Rokudou no Onna-tachi

Vol.13 Ch.130 Clean Cut Iinuma

Vol.01 Ch.001 A Peaceful and Fun School Life. Vol.01 Ch.002 A Strange Meeting Vol.01 Ch.003 True Manliness Vol.01 Ch.004 Slip of the tongue Vol.01 Ch.005 He's Changed Vol.01 Ch.006 A Shocking Detour Vol.01 Ch.007 Cheerfully Again Tomorrow Vol.02 Ch.008 Time For You To Die Vol.02 Ch.009 What is First Love? Vol.02 Ch.010 Rokudou's Idea Vol.02 Ch.011 Banchou Osanada Vol.02 Ch.012 Selfish Vol.02 Ch.013 I Have Watched Them Vol.02 Ch.014 Happy Way Home Vol.02 Ch.015 Ranna-san's Likes Vol.02 Ch.016 Danger Bike Vol.02 Ch.016.5 The Day of the Banchou Vol.03 Ch.017 Dream of the White Horse Vol.03 Ch.018 Enchanted Vol.03 Ch.019 Azami - The Biker Princess Vol.03 Ch.020 The Third Bad Girl Vol.03 Ch.021 A Matter of Course Vol.03 Ch.022 Confronting the Biker Gang Vol.03 Ch.023 I Will Not Let Go Vol.03 Ch.024 Rokudou's Friends Vol.03 Ch.025 Faith Vol.03 Ch.025.5 Iinuma Haruya Way of the Motorbike Vol.04 Ch.026 The Reaper's Curse Vol.04 Ch.027 Rokudou's Magic Vol.04 Ch.028 The Symbol of Freedom Vol.04 Ch.029 Ranna and Osanada Vol.04 Ch.030 Hair tie Vol.04 Ch.031 The Onishima Threat Vol.04 Ch.032 The Trembling Douji Vol.04 Ch.033 A Bad Girl is Still a Girl Vol.04 Ch.034 The Girl with a closed Heart Vol.05 Ch.035 The Scariest Ally Vol.05 Ch.036 Don't freak out Vol.05 Ch.037 Planting Fear Vol.05 Ch.038 Festival Preparation Vol.05 Ch.039 Love Letter Vol.05 Ch.040 Team Ryuugu Vol.05 Ch.041 Proof of Friendship Vol.05 Ch.042 Friendship Between "Men" Vol.05 Ch.043 Peace Vol.06 Ch.044 Douji's Instigation Vol.06 Ch.045 The Cornered Rokudou Vol.06 Ch.046 The Key To Ranna Vol.06 Ch.047 Hidden World Vol.06 Ch.048 Festival's Morning Vol.06 Ch.049 Reverse Role Vol.06 Ch.050 The Last Hope Vol.06 Ch.051 The Ryuugu Leader Vol.06 Ch.052 For whose happiness Vol.06 Ch.052.5 Omake Vol.07 Ch.053 Path to the Rooftop Vol.07 Ch.054 A Stupidly Strong Man (v2) Vol.07 Ch.055 A Contest of Strength Vol.07 Ch.056 No.2 Akai Kouhei Vol.07 Ch.057 Helpless Sorrow Vol.07 Ch.058 Caring is Sharing Vol.07 Ch.059 The Guts To Move Forward Vol.07 Ch.060 Raino's Feelings Vol.07 Ch.061 The Sumire Triplets Vol.07 Ch.061.5 Omake Vol.08 Ch.062 A Fight Between Brother And Sister Vol.08 Ch.063 I See Love Vol.08 Ch.064 The Strongest Man Vol.08 Ch.065 Violence Incarnate Vol.08 Ch.066 A Time For Farewell Vol.08 Ch.067 What I Hate The Most Vol.08 Ch.068 Rokudou's Power Vol.08 Ch.069 Matsugamiya Douji Vol.08 Ch.070 Tiny Flicker Vol.08 Ch.070.5 Omake Vol.09 Ch.071 The Man I Fear Vol.09 Ch.072 Ranna's Choice Vol.09 Ch.073 Thank You Vol.09 Ch.074 First Time At The Arcade Vol.09 Ch.075 The Fastest Delivery Man Vol.09 Ch.076 Vol.09 Ch.077 Vol.09 Ch.078 Vol.09 Ch.079 Vol.09 Ch.080 Vol.09 Ch.081 Vol.09 Ch.082 Vol.09 Ch.083 Vol.09 Ch.084 Vol.09 Ch.085 Vol.09 Ch.086 Vol.09 Ch.087 Vol.09 Ch.088 Vol.09 Ch.089 Vol.09 Ch.090 Ch.102 When the Magic is gone Ch.107 Nestled Martial Art Vol.11 Ch.091 Jin's Bodyguard Vol.11 Ch.092 Menacing Jaw Vol.11 Ch.093 Vol.11 Ch.094 Lending And Borrowing Vol.11 Ch.095 Warmth Vol.11 Ch.096 Vol.11 Ch.097 Vol.11 Ch.098 Vol.11 Ch.099 The Shocking Plan Vol.11 Ch.100 Vol.11 Ch.101 Vol.11 Ch.102 Vol.11 Ch.103 Vol.11 Ch.104 Vol.11 Ch.105 Vol.11 Ch.106 Vol.11 Ch.107 Nestled Martial Arts Vol.11 Ch.108 Vol.11 Ch.109 Vol.11 Ch.110 Vol.11 Ch.111 Vol.11 Ch.112 Ling Lan's Teaching Vol.11 Ch.113 Piled Up Meanings Vol.11 Ch.114 Vol.11 Ch.115 The True Tateshima Vol.11 Ch.115.5 Vol 11 - 13 Omake Vol.11 Ch.116 Vol.11 Ch.117 Vol.11 Ch.118 Felonies Vol.11 Ch.119 Dynamic Battle Vol.11 Ch.120 Vol.11 Ch.121 Erimo's Situation Vol.11 Ch.122 Vol.11 Ch.123 Surpassing the Master Vol.11 Ch.124 Vol.11 Ch.125 Vol.13 Ch.126 Fellow Apprentices Vol.13 Ch.127 Loved For Who I Am Vol.13 Ch.128 Vol.13 Ch.129 Vol.13 Ch.130 Clean Cut Iinuma
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