vol.09 Ch.041 Pledge Vol.09 Ch.041.5 Vol.10 Ch.042 Floating Garden Vol.10 Ch.043 Proclamation of War Vol.10 Ch.044 The Executive Vol.10 Ch.045 M-agi akihisa ikeda Vol.10 Ch.046 I Hope to Tell You One Day Vol.10 Ch.047 Rear Guard Vol.10 Ch.047.5 Vol.11 Ch.048 Talent Vol.11 Ch.049 The One Pulling The Strings Vol.11 Ch.050 In the Darkness of Reunion Vol.11 Ch.051 Spellbound Vol.11 Ch.052 Transformation Vol.11 Ch.053 Fake Vol.11 Ch.053.5 Vol.12 Ch.054 Place he arrived at Vol.12 Ch.055 Versus Jigen-tou Vol.12 Ch.056 Sudden Twist Vol.12 Ch.057 Rock n' Roll Vol.12 Ch.058 Rock n' Roll 2 Vol.12 Ch.059 The Black Parade Vol.12 Ch.059.2 The Black Parade 2 Vol.12 Ch.059.5 Vol.13 Ch.060 Dark Side of the Moon Vol.13 Ch.061 Countdown Vol.13 Ch.062 Because I'm Not Alone Vol.13 Ch.063 Last Waltz Vol.13 Ch.064 Sorry Vol.13 Ch.065 Behind-the-Scenes Story Vol.13 Ch.065.2 End of the World Vol.13 Ch.065.5 Volume Extras Vol.14 Ch.066 Dawn of the Dark Vol.14 Ch.066.1 Dawn of the Dark #1 Vol.14 Ch.066.2 Dawn of the Dark #2 Vol.14 Ch.066.3 Dawn of the Dark #3 Vol.14 Ch.066.4 Dawn of the Dark #4 Vol.14 Ch.066.5 Dawn of the Dark #5 Vol.14 Ch.066.6 Dawn of the Dark #6 Vol.14 Ch.066.7 Extra Vol.14 Ch.067 After Story
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Rosario to Vampire Season II contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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