Ch.001 A Non-Human Being

Ch.001 A Non-Human Being Ch.002 Place to Live Ch.003 A Still Place Ch.004 An Appropriate Decision Ch.005 Battle Start Ch.006 The Moment of Willpower Ch.007 To Not Lose Ch.008 Restart Ch.009 The Road Home Ch.010 Separate Roads Ch.011 Anno Radix 0011 Workplace Ch.012 Someone to Stay Away From Ch.013 Thank you, Gonta Ch.014 1. Upgrade 2. Upgrade 3. Upgrade Ch.015 A Battle Caused by Money Ch.016 Military Robot Ch.017 Play dead Ch.018 I won't let you kill Ch.019 An Anti-robot offense Ch.020 Bubbles of Memories Ch.021 Ch.022 Ch.023 Ch.024 Ch.025 Ch.026 The Two Highest Beings of the World Ch.027 A Fight Between Brothers Ch.028 Assault Ch.029 Counterattack Ch.030 Panic Room Ch.031 Railgun vs Katana Ch.032 I Will Protect You Ch.033 The Birth of Will Ch.034 Something That Only I Have Ch.035 1 vs 9 Ch.036 Ninja Ch.037 Why Ch.038 Full Power Ch.039 Fear Ch.040 The Humans Ch.041 The Pride and Anger of Humans Ch.042 Anno Radix 0042 A Robot’s Dilemma Ch.043 Anno Radix 0043 Convergence Process Ch.044 Anno Radix 0044 Those Who Bet Their Lives Ch.045 Anno Radix 0045 Those Who Won't Give Up Ch.046 Anno Radix 0046 The Final Blow Ch.047 Anno Radix 0047 The Result of the Battle Ch.048 Goodbye Ch.049 Ch.050 Ch.051 Ch.052 The essential elements of survival Ch.053 Ch.054 Ch.055 Ch.056 Ch.057 Ch.058 Ch.059 Ch.060 Ch.061 Ch.062 Ch.063 Ch.064 Ch.065 To hometown. Ch.066 Ch.067 Ch.068 Ch.069 Ch.070 Ch.071 Ch.072 An anthropomorphic moment. Ch.073 Alone. Ch.074 Below the factory. Ch.075 Underground. Ch.076 Ch.077 Ch.078 Ch.079 Ch.080 Ch.081 Ch.082 Ch.083 Ch.084 Ch.085 Ch.086 Ch.087
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