Nation's Hunk Is Hooked on Me

Ch.025 Just a Teeny Bit Flattered

Ch.001 Barging Into The President's Office Ch.002 Wipe Again, and I'll Kiss You Ch.003 Come Over and See for Yourself Ch.004 Did I Walk Right Into a Trap? Ch.005 Watch That Filthy Mouth of Yours Ch.006 The Perpetrator Plays Victim Ch.007 Knees Wobbling With Fear Ch.008 It's Fine, I'll Walk Myself Out Ch.009 Please, Don't Miss! Ch.010 Goodbye to My Right Hand Ch.011 You Starving Me to Death, Woman? Ch.012 The President... Has No Wife! Ch.013 Ruirui is Scared of Thunder Ch.014 The Awkward Nosebleed Ch.015 Who Can Resist? Ch.016 I'll Pretend I Was Bitten by a Pig Ch.017 The President Cooks! Ch.018 W-Who the Hell Are You? Ch.020 Crashed Into a Car Ch.021 He's the Young Master! Ch.022 Take Me Hostage Too Ch.023 Unconscious Ch.024 The President Is About to Explode Ch.025 Just a Teeny Bit Flattered Ch.026 The President Is Holding the Fork and Knife Wrong Ch.027 Overly Possessive Ch.028 The Longs Are Loaded Ch.029 Plunged Into a Gigantic Pothole Ch.030 It Feels Like... I've Been Sold Ch.031 The Hot-Headed Rong Xiao Ch.032 President Long's Favorite Food Ch.033 The Brain Is Such a Useful Thing Ch.034 Finally, Saved From Embarrassment Ch.035 Sorry, I Couldn't Help Myself Ch.036 Don't Ever Speak of Her Again Ch.037 I Forgot to Undress Ch.038 Will You Give Yourself to Me? Ch.039 Sign the Agreement Ch.040 Unintentional Betrayal Ch.041 There's a Size for That? Ch.042 Rong Xiao Only Knows "Holding Hands" Ch.043 Who Are You to Me? Ch.044 Are You Better Looking Than Me? Ch.045 Master is Drunk Ch.046 Once Touched Considered Sold Ch.047 The Man Who Calls Her Mengmeng
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