Rise of The Demon King

Ch.052 Xiao Lang, come and die!

Ch.001 A Fair Fight? Ch.002 Bad Acting Ch.003 Xiao Lang the Lone Wolf Ch.004 Seduction Attempt Fail Ch.005 The New Instructor Ch.006 Divine Spirits Ch.007 If You Dare Touch My Family, I'll Raze Yours! Ch.008 Causing Trouble Ch.009 Fight Ch.010 Fighting Over Xiao Lang Ch.011 The Secret of The Xiao Clan Ch.013 Her Again?! Ch.014 Liu Ya’s Scream Ch.015 The Conspiracy Ch.016 The Fight Against Master Phoenix Ch.017 Fight To Live Ch.018 Kill Me? I'll Kill You First! Ch.019 Who Dares To Touch Her?! Ch.020 The Calm After The Storm Ch.021 Master Xiao Ch.022 The Competition Begins Ch.023 A Sneak Attack Ch.024 Surrounded by Snakes Ch.025 Who did this? Ch.026 Making an Xuan Weapon? Ch.027 The Truth! Ch.028 Entering The Deepest Parts of The Xu Mi Mountain Ch.029 The Bottomless Pit Ch.030 Let's Die Together Ch.031 The Rescue has Arrived Ch.032 Life of Death? Ch.033 Facing Death! Ch.034 Who can save Xiao Lang? Ch.035 Wrath of the Patriarch Ch.036 Bad News Ch.037 Those who harm Xiao Lang, shall all be killed! Ch.038 Come and find me in hell! Ch.039 If he's still alive, then we must kill him! Ch.040 This... Grass! Can play! Ch.041 Incapable of escaping? Ch.042 Fighting for survival Ch.043 When a woman is stubborn, ten thousand men can't stop her! Ch.044 My brother will never die! Ch.045 Your opponent, it's me! Ch.046 Bloody Demon Blade Ch.047 Kill! No! Exceptions! Ch.048 No one at the bottom, has Xiao Lang disappeared? Ch.049 Unexpected opponent Ch.050 Tentacle Play?! Ch.051 It's time to test your acting skills Ch.052 Xiao Lang, come and die!
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