Vol.72 Ch.700.6 Side Story - The Path Shone By The Full Moon's Light

Vol.01 Ch.000 Naruto Pilot Manga Vol.01 Ch.001 Uzumaki Naruto Vol.01 Ch.002 Konohamaru! Vol.01 Ch.003 Uchiha Sasuke Vol.01 Ch.004 Hatake Kakashi Vol.01 Ch.005 Carelessness Is Your Worst Enemy Vol.01 Ch.006 Not Sasuke-kun Vol.01 Ch.007 Kakashi's Conclusion Vol.02 Ch.008 That's Why You're Failures Vol.02 Ch.009 The Worst Possible Client Vol.02 Ch.010 Two Down Vol.02 Ch.011 Disembark Vol.02 Ch.012 It's Over Vol.02 Ch.013 I'm a Ninja Vol.02 Ch.014 Secret Plan Vol.02 Ch.015 Sharingan Ressurected Vol.02 Ch.016 "Who Are You?" Vol.02 Ch.017 Preparation for Battle Vol.03 Ch.018 Training Commence Vol.03 Ch.019 Symbol of Courage Vol.03 Ch.020 The Country that Had a Hero Vol.03 Ch.021 Encounter in the Forest Vol.03 Ch.022 A Rival Appears!! Vol.03 Ch.023 Two Surprise Attacks Vol.03 Ch.024 Speed Vol.03 Ch.025 For the Sake of Dreams Vol.03 Ch.026 Crumbling Sharingan Vol.03 Ch.027 Awaken!! Vol.04 Ch.028 Nine Tails!! Vol.04 Ch.029 An Important Person...!! Vol.04 Ch.030 Your Future Is...!! Vol.04 Ch.031 Their Own Battles...!! Vol.04 Ch.032 A Tool Called "Shinobi" Vol.04 Ch.033 The Bridge of Heroes!! Vol.04 Ch.034 Intruders!? Vol.04 Ch.035 A New Murderer Vol.04 Ch.036 Sakura's Depression!! Vol.05 Ch.037 The Worst Match-up...!! Vol.05 Ch.038 START...!! Vol.05 Ch.039 Challengers!! Vol.05 Ch.040 The First Test!! Vol.05 Ch.041 The Devil's Whisper...!? Vol.05 Ch.042 Each Person's Battle!! Vol.05 Ch.043 The Tenth Question...!! Vol.05 Ch.044 Tested Ability...!! Vol.05 Ch.045 The Second Test!! Vol.06 Ch.046 The Codeword Is...!! Vol.06 Ch.047 Predator!! Vol.06 Ch.048 The Purpose Is...!! Vol.06 Ch.049 Coward...!! Vol.06 Ch.050 I Must...!! Vol.06 Ch.051 The Beautiful Beast...!! Vol.06 Ch.052 Condition of Usage!! Vol.06 Ch.053 Sakura's Decision!! Vol.06 Ch.054 Sakura and Ino Vol.07 Ch.055 All-out War...!! Vol.07 Ch.056 Granted Power..!! Vol.07 Ch.057 10 Hours Earlier Vol.07 Ch.058 Witnesses...!! Vol.07 Ch.059 Tragedy of Sand!! Vol.07 Ch.060 Last Chance...!! Vol.07 Ch.061 The Path You Should Take...!! Vol.07 Ch.062 Trapped Rats...!! Vol.07 Ch.063 The Other Face Vol.08 Ch.064 Hokage's Message...!! Vol.08 Ch.065 Life Risking Battles!! Vol.08 Ch.066 Sakura's Request Vol.08 Ch.067 Opposing Ability!! Vol.08 Ch.068 The Uchiha Blood!! Vol.08 Ch.069 The Terrifying Visitor!! Vol.08 Ch.070 The One Who Will Die Is...!? Vol.08 Ch.071 A Wall Too High!! Vol.08 Ch.072 Rivalry...!! Vol.09 Ch.073 Announcement of Defeat...!? Vol.09 Ch.074 The 6th Match... and Then!! Vol.09 Ch.075 Naruto's Growth...!! Vol.09 Ch.076 Kiba's Comeback!! Naruto's Comeback!!?? Vol.09 Ch.077 Naruto's Trick!! Vol.09 Ch.078 Neji and Hinata Vol.09 Ch.079 The Hyuga Clan Vol.09 Ch.080 Surpass the Limit... Vol.09 Ch.081 Gaara vs. ... Vol.10 Ch.082 Lee's Secret!! Vol.10 Ch.083 Absolute Defence Crumbles!? Vol.10 Ch.084 The Genius of Hard Work...!! Vol.10 Ch.085 Now...!! Vol.10 Ch.086 A Great Ninja...!! Vol.10 Ch.087 Prelims Conclude...!! Vol.10 Ch.088 Where's Sasuke...!? Vol.10 Ch.089 Naruto's Request...!! Vol.10 Ch.090 What About the Training?! Vol.11 Ch.091 Disciple Application!? Vol.11 Ch.092 Leaf and Sound and Sand and...!!! Vol.11 Ch.093 Each's Passion!! Vol.11 Ch.094 Key...!! Vol.11 Ch.095 The Meeting...!! Vol.11 Ch.096 The Sudden Intruder!! Vol.11 Ch.097 Reason to Exist Vol.11 Ch.098 A Proud Failure!! Vol.11 Ch.099 Main Event, Commences!! Vol.12 Ch.100 Prepared to Die...!! Vol.12 Ch.101 The Other...!! Vol.12 Ch.102 The Bird in the Cage...!! Vol.12 Ch.103 Loser!! Vol.12 Ch.104 The Power to Change Vol.12 Ch.105 The Great Flight!!! Vol.12 Ch.106 Sasuke Forfeits? Vol.12 Ch.107 The Boy with No Fighting Spirit!! Vol.12 Ch.108 Premonition of Victory? Vol.13 Ch.109 Leaf, Dance! Vol.13 Ch.110 Finally!! Vol.13 Ch.111 Sasuke vs. Gaara Vol.13 Ch.112 Sasuke's Taijutsu Vol.13 Ch.113 Reason for the Lateness Vol.13 Ch.114 ATTACK! Vol.13 Ch.115 Chuunin Exam, Conclusion! Vol.13 Ch.116 The Crumbling Leaf... Vol.13 Ch.117 The Assigned Mission Vol.14 Ch.118 Orochimaru's Summoning... Vol.14 Ch.119 The Life I Wanted...!! Vol.14 Ch.120 Konoha Kuzushi Vol.14 Ch.121 Leaf History... Vol.14 Ch.122 Uke Tsugarete Yuku Ishi!! Vol.14 Ch.123 The Final Seal Vol.14 Ch.124 The Eternal Battle...! Vol.14 Ch.125 The Awakening... Vol.14 Ch.126 Careless...!! Vol.15 Ch.127 Feeling Alive!! Vol.15 Ch.128 Beyond His Limits!! Vol.15 Ch.129 To Hurt...!!! Vol.15 Ch.130 Love..!! Vol.15 Ch.131 A Name Called Gaara...!! Vol.15 Ch.132 Two Boys Darkness and Light Vol.15 Ch.133 Strong Guys...!! Vol.15 Ch.134 Naruto's Ninja Handbook! Vol.15 Ch.135 Storm Fight Vol.16 Ch.136 The Last Blow...!! Vol.16 Ch.137 The True Meaning Is...? Vol.16 Ch.138 Operation Destroy Konoha, Terminated!! Vol.16 Ch.139 That Person's Name IS...? Vol.16 Ch.140 Contact...!! Vol.16 Ch.141 Itachi Uchiha!! Vol.16 Ch.142 Kakashi vs. Itachi! Vol.16 Ch.143 The Fourth Daime's Isan...!! Vol.16 Ch.144 The Pursuers Vol.17 Ch.145 Memory of Despair Vol.17 Ch.146 Hatred... Vol.17 Ch.147 It's My Fight!! Vol.17 Ch.148 Itachi's Power!! Vol.17 Ch.149 Legendary...! Vol.17 Ch.150 Start of the Training....?! Vol.17 Ch.151 The Hook...!! Vol.17 Ch.152 The Second State Vol.17 Ch.153 The Searchers!! Vol.18 Ch.154 Arrived...! Vol.18 Ch.155 The Third Step Vol.18 Ch.156 Business Vol.18 Ch.157 And the Answer Is... Vol.18 Ch.158 I Won't Forgive You Vol.18 Ch.159 The Wager... Vol.18 Ch.160 The Necklace of Death Vol.18 Ch.161 Tsunade's Decision Vol.18 Ch.162 The Heart that Can't Resist Vol.19 Ch.163 What Refuses to Decay! Vol.19 Ch.164 Medical Ninja!! Vol.19 Ch.165 Naruto... Attacks Vol.19 Ch.166 A Ninja's Talents Vol.19 Ch.167 The Arrangement Vol.19 Ch.168 Just One More Time Vol.19 Ch.169 To Bet One's Life!! Vol.19 Ch.170 The Battle of the Legendary Three! Vol.19 Ch.171 Inherit the Dreams Vol.20 Ch.172 Returning Home Vol.20 Ch.173 Affliction Vol.20 Ch.174 Each and Their Path Vol.20 Ch.175 Naruto vs. Sasuke Vol.20 Ch.176 Bitter Rivalry Vol.20 Ch.177 The Four Sounds Vol.20 Ch.178 The Temptation of the Sound Vol.20 Ch.179 Don't Forget...!! Vol.20 Ch.180 It's a Promise! Vol.21 Ch.181 The Fight Begins Vol.21 Ch.182 The Gathering!! Vol.21 Ch.183 Promise of a Lifetime Vol.21 Ch.184 Sound vs. Leaf!! Vol.21 Ch.185 Pursuit...!! Vol.21 Ch.186 Failure...?! Vol.21 Ch.187 Praying for Mercy...!! Vol.21 Ch.188 Hidden Leaf's Shinobi!! Vol.21 Ch.189 The Power to Belive!!! Vol.21 Ch.190 Unforgiveable!! Vol.22 Ch.191 Friends Vol.22 Ch.192 Plan...!! Vol.22 Ch.193 Game Over Vol.22 Ch.194 Probing Each Other Vol.22 Ch.195 Strategy Vol.22 Ch.196 The Strongest Foe Vol.22 Ch.197 Unyielding Determination Vol.22 Ch.198 METAMPSYCHOSIS...!! Vol.22 Ch.199 The Sasuke Rescue Climax Vol.23 Ch.200 According to Plan Vol.23 Ch.201 Miscalculation Vol.23 Ch.202 The Three Wishes!!! Vol.23 Ch.203 Sakon's Secret Vol.23 Ch.204 Ukon's Abilities Vol.23 Ch.205 Kiba's Decision!! Vol.23 Ch.206 Suffering Vol.23 Ch.207 The Game Is Up Vol.23 Ch.208 The First Hand Is a Feint!! Vol.24 Ch.209 Reinforcements On the Scene!! Vol.24 Ch.210 Lee's Secret Vol.24 Ch.211 Unpredictable...!! Vol.24 Ch.212 Pinch! Pinch! Pinch! Vol.24 Ch.213 A Large Debt Vol.24 Ch.214 Retreat for the Time Being... Vol.24 Ch.215 Gaara of the Desert Vol.24 Ch.216 Spear and Shield...!! Vol.24 Ch.217 For Someone Important Vol.25 Ch.218 The Brothers of the Leaf Vol.25 Ch.219 The Future and the Past Vol.25 Ch.220 Brothers Vol.25 Ch.221 A Distant Brother Vol.25 Ch.222 Suspicious of Itachi Vol.25 Ch.223 Sasuke and His Father Vol.25 Ch.224 That Day...!! Vol.25 Ch.225 Within the Darkness Vol.25 Ch.226 To My Dear Friend... Vol.26 Ch.227 Chidori vs. Rasengan!! Vol.26 Ch.228 Kakashi's Premonition Vol.26 Ch.229 Bonds...!! Vol.26 Ch.230 Time of Awakening!! Vol.26 Ch.231 A Special Power Vol.26 Ch.232 The Valley of the End Vol.26 Ch.233 The Worst Conclusion Vol.26 Ch.234 Parting Ways...!! Vol.26 Ch.235 Mission Failure...!! Vol.27 Ch.236 The Promise that I Could Not Keep Vol.27 Ch.237 Fool...!! Vol.27 Ch.238 The Day We Set Off!! Vol.27 Ch.239 Gaiden1 Mission Start...!! Vol.27 Ch.240 Gaiden2 Teamwork!! Vol.27 Ch.241 Gaiden3 A True Hero Vol.27 Ch.242 Gaiden4 Crybaby Ninja Vol.27 Ch.243 Gaiden5 Present Vol.27 Ch.244 Gaiden, Final Chapter Heroes of the Sharingan Vol.28 Ch.245 Homecoming!! Vol.28 Ch.246 Growth of the Two!! Vol.28 Ch.247 The Sand's Invaders Vol.28 Ch.248 Ambushing the Sand Vol.28 Ch.249 As Kazekage Vol.28 Ch.250 New Team, First Mission!! Vol.28 Ch.251 Going to the Sand...!! Vol.28 Ch.252 Thoughts, Racing...!! Vol.28 Ch.253 Reinforcements...!! Vol.29 Ch.254 Brothers...!! Vol.29 Ch.255 Approaching...!! Vol.29 Ch.256 Those Who Stand in the Way!! Vol.29 Ch.257 The Fruit of Kakashi's Experience Vol.29 Ch.258 Gai vs. Kisame!! Vol.29 Ch.259 Itachi's Power...!! Vol.29 Ch.260 Kakashi vs. Itachi Vol.29 Ch.261 The People Called Jinchuuriki Vol.29 Ch.262 Racing Thoughts....! Vol.30 Ch.263 Loud Fury......! Vol.30 Ch.264 Sasori's Fine Art...!! Vol.30 Ch.265 Chiyo And Sakura Vol.30 Ch.266 Sasori Appears...!! Vol.30 Ch.267 Violent Determination...!! Vol.30 Ch.268 Puppet Master vs. Puppet Master!! Vol.30 Ch.269 What Can I Do...?! Vol.30 Ch.270 Miscalculation...!! Vol.30 Ch.271 Unknown Power...!! Vol.31 Ch.272 Chiyo vs. Sasori...!! Vol.31 Ch.273 Last Battle!! Vol.31 Ch.274 A Dream Unrealized Vol.31 Ch.275 Reward...!! Vol.31 Ch.276 A New Sharingan!! (Kakashi) Vol.31 Ch.277 Ultimate Work of Art!! Vol.31 Ch.278 Death of Gaara Vol.31 Ch.279 An Unusual Gift...!! Vol.31 Ch.280 Entrusted Feelings!! Vol.32 Ch.281 The Search for Sasuke!! Vol.32 Ch.282 Return of Team Kakashi Vol.32 Ch.283 Member Hunt!! Vol.32 Ch.284 New Companions..!! Vol.32 Ch.285 Those of the Root!! Vol.32 Ch.286 Naruto, Sasuke, Sai Vol.32 Ch.287 Untitled Vol.32 Ch.288 Unknown Thoughts Vol.32 Ch.289 Akatsuki Spy!! Vol.33 Ch.290 The Price of Betrayal Vol.33 Ch.291 Fury's Trigger Vol.33 Ch.292 The Third Tail...!! Vol.33 Ch.293 Loss of Control...!! Vol.33 Ch.294 The Fourth Tail Vol.33 Ch.295 Towards the Nine-tails Vol.33 Ch.296 A Sorrowful Conclusion Vol.33 Ch.297 Sai's Mission Vol.33 Ch.298 The Secret Mission...!! Vol.33 Ch.299 The Source of Strength Vol.34 Ch.300 Sai's Picture Book Vol.34 Ch.301 Sai and Sasuke!! Vol.34 Ch.302 Infiltration...!! Vol.34 Ch.303 Sai's Betrayal! Vol.34 Ch.304 Sai's Understanding Vol.34 Ch.305 The Bond with You Vol.34 Ch.306 Reunion Vol.34 Ch.307 On a Whim...!! Vol.34 Ch.308 Sasuke's Strength Vol.34 Ch.309 A Conversation with Nine Tails!! Vol.35 Ch.310 Title Vol.35 Ch.311 Nicknames Vol.35 Ch.312 The Impending Menace!! Vol.35 Ch.313 The New Team Vol.35 Ch.314 Akatsuki Invasion...!! Vol.35 Ch.315 Advanced Training! Vol.35 Ch.316 Start the Training! Vol.35 Ch.317 Nightmares!! Vol.35 Ch.318 Smooth Training Vol.35 Ch.319 The Source of the Commotion!! Vol.36 Ch.320 Prized Bounty Vol.36 Ch.321 Smooth Talker! Vol.36 Ch.322 I Can't Kill Him Vol.36 Ch.323 The Akatsuki Who Cannot Be Killed! Vol.36 Ch.324 Cursed Ritual Vol.36 Ch.325 Shikamaru's Plan Vol.36 Ch.326 The Cursed One Vol.36 Ch.327 Inside the Despair Vol.36 Ch.328 Team Ten Vol.36 Ch.329 The True Purpose Vol.37 Ch.330 The Sad Message Vol.37 Ch.331 Team Ten Moves Out Vol.37 Ch.332 Shikamaru's Battle Vol.37 Ch.333 The Moment of Victory Vol.37 Ch.334 The Black Transformation Vol.37 Ch.335 The Terrible Secret Vol.37 Ch.336 Reverse Predicament Vol.37 Ch.337 Shikamaru's Skill Vol.37 Ch.338 Payback.... Vol.37 Ch.339 Fuuton RasenShuriken Vol.38 Ch.340 The Dangerous Bridge Vol.38 Ch.341 The Fruits of Training...!! Vol.38 Ch.342 Asuma Avenged Vol.38 Ch.343 Heartless... Vol.38 Ch.344 The Snake! Vol.38 Ch.345 Ritual Vol.38 Ch.345.1 Ritual (Colored) Vol.38 Ch.346 The New Jutsu's Secret Vol.38 Ch.347 Detour! Vol.38 Ch.348 The Next One Vol.38 Ch.349 The North Hideout Vol.39 Ch.350 News of the Clash...!! Vol.39 Ch.351 A Man to Man Talk Vol.39 Ch.352 The Purpose Vol.39 Ch.353 Akatsuki Gathers! Vol.39 Ch.354 Making Their Move Vol.39 Ch.355 Which Way? Vol.39 Ch.356 Collision! Vol.39 Ch.357 Deidara vs. Sasuke!! Vol.39 Ch.358 Cornered by C-2! Vol.39 Ch.359 Those Eyes Again... Vol.40 Ch.360 Deidara's Final Explosion! Vol.40 Ch.361 Weak Spot!! Vol.40 Ch.362 Masterpiece Vol.40 Ch.363 The Death of Sasuke...!! Vol.40 Ch.364 The Target...!! Vol.40 Ch.365 Sasuke's Chase Vol.40 Ch.366 Brothers Vol.40 Ch.367 Itachi and Sasuke Vol.40 Ch.368 Reconnaissance Vol.40 Ch.369 About Pain Vol.41 Ch.370 A Premonition Vol.41 Ch.371 Old Friends Vol.41 Ch.372 The Weeping Country Vol.41 Ch.373 The Student / Teacher Era...!! Vol.41 Ch.374 Growing into a God! Vol.41 Ch.375 Ni Dai Sennin Vol.41 Ch.376 The Destined Child! Vol.41 Ch.377 Hermit Mode Vol.41 Ch.378 One on One! Vol.41 Ch.379 Jiraya's Decision Vol.42 Ch.380 That Face...! Vol.42 Ch.381 His True Identity! Vol.42 Ch.382 My Real Decision! Vol.42 Ch.383 The Epilogue and The...!! Vol.42 Ch.384 Brother's Bloodbath Vol.42 Ch.385 The Secret of Mangekyou! Vol.42 Ch.386 My New Light! Vol.42 Ch.387 Reality...!! Vol.42 Ch.388 The Difference in Strength Vol.42 Ch.389 Sasuke's Strategy Vol.43 Ch.390 The Final Jutsu Vol.43 Ch.391 ...With the Thunder! Vol.43 Ch.392 Susanoo Vol.43 Ch.393 My Eyes...! Vol.43 Ch.394 Sasuke's Victory Vol.43 Ch.395 The Mystery that Is Tobi Vol.43 Ch.396 Introduction Vol.43 Ch.397 The Man Who Knows the Truth Vol.43 Ch.398 The Leaf's Origin Vol.43 Ch.399 The Beginning of Everything Vol.43 Ch.400 In Hell Vol.43 Ch.401 Illusion Vol.43 Ch.402 Last Words Vol.44 Ch.403 Tears Vol.44 Ch.404 Falcon and Akatsuki Vol.44 Ch.405 Left Behind Vol.44 Ch.406 The Key to the Future Vol.44 Ch.407 Asking Naruto Vol.44 Ch.408 Fukasaku's Proposal Vol.44 Ch.409 Passing Down the Sage Techniques Vol.44 Ch.410 Battle at Unraikyo!! Vol.44 Ch.411 Eight-tails vs. Sasuke!! Vol.44 Ch.412 Fear Like They've Never Known Before Vol.45 Ch.413 Crash Vol.45 Ch.414 Bull on Rampage Vol.45 Ch.415 A New Power Vol.45 Ch.416 The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja Vol.45 Ch.417 Raikage Makes His Move Vol.45 Ch.418 Naruto, The Sage! Vol.45 Ch.419 Attack!! Vol.45 Ch.420 Battlefield Konoha Vol.45 Ch.420.5 Kakashi's Real Face Is Finally Unveiled Vol.45 Ch.421 Call Naruto Back!! Vol.45 Ch.422 Kakashi vs. Pain Vol.46 Ch.423 The Deva Path's Power Vol.46 Ch.424 Determination Vol.46 Ch.425 Hatake Kakashi Vol.46 Ch.426 Naruto and Konoha Vol.46 Ch.427 Reunion Vol.46 Ch.428 Conversation Vol.46 Ch.429 Pain Vol.46 Ch.430 Naruto Returns Vol.46 Ch.431 Naruto Erupts!! Vol.46 Ch.432 The Return of the Rasen Shuriken Vol.47 Ch.433 Sage Technique Failure?! Vol.47 Ch.434 Naruto vs. God Realm!! Vol.47 Ch.435 Banshou Tenin Vol.47 Ch.436 Peace! Vol.47 Ch.437 Hinata's Confession Vol.47 Ch.438 Breaking the Seal Vol.47 Ch.439 Chibaku Tensei Vol.47 Ch.440 Conversation with the 4th!!! Vol.47 Ch.441 Rasen Shuriken vs. Shinra Tensei!! Vol.47 Ch.442 The Last Gamble Vol.48 Ch.443 The Meeting Vol.48 Ch.444 The Answer Is... Vol.48 Ch.445 Top of the World Vol.48 Ch.446 I Just Wanted to Protect Them Vol.48 Ch.447 Believe Vol.48 Ch.448 Inheritance! Vol.48 Ch.449 Hope Blossoms! Vol.48 Ch.450 The Grateful Village Vol.48 Ch.451 Dealing with Sasuke Vol.48 Ch.452 Closing in on Danzo Vol.48 Ch.453 The Night Before the Five Kages Meet...!! Vol.49 Ch.454 The Five Kages Vol.49 Ch.455 Bond...!! Vol.49 Ch.456 Naruto Departs...!! Vol.49 Ch.457 The Meeting of the Five Kages Begins...!! Vol.49 Ch.458 The Five Kages' Great Dispute Vol.49 Ch.459 Sakura's Decision!! Vol.49 Ch.460 Sasuke Surrounded!! Vol.49 Ch.461 Kumogakure vs. Taka Vol.49 Ch.462 Sasuke's Dogma...!! Vol.49 Ch.463 Sasuke vs. Raikage!! Vol.50 Ch.464 The Power of Darkness Vol.50 Ch.465 Attack on the Summit! Vol.50 Ch.466 Battle Behind Closed Doors Vol.50 Ch.467 Declaration of War Vol.50 Ch.468 Hachibi and Kyuubi Vol.50 Ch.469 Sakura's Confession!! Vol.50 Ch.470 Killerbee vs. Kisame!! Vol.50 Ch.471 Hachibi, Version 2 Vol.50 Ch.472 A Deadly Battle in an Underwater Prison Vol.50 Ch.473 Brother Vol.51 Ch.474 Hokage's Resolution Vol.51 Ch.475 Madara's True Strength!! Vol.51 Ch.476 Sasuke vs. Danzou...!! Vol.51 Ch.477 Do Not Speak to Me of Itachi Vol.51 Ch.478 Susano'o Final Version...!! Vol.51 Ch.479 Izanagi Vol.51 Ch.480 Sacrifice Vol.51 Ch.481 Danzo's Death!! Vol.51 Ch.482 One Last Time... Vol.51 Ch.483 Master and Student Reunited!! Vol.52 Ch.484 Team Seven's Reunion Vol.52 Ch.485 So Close, Yet So Far Vol.52 Ch.486 Fists Vol.52 Ch.487 The Battle Begins...!! Vol.52 Ch.488 Returning to Their Own Villages Vol.52 Ch.489 Heading Towards the Great Ninja War...!! Vol.52 Ch.490 The Truth About the Kyubi!! Vol.52 Ch.491 Confining the Hosts!! Vol.52 Ch.492 Greetings Vol.52 Ch.493 Dark Naruto!! Vol.52 Ch.494 Killerbee and Motoi Vol.53 Ch.495 Dark Naruto Destroyed!! Vol.53 Ch.496 Reunion with the Kyubi!! Vol.53 Ch.497 Naruto vs. Kyubi!! Vol.53 Ch.498 Mom's Red Hair Vol.53 Ch.499 A New Seal Vol.53 Ch.500 Naruto's Birth Vol.53 Ch.501 Kyuubi's Revival! Vol.53 Ch.502 The Battle of Speed! Vol.53 Ch.503 Minato's Shiki Fujin Vol.53 Ch.504 Thank You Vol.54 Ch.505 Release the Kyuubi's Chakras! Vol.54 Ch.506 Gai vs. Kisame Vol.54 Ch.507 A False Existence! Vol.54 Ch.508 A Ninja's Death Vol.54 Ch.509 A Bridge to Peace Vol.54 Ch.510 A Shocking Forbidden Jutsu! Vol.54 Ch.511 Let's Go Home Vol.54 Ch.512 The Truth About Zetsu!! Vol.54 Ch.513 Kabuto vs. Tsuchikage!! Vol.54 Ch.514 Kabuto's Plot Vol.55 Ch.515 The Beginning of the Great War! Vol.55 Ch.516 Gaara's Speech Vol.55 Ch.517 Omoi's "War"!! Vol.55 Ch.518 Clash of the Ambush Squads!! Vol.55 Ch.519 Bijudama Vol.55 Ch.520 The Secret of Impure World Resurrection Vol.55 Ch.521 The Alliance's Battle Begins!! Vol.55 Ch.522 I'm Already Dead Vol.55 Ch.523 The Legendary Seven Ninja Swordsmen!! Vol.55 Ch.524 The Things One Must Protect Vol.56 Ch.525 Kage's Resurrection! Vol.56 Ch.526 Fierce Battle! Darui's Unit!! Vol.56 Ch.527 Taboo Word Vol.56 Ch.528 Being More than Just Dull Vol.56 Ch.529 Golden Bonds Vol.56 Ch.530 Chouji's Determination Vol.56 Ch.531 Team Asuma, Together Again! Vol.56 Ch.532 Mifune vs. Hanzou, the Conclusion! Vol.56 Ch.533 An Oath Vol.56 Ch.534 Farewell, Ino-Shika-Chou!! Vol.57 Ch.535 Iruka's Persuasion Vol.57 Ch.536 Naruto Goes to War! Vol.57 Ch.537 Night Falls! Vol.57 Ch.538 Cross-Examination Vol.57 Ch.539 A Bloody Night! Vol.57 Ch.540 Madara's Strategy! Vol.57 Ch.541 Raikage vs. Naruto?! Vol.57 Ch.542 The Secret Story of the Strongest Tag-Team!! Vol.57 Ch.543 Unforgettable Vol.57 Ch.544 Two Suns! Vol.58 Ch.545 An Immortal Army!! Vol.58 Ch.546 The Past vs. the Present! Vol.58 Ch.547 Object of True Value!!! Vol.58 Ch.548 Naruto vs. Itachi!! Vol.58 Ch.549 Itachi's Question! Vol.58 Ch.550 Koto Amatsukami Vol.58 Ch.551 Vol.58 Ch.552 Vol.58 Ch.553 Vol.58 Ch.554 The Rasenshuriken's Limit..!! Vol.58 Ch.555 Contradiction Vol.59 Ch.556 Gaara vs Mizukage Vol.59 Ch.557 Jokey Boy Vol.59 Ch.558 The Next Developement!! Vol.59 Ch.559 Reinforcements Arrive Vol.59 Ch.560 Uchiha Madara Vol.59 Ch.561 The Power in a Name Vol.59 Ch.562 Find Yourself Vol.59 Ch.563 Gathering of the Five Kages!! Vol.59 Ch.564 No one Vol.59 Ch.565 Jinchuriki vs Jinchuriki Vol.60 Ch.566 Eyes & Beasts Vol.60 Ch.567 The Jinchuurki of Konoha Vol.60 Ch.568 Son Goku-The Great King of Sage Ape Vol.60 Ch.569 Prove Your Will!! Vol.60 Ch.570 Kurama!! Vol.60 Ch.571 Bijuu Mode!! Vol.60 Ch.572 9 Names Vol.60 Ch.573 The Path Toward Radiance Vol.60 Ch.574 The Eyes That Look Into The Darkness Vol.60 Ch.575 Stone Will Vol.61 Ch.576 The Guide of the Reunion Vol.61 Ch.577 Sword of Hatred Vol.61 Ch.578 Hopeless Weakness!! Vol.61 Ch.579 Brothers, fight as one !! Vol.61 Ch.580 Brothers' time Vol.61 Ch.581 Everyone's leaf Vol.61 Ch.582 Nothing Vol.61 Ch.583 Who is this? Vol.61 Ch.584 Kabuto, The Doctor Vol.61 Ch.585 So I Can Be Myself Vol.61 Ch.586 Izanami Activates Vol.61 Ch.587 When It Turns 9 o'clock Vol.62 Ch.588 Bearing the Shadow Vol.62 Ch.589 The Edo Tensei Jutsu, Released Vol.62 Ch.590 I Will Always Love You Vol.62 Ch.591 Risk Vol.62 Ch.592 Third Force Vol.62 Ch.593 Orochimaru Resurrected Vol.62 Ch.594 The Progenitor Vol.62 Ch.595 Fissure Vol.62 Ch.596 One Jutsu Vol.62 Ch.597 The Secret Behind The Space-Time Ninjutsu Vol.63 Ch.598 Annihilate Vol.63 Ch.599 Uchiha Obito Vol.63 Ch.600 Why Until Now Vol.63 Ch.601 Obito and Madara Vol.63 Ch.602 I'm Alive Vol.63 Ch.603 Rehabilitation Vol.63 Ch.604 Reunion, and Vol.63 Ch.605 Hell Vol.63 Ch.606 The Dream World Vol.63 Ch.607 I Don't Care Vol.64 Ch.608 Kakashi's Resolve! Vol.64 Ch.609 The End Vol.64 Ch.610 Juubi Vol.64 Ch.611 Arrival Vol.64 Ch.612 The Shinobi Alliance Jutsu Vol.64 Ch.613 Head Vol.64 Ch.614 To You Vol.64 Ch.615 Unbreakable Bonds Vol.64 Ch.616 Dance of the Ninjas Vol.64 Ch.617 Dance of the Ninjas 2 Vol.65 Ch.618 The Ones Who Know Everything Vol.65 Ch.619 A Cursed Clan Vol.65 Ch.620 Hashirama Senju Vol.65 Ch.621 Hashirama and Madara Vol.65 Ch.622 The Other Side Vol.65 Ch.623 A Glimpse Vol.65 Ch.624 Aiko Vol.65 Ch.625 The True Dream Vol.65 Ch.626 Hashirama and Madara 2 Vol.65 Ch.627 Sasuke's Reply Vol.66 Ch.628 Here, And From Now On Vol.66 Ch.629 Wind Hole Vol.66 Ch.630 What we bury Vol.66 Ch.631 Team Seven Vol.66 Ch.632 Fighting, Side By Side Vol.66 Ch.633 Forward Vol.66 Ch.634 The New Trio Vol.66 Ch.634.1 The New Trio ! Vol.66 Ch.635 A New Wind Vol.66 Ch.635.1 A New Wind Vol.66 Ch.636 The Current Obito Vol.66 Ch.636.1 The Current Obito Vol.66 Ch.637 The Jinchuuriki of the Ten-Tails Vol.66 Ch.637.1 The Jinchuuriki of ten tails ! Vol.67 Ch.638 The Ten-Tail's Jinchuuriki - Obito Vol.67 Ch.638.1 The Ten-Tail's Jinchuuriki - Obito Vol.67 Ch.639 Attack Vol.67 Ch.639.1 Attack Vol.67 Ch.640 At Long Last Vol.67 Ch.640.1 At long last Vol.67 Ch.641 The Main Attraction Vol.67 Ch.641.1 The Main Attraction Vol.67 Ch.642 Breakthrough Vol.67 Ch.642.1 Breakthrough Vol.67 Ch.643 A Combination Attack…!! Vol.67 Ch.643.1 A combination attack .. !! Vol.67 Ch.644 I Know Vol.67 Ch.644.1 I Know Vol.67 Ch.645 Two Powers...!! Vol.67 Ch.645.1 Two Powers...!! Vol.67 Ch.646 Shinju Vol.67 Ch.646.1 Shinju Vol.67 Ch.647 Regret Vol.67 Ch.647.1 Regret Vol.68 Ch.648 A Shinobi's Dream Vol.68 Ch.648.1 A Shinobi's Dream [FULL COLORED] Vol.68 Ch.649 The Will of the Shinobi Vol.68 Ch.649.1 The will of the Shinobi Vol.68 Ch.650 The One Sleeping Will Be... Vol.68 Ch.650.1 The one Sleeping will be... Vol.68 Ch.651 Things That Were Filled Vol.68 Ch.651.1 Things That Were Filled Vol.68 Ch.652 Naruto’s Inner Conflict Vol.68 Ch.652.1 Naruto’s Inner Conflict Vol.68 Ch.653 I See It Clearly Vol.68 Ch.653.1 I See It Clearly Vol.68 Ch.654 I Am Uchiha Obito Vol.68 Ch.654.1 I Am Uchiha Obito Vol.68 Ch.655 Rut Vol.68 Ch.655.1 Rut Vol.68 Ch.656 Transfer Vol.68 Ch.656.1 Transfer Vol.68 Ch.657 The Return of Uchiha Madara Vol.69 Ch.658 Bijuu vs Madara Vol.69 Ch.659 Rinbo/Hengoku!! Vol.69 Ch.660 A Concealed Heart Vol.69 Ch.661 The Failed World Vol.69 Ch.662 The End of Reality Vol.69 Ch.663 No Matter the Cost Vol.69 Ch.664 I'm His Father, After All Vol.69 Ch.665 Who I Am Now Vol.69 Ch.666 The Two Mangekyou Vol.69 Ch.667 Green Days Are Over Vol.69 Ch.668 The Crimson Springtime Begins Vol.70 Ch.669 Eight Inner Gates Battle Formation...!! Vol.70 Ch.670 The Creator...!! Vol.70 Ch.671 Naruto and the Sage of the Six Paths Vol.70 Ch.672 Night Guy...!! Vol.70 Ch.673 We will...!! Vol.70 Ch.674 Sasuke's Rinnegan...!! Vol.70 Ch.675 Present Dream Vol.70 Ch.676 The Infinite Dream Vol.70 Ch.677 Infinite Tsukuyomi Vol.70 Ch.678 My Will Vol.70 Ch.679 The Beginning of Everything Vol.71 Ch.680 Once Again Vol.71 Ch.681 Kaguya's Tears Vol.71 Ch.681.1 Kaguya's Tears Vol.71 Ch.682 Betcha Never Seen This Before Vol.71 Ch.682.1 I'm Sure You've Never Seen This Vol.71 Ch.683 I Had The Same Dream As You Vol.71 Ch.683.1 I Had The Same Dream As You Vol.71 Ch.684 We Must Kill Him!! Vol.71 Ch.684.1 We Must Kill Him!! Vol.71 Ch.685 Everything I've got...!! Vol.71 Ch.685.1 Everything I've got...!! Vol.71 Ch.686 Those That Remain and Those That Pass On Vol.71 Ch.686.1 Those That Remain and Those That Pass On Vol.71 Ch.687 I Know You Will Vol.71 Ch.687.1 I Know You Will Vol.71 Ch.688 ...of the Sharingan!! Vol.71 Ch.688.1 ...of the Sharingan!! Vol.71 Ch.689 I Love You Vol.71 Ch.689.1 I Love You Vol.71 Ch.690 Ninja's...!! Vol.71 Ch.690.1 Ninja's...!! Vol.72 Ch.691 Congratulations Vol.72 Ch.691.1 Congratulations Vol.72 Ch.692 Revolutions Vol.72 Ch.692.1 Revolutions Vol.72 Ch.693 Once again... Vol.72 Ch.693.1 Once again... Vol.72 Ch.694 Naruto and Sasuke (1) Vol.72 Ch.694.1 Naruto and Sasuke (1) Vol.72 Ch.695 Naruto and Sasuke (2) Vol.72 Ch.695.1 Naruto and Sasuke (2) Vol.72 Ch.696 Naruto and Sasuke (3) Vol.72 Ch.696.1 Naruto and Sasuke (3) Vol.72 Ch.697 Naruto and Sasuke (4) Vol.72 Ch.697.1 Naruto and Sasuke (4) Vol.72 Ch.698 Naruto and Sasuke (5) Vol.72 Ch.698.1 Naruto and Sasuke (5) Vol.72 Ch.699 The Seal of Reconciliation Vol.72 Ch.699.1 The Seal of Reconciliation Vol.72 Ch.699.5 After THE LAST Vol.72 Ch.700 Uzumaki Naruto!! Vol.72 Ch.700.1 Book of Thunder Vol.72 Ch.700.2 Book of Wind Vol.72 Ch.700.5 Special Gaiden - Boruto - Naruto the Movie - Vol.72 Ch.700.6 Side Story - The Path Shone By The Full Moon's Light
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