Rakujitsu no Pathos

Vol.01 Ch.003 Why are they so big?

Vol.01 Ch.001 Why are the walls so thin? Vol.01 Ch.002 Sensei can moan like that? Vol.01 Ch.003 Why are they so big? Vol.01 Ch.004 Are you still interested? Vol.01 Ch.005 Were they really soft? Vol.01 Ch.006 Did sensei want to do it that badly? Vol.01 Ch.007 Why doesn't she realize it? Vol.01 Ch.008 Is this what they call between a rock and a hard place? Vol.02 Ch.009 Chapter 9 Vol.02 Ch.010 Chapter 10 Vol.02 Ch.011 Chapter 11 Vol.02 Ch.012 Chapter 12 Vol.02 Ch.013 Chapter 13 Vol.02 Ch.014 Chapter 14 Vol.02 Ch.015 Chapter 15 Vol.02 Ch.016 Chapter 16 Vol.03 Ch.017 Did you Tremble with Desire? Vol.03 Ch.018 Why Did it Go Right Between? Vol.03 Ch.019 Is Sensei So Full of Desire? Vol.03 Ch.020 Did We... Together? Vol.03 Ch.021 Why is her Top so Revealing? Vol.03 Ch.022 Is she Really Working in a Swimsuit? Vol.03 Ch.023 Why is he so Cute? Vol.04 Ch.024 She Loved Me All Along? Vol.04 Ch.025 What Was He Doing With That Woman? Vol.04 Ch.026 Why Is She Being So Mean? Vol.04 Ch.027 What Was The Look On His Face When...? Vol.04 Ch.028 I Know You're Listening... Vol.04 Ch.029 She Doesn't Mind Anymore? Vol.04 Ch.030 When Did She Get...? Vol.05 Ch.031 Why Are You Assaulting Me? Vol.05 Ch.032 Am I Turning Into A Grandpa? Vol.05 Ch.033 Is My Assistant Annoying? Vol.05 Ch.034 I Wonder If I'm Becoming a Granny? Vol.05 Ch.035 Are Breasts Soothing? Vol.05 Ch.036 Isn't it Indecent to go on a Hot Springs Trip Alone Together? Vol.05 Ch.037 Where Did You Learn Something Like That? Vol.05 Ch.038 Deruno? Ikuno? Docchinano? "Going out? Coming in? Which one?" Vol.05 Ch.039 Vol.06 Ch.040 Why Am I All Alone? Vol.06 Ch.041 Vol.06 Ch.042 Vol.06 Ch.043 Vol.06 Ch.044 Vol.06 Ch.045 Vol.06 Ch.046 Vol.06 Ch.047 Vol.06 Ch.048 Vol.06 Ch.049 Vol.06 Ch.050 Vol.06 Ch.051 Vol.06 Ch.052 Vol.06 Ch.053 Vol.06 Ch.054 Vol.06 Ch.055 Vol.06 Ch.056 Vol.06 Ch.057 Vol.06 Ch.058 Vol.06 Ch.059 Vol.06 Ch.060 Vol.06 Ch.061 Vol.06 Ch.062 Vol.06 Ch.063 Vol.06 Ch.064 Vol.06 Ch.065 Vol.06 Ch.066 Vol.06 Ch.067 Vol.06 Ch.068 Vol.06 Ch.069 Vol.06 Ch.070 Vol.06 Ch.071 Vol.06 Ch.072 Vol.06 Ch.073 Vol.06 Ch.074 Vol.06 Ch.075 Vol.06 Ch.076 Vol.06 Ch.077 Vol.06 Ch.078 Vol.06 Ch.079 Vol.06 Ch.080 Vol.06 Ch.081 Vol.06 Ch.082 Vol.06 Ch.083 Vol.06 Ch.084 Vol.06 Ch.085 Vol.06 Ch.086 Vol.06 Ch.087 Ch.088 Did you know that you can have sex without being penerated? Ch.089 Vol.13 Ch.090 I Told You I’m Not a Doughnut, Didn’t I? Vol.13 Ch.091 This is a Coven, Right? Vol.13 Ch.092 This Isn't An Adulterous Trip, Is It? Vol.13 Ch.093 Aki, How Many Pictures Are You Taking? Vol.14 Ch.094 Sensei Was Very Excited, Wasn’t She? Vol.14 Ch.095 Isn’t He a Bit Too Much for a Black Boy? Vol.14 Ch.096 Is This Really Adultery? Vol.14 Ch.097 Is It The Same Thing As "Up and Then Down?" Vol.14 Ch.098 Is She The One Instead of Me? Vol.14 Ch.099 Vol.14 Ch.100 Vol.15 Ch.101 Vol.15 Ch.102 Vol.15 Ch.103 Vol.15 Ch.104 Vol.15 Ch.105
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Rakujitsu no Pathos contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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