Vol.08 Ch.072 The Cultural Festival (2)

Vol.01 Ch.001 Magic School? Vol.01 Ch.002 Kuzumi Taiga is Taiga Kuzumi? Vol.01 Ch.003 Beginning the School Life!? Vol.01 Ch.004 Escape!? Vol.01 Ch.005 Forming a Party!? Vol.01 Ch.006 Those Two are Siblings!? Vol.01 Ch.007 Third Period - Outside Magic Practice Class Vol.02 Ch.008 Where is the Plate?! (1) Vol.02 Ch.009 Where is the Plate?! (2) Vol.02 Ch.010 Where is the Plate?! (3) Vol.02 Ch.011 An Unexpected Meeting Vol.02 Ch.012 The Student Council Magic Executive Committee Vol.02 Ch.013 Discord Vol.02 Ch.014 Confrontation Vol.02 Ch.015 The 2 at that Time Vol.02 Ch.016 Ise's Willpower Vol.02 Ch.017 Temporary Compromise Vol.03 Ch.018 M0 Plate Vol.03 Ch.019 Magic Exam (1) Vol.03 Ch.020 Magic Exam (2) Vol.03 Ch.021 Magic Exam (3) Vol.03 Ch.022 Magic Exam (4) Vol.03 Ch.023 Magic Exam (5) Vol.03 Ch.024 Magic Exam (6) Vol.03 Ch.025 Magic Exam (7) Vol.03 Ch.026 Magic Exam (Last) Vol.03 Ch.027 Magic Department Ban Lifted Vol.03 Ch.027.5 Mount Seinagi's Morning Vol.04 Ch.028 Kuzumi Taiga's Expedition Group Vol.04 Ch.029 A Strange Cave Vol.04 Ch.030 Magic Flower Vol.04 Ch.031 It's Hard to be a Man Vol.04 Ch.032 Expedition Over Vol.04 Ch.033 Lucy doing things her way Vol.04 Ch.034 Provocation Vol.04 Ch.035 Mosaic Panic Vol.04 Ch.036 Class Matches (1) Vol.04 Ch.037 Class Matches (2) Vol.05 Ch.038 Class Matches (3) Vol.05 Ch.039 Class Matches (4) Vol.05 Ch.040 Class Matches (Intermission) Vol.05 Ch.041 Class Matches (5) Vol.05 Ch.042 Class Matches (6) Vol.05 Ch.043 Class Matches (7) Vol.05 Ch.044 Class Matches (8) Vol.05 Ch.045 Class Matches (9) Vol.05 Ch.046 Class Matches (10) Vol.05 Ch.047 Class Matches (11) Vol.06 Ch.048 Class Matches (12) Vol.06 Ch.049 Class Matches (13) Vol.06 Ch.050 Class Matches (14) Vol.06 Ch.051 Class Matches (15) Vol.06 Ch.052 Class Matches (Epilogue) Vol.06 Ch.053 Back to the Starting Point (1) Vol.06 Ch.054 Back to the Starting Point (2) Vol.06 Ch.055 Back to the Starting Point (3) Vol.06 Ch.056 Back to the Starting Point (4) Vol.06 Ch.057 Back to the Starting Point (5) Vol.07 Ch.058 Kuzumi Kokuha is Kokuha Kuzumi? Vol.07 Ch.059 The Skater-Boy and the Glasses-Girl Vol.07 Ch.060 Summer Oasis (Before) Vol.07 Ch.061 Summer Oasis (After) Vol.07 Ch.062 M0, A Road of Thorns Vol.07 Ch.063 M0 Fire Vol.07 Ch.064 M0, A New Journey Vol.07 Ch.065 M0 Fight! Vol.07 Ch.066 The Ways to Erase Magic Vol.07 Ch.067 The Second Term Starts Vol.08 Ch.068 The Man Called Kuzumi Vol.08 Ch.069 M0's True Form!? Vol.08 Ch.070 Taiga and Akira's Room Vol.08 Ch.071 The Cultural Festival (1) Vol.08 Ch.072 The Cultural Festival (2) Vol.08 Ch.073 The Cultural Festival (3) Vol.08 Ch.074 The Cultural Festival (4) Vol.08 Ch.075 The Cultural Festival (5) Vol.08 Ch.076 The Cultural Festival (6) Vol.08 Ch.077 The Cultural Festival (7) Vol.08 Ch.077.5 The "Kuzumi Kokuwa is Kazumi Taiga's Onee-Chan, is 19 years old and only 132cm tall but is ridiculously strong...." Vol.09 Ch.078 The Cultural Festival (8) Vol.09 Ch.079 The Cultural Festival (9) Vol.09 Ch.080 Don't Forget About Lucy Vol.09 Ch.081 Lucy Exposed? Vol.09 Ch.082 Class 1-C's Gothic Lolita Coffee Shop Vol.09 Ch.083 2nd Magical Examination (1) Vol.09 Ch.084 2nd Magical Examination (2) Vol.09 Ch.085 2nd Magical Examination (3) Vol.09 Ch.086 2nd Magical Examination (4) Vol.09 Ch.087 2nd Magical Examination (5) Vol.10 Ch.088 Black Plate Vol.10 Ch.089 Level 1 Vol.10 Ch.090 The Tall Wall Vol.10 Ch.091 Faraway Goal Vol.10 Ch.092 Revenge Level 1 Vol.10 Ch.093 The New Plate is the Black M0 Vol.10 Ch.094 Magic Debut!? Vol.10 Ch.095 10 (+2) Pudding Vol.10 Ch.096 The Secret Between the Two Vol.10 Ch.097 Farewell Seinagi (1) Vol.10 Ch.098 Farewell Seinagi (2) Vol.10 Ch.099 Farewell Seinagi (3)
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