Nana to Kaoru: Black Label

Vol.18 Ch.156 The End

Vol.01 Ch.001 My Summer Vacation Vol.01 Ch.002 Let's Spend the Night in the Country Vol.01 Ch.003 Go by Train! Vol.01 Ch.004 How About Pierced Nipples? Vol.01 Ch.005 Consent to Being Tied Vol.01 Ch.006 I Don't Need Supper Vol.01 Ch.007 Gilgamesh "SM" Night Vol.01 Ch.008 Serious Talk Among Teens and Fifty-Somethings Vol.01 Ch.009 The Beasts That Shouted Love at the Edge of Japan Vol.02 Ch.010 Between Calmness and Passion Vol.02 Ch.011 JUON -The Grudge- Vol.02 Ch.012 JUON 2 - The Grudge 2 - Vol.02 Ch.012.1 Winter Special Vol.02 Ch.012.2 Valentine Special Part 1 Vol.02 Ch.012.3 Valentine Special Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.013 There's No Way Playing in the River Is This Much Fun Vol.02 Ch.014 Coming Up on 11 PM (The 2nd Day) Vol.02 Ch.015 Tachibana’s Room Vol.02 Ch.016 Rope Talk! Vol.02 Ch.017 Rope Talk! Vol.02 Ch.018 Professional ~ The Way of a Tie ~ Vol.03 Ch.018.5 Special 3 Vol.03 Ch.019 Tie and Persevere! Vol.03 Ch.020 Lively Bashful Beauty in the Morning Vol.03 Ch.021 Mitsuko Tachibana's ?? Stories Vol.03 Ch.022 Sarashina-Tachibana Hour, Is It Okay to Laugh? Vol.03 Ch.023 Nanakao and the Cute Adults, Burning Up! Vol.03 Ch.024 Partner Vol.03 Ch.025 Summertime Dance Blues Vol.03 Ch.026 Super Touch Me Vol.03 Ch.027 Fireworks Vol.04 Ch.028 The Man and Woman Who Leapt Through Time Vol.04 Ch.029 Runnin Up Hills-In The Dark Vol.04 Ch.030 Confession Vol.04 Ch.031 Only Yesterday Vol.04 Ch.032 Weathering a Typhoon Vol.04 Ch.033 It's Time for a Storm! Vol.04 Ch.034 The Kaoru Thing Or I Can't Believe You Would Tie Nana Up Vol.04 Ch.035 Get Ropes Vol.04 Ch.036 A Noisy Night with Nana and Kaoru Vol.05 Ch.037 Be My Dom Vol.05 Ch.038 From the Heavens! A Bondage Legend Vol.05 Ch.039 Even So, the Depths Remain Dark Vol.05 Ch.040 Chigusa Nana in the Mirror Vol.05 Ch.041 Nana & Kaoru in the Dark Vol.05 Ch.042 Hangover! Vol.05 Ch.043 Nana and Kaoru's Binding Palace Vol.05 Ch.044 Our Four Day Battle Vol.05 Ch.045 Last Summer Holiday Vol.06 Ch.046 The Great Anal Commotion Vol.06 Ch.047 The Circle of Hole Buddies Vol.07 Ch.048 On the Other Side of the Anus Vol.07 Ch.049 The Secret Hidden in Anal Vol.07 Ch.050 Nana's Revenge and Miscalculation Vol.07 Ch.051 Stamp! Stamp!! Stamp!!! Vol.07 Ch.052 Tachibana-san's Course on Walking the Walk Vol.07 Ch.053 The Real Me. Vol.07 Ch.054 A Dom's Resolve Vol.07 Ch.055 A Dom's Desire Vol.07 Ch.056 The Scum Who Strips Her Bare Vol.08 Ch.057 Surpassing Oneself Vol.08 Ch.058 I Stepped on Nana Vol.08 Ch.059 I Stepped on Nana, and Everyone Came Over Vol.08 Ch.060 You Worthless Lot, Learn Some Shame Vol.08 Ch.061 …………… Vol.08 Ch.062 Udon! Udon! Vol.08 Ch.063 Youthful Track and Field Meet Vol.08 Ch.064 Youthful Track and Field Meet 2 Vol.08 Ch.065 Youthful Track and Field Meet 3 Vol.09 Ch.066 Youthful Track and Field Meet 4 Vol.09 Ch.067 Capturing Sportsmanship Vol.09 Ch.068 So Deeply Jealous, Whatever Are the Neighbors Doing? Vol.09 Ch.069 The Scene Where She Is Baited and Tormented Vol.09 Ch.070 A Dog Says "Woof" Vol.09 Ch.071 A Dog that Can't Bark is Just a Human Vol.09 Ch.072 I am a Dog! Vol.09 Ch.073 It's a Wan-derful Time Vol.09 Ch.074 A Pet and its Master Vol.10 Ch.075 I Should Have Known that Owning a Dog is a Big Responsibility Vol.10 Ch.076 Woof! Vol.10 Ch.077 Under the Starry Sky Vol.10 Ch.078 The Mark Vol.10 Ch.079 An Infinite Gap Vol.10 Ch.080 Porn Dog Vol.10 Ch.081 Nana's Father Vol.10 Ch.082 Nana's Smile Vol.10 Ch.083 Nana's Pain Vol.11 Ch.084 What Lies Deep Inside of Nana Vol.11 Ch.085 Nana's SOS Vol.11 Ch.086 Nana`s Scream Vol.11 Ch.087 Nana's Shape Vol.11 Ch.088 Nana's Feelings Vol.11 Ch.089 Nana's Charm Vol.11 Ch.090 So Much Nana Vol.11 Ch.091 The Crepe Truck Over the Slope (Part One) Vol.12 Ch.092 The Crepe Truck Up on the Hill (Part Two) Vol.12 Ch.093 The Crepe Truck Up on the Hill (Part Three) Vol.12 Ch.094 The Crepe Truck Up on the Hill (Part Four) Vol.12 Ch.095 The Crepe Truck Up on the Hill (Part Five) Vol.12 Ch.096 Pride In The Dumpster (Part A) Vol.12 Ch.097 Pride In The Dumpster (Part B) Vol.12 Ch.098 Pride In The Dumpster (Part C) Vol.12 Ch.099 A Ring and A Collar Vol.12 Ch.100 Revelations Vol.12 Ch.101 Let's Go Make a Collar! Vol.13 Ch.102 You Won't Make Us A Collar? Vol.13 Ch.103 Who's Making the Collar?! Vol.13 Ch.104 How Do You Make A Collar?! Vol.13 Ch.105 What's the Collar For? Vol.13 Ch.106 Encircled By A Collar Vol.13 Ch.107 The Collar's Done Vol.13 Ch.108 The Carrot And the Whip Vol.13 Ch.109 That Same Place From Half A Year Ago Vol.13 Ch.110 Nana And Kaoru And Tachi And Sakakibara Vol.14 Ch.111 The Favor Vol.14 Ch.112 The Heart's Breather Vol.14 Ch.113 S&M Vol.14 Ch.114 In A Moment Vol.14 Ch.115 Pure Cry Vol.14 Ch.116 Tachi's Justice Vol.14 Ch.117 Inside Kaoru Vol.14 Ch.118 Nana's Dom Vol.14 Ch.119 My Carrot And Stick Vol.15 Ch.120 True Intentions Vol.15 Ch.121 I Wanna do S&M! Vol.15 Ch.122 You're Not Alone Vol.15 Ch.123 Courage Vol.15 Ch.124 My First S&M Vol.15 Ch.125 The Power of S&M Vol.15 Ch.126 No Need for S&M Vol.15 Ch.127 The Seniors' Blue Spring I Vol.15 Ch.128 The Seniors' Blue Spring II Vol.16 Ch.129 The Seniors' Blue Spring III Vol.16 Ch.130 The Seniors' Blue Spring IV Vol.16 Ch.131 The Senior's Blue Spring V Vol.16 Ch.132 The Senior's Blue Spring VI Vol.16 Ch.133 The Seniors' Blue Spring VII Vol.16 Ch.134 The Seniors' Blue Spring VIII Vol.16 Ch.135 The Seniors' Blue Spring IX Vol.16 Ch.136 The Seniors' Blue Spring X Vol.16 Ch.137 The Seniors' Blue Spring XI Vol.17 Ch.138 The Seniors' Blue Spring XII Vol.17 Ch.139 The Seniors' Blue Spring XIII Vol.17 Ch.140 The Goodbye Breather 1 Vol.17 Ch.141 The Goodbye Breather 2 Vol.17 Ch.142 The Goodbye Breather 3 Vol.17 Ch.143 The Goodbye Breather 4 Vol.17 Ch.144 The Goodbye Breather 5 Vol.17 Ch.145 The Goodbye Breather 6 Vol.17 Ch.146 Life Without You (First Half) Vol.18 Ch.147 Life Without You (2nd Half) Vol.18 Ch.148 Because Nana Has Exams Vol.18 Ch.149 Because Nana Has Exams 2 Vol.18 Ch.150 Because Nana Has Exams 3 Vol.18 Ch.151 Because Nana Has Exams 4 Vol.18 Ch.152 Because Nana Has Exams 5 Vol.18 Ch.153 Because Nana Has Exams 6 Vol.18 Ch.154 Because Nana Has Exams 7 Vol.18 Ch.155 Because Nana Has Exams 8 Vol.18 Ch.156 The End
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Nana to Kaoru: Black Label contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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