Otaku no Musume-san

Vol.10 Ch.063 Thank you for the Memories

Vol.01 Ch.001 Meeting Papa Vol.01 Ch.002 Kouta and Kanau, and the Memories of His Girlfriend Vol.01 Ch.003 Recognition GO! Vol.01 Ch.004 An Otaku Father Vol.01 Ch.005 First Night... Vol.01 Ch.006 The Residents at Higansou Vol.01 Ch.007 Kanau Goes to a New School Vol.01 Ch.008 Father's Job Vol.01 Ch.009 Clearasil Shinra Vol.01 Ch.010 Going Out with Father Vol.01 Ch.011 The Beginning of Reconciliation Vol.02 Ch.012 Higansou Panic Vol.02 Ch.013 Father and Parent-Teacher Meeting Vol.02 Ch.014 The Mature Highschool Girl in Akihabara Vol.02 Ch.015 Kouta's Failure Vol.02 Ch.016 Kanau's Dream Vol.02 Ch.017 To Papa Vol.02 Ch.018 The New Couple Vol.02 Ch.019 Imouto Has Come Vol.02 Ch.020 Otaku Jokes Collection Vol.03 Ch.021 When the Girls Change into Their Swimsuits Vol.03 Ch.022 Ex-Otaku Papa Fashion Guide Vol.03 Ch.023 Father and Daughter at Comiket! Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.024 Father and Daughter at Comiket! Part 2 Vol.04 Ch.025 Haruka's Story Vol.05 Ch.026 The Summer Festival, Part 1 Kanau's Date Must Be Stopped! Vol.05 Ch.027 The Summer Festival, Part 2 Kanau's OTHER First Date Vol.05 Ch.028 Lonely Night Vol.05 Ch.029 End of Summer Episodes, Essays, Whatever... Vol.05 Ch.030 Vs. Nicchi! Save Kanau! The Decisive Battle of Higansou! Vol.05 Ch.031 Higansou One-night and Two-day Hot Spring Tour Vol.05 Ch.032 Souichiro-san Stands Atop the Earth! Vol.06 Ch.033 Happy Ending Blues Vol.06 Ch.034 Longing for Higansou Vol.06 Ch.035 Shadowing Morisaki Kouta and the Landlady's Date Vol.06 Ch.036 Parent and Child Triangle Vol.06 Ch.037 The Rhythm of the Forest is Love Vol.07 Ch.038 When Asou Jotaro Was There Vol.07 Ch.039 What Asou Jotaro Left Behind Vol.07 Ch.040 The First Night Vol.07 Ch.041 The Rhapsody of Taeko's Puberty Vol.07 Ch.042 The Otaku Who Cried for Love At the Center of the World Vol.08 Ch.043 New World Vol.08 Ch.044 A Suit And Glasses Vol.08 Ch.045 During a Distant Time Vol.08 Ch.046 Santaday Night Seiya Vol.08 Ch.047 First Grandchild Feveron! Vol.08 Ch.048 Erika Jump!! (Part 1) Vol.08 Ch.049 Erika Jump!! (Part 2) Vol.08 Ch.050 Everyone Together at Comiket! The Opening Vol.08 Ch.051 Everyone Together Comiket! Harurun Portrait Of Hell Vol.08 Ch.052 Everyone Together at Comiket! Final Chapter Vol.09 Ch.053 New year's with the Nagato family Vol.09 Ch.053.1 Deep Love ~ New Year's Eve ~ Vol.09 Ch.054 Sparkling Father Vol.09 Ch.055 Kouta Feels Miserable On Valentine's Day, And When He Thinks Of His Daughter, He Starts Getting Nervous. Vol.09 Ch.056 Tsukamu Vol.09 Ch.057 Elegy of the Otakus Vol.10 Ch.058 Nozomi Attacks - Mother Attack - Vol.10 Ch.059 Happy End Vol.10 Ch.060 Haruka Gives it her best! Vol.10 Ch.061 The People of Higansou Vol.10 Ch.062 The Daughter of an Otaku Vol.10 Ch.063 Thank you for the Memories
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Otaku no Musume-san contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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