Mahou Sensei Negima!

Vol.38 Ch.355 3-A Forever

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Kid Instructor Is a Magician! Vol.01 Ch.002 Panic in the Library!? Vol.01 Ch.003 Bathhouse Rub ♥ Vol.01 Ch.004 The Dreaded Afterschool Session! Vol.01 Ch.005 Super Dodge Ball Competition!! Go Girls! (Part One) Vol.01 Ch.006 Super Dodge Ball Competition!! Go Girls! (Part Two) Vol.02 Ch.007 The Baka Rangers and the Secret Library Island. The Big Game Plan for the Final Test, Part 1 Vol.02 Ch.008 The Baka Rangers and the Secret Library Island. The Big Game Plan for the Final Test, Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.009 The Baka Rangers and the Secret Library Island. The Big Game Plan for the Final Test, Part 3 Vol.02 Ch.010 The Baka Rangers and the Secret Library Island. The Big Game Plan for the Final Test, Part 4 Vol.02 Ch.011 The Baka Rangers and the Secret Library Island. The Big Game Plan for the Final Test, Part 5 Vol.02 Ch.012 Egirl Life Vol.02 Ch.013 Recommended! The Child Strolling Brigade Vol.02 Ch.014 Yesterday's Enemy Is Today's Nemesis! Vol.02 Ch.015 Negi-Sensei's Wedding!? Vol.03 Ch.016 The Wizard of Cherry Blossom Street Vol.03 Ch.017 Her Name Is Evangeline Vol.03 Ch.018 A Visit from a Small Helper, Perhaps!? Vol.03 Ch.019 A Man's Pledge (Maybe) Vol.03 Ch.020 What!? A Contract with Asuna!? Vol.03 Ch.021 An Apprenticeship Vol.03 Ch.022 Negi in Ecstasy!!! Vol.03 Ch.022.5 extra Vol.03 Ch.023 The Big Game Plan for the Huge Blackout of Academy City (Part One) Vol.03 Ch.024 The Big Game Plan for the Huge Blackout of Academy City (Part Two) Vol.03 Ch.025 The Big Game Plan for the Huge Blackout of Academy City (Part Three) Vol.04 Ch.026 Proof of a Contract!? Vol.04 Ch.027 A Secret Date!? Cheerleaders Attack! Vol.04 Ch.028 Amphibian Panic on the Shinkansen Vol.04 Ch.029 The Spy and the Thorough Thumping!? Vol.04 Ch.030 Konoka and Setsuna's Secret Circumstances Vol.04 Ch.031 Weird! Kyoto and the Cardmaster!! (Part One) Vol.04 Ch.032 Weird! Kyoto and the Cardmaster!! (Part Two) Vol.04 Ch.033 A Favor of the Large Buddha!? (In Nara) Vol.04 Ch.034 Shocking Kyoto Video Proves Existence of a Wizard!? Vol.05 Ch.035 Love's ♥ Gonna Getcha in the Middle of the Night!! Vol.05 Ch.036 The Labyrinth of Lips Vol.05 Ch.037 Who Does Negi's Kiss Belong To!? Vol.05 Ch.038 Nodoka and the Secret Picture Diary Vol.05 Ch.039 The Dazzling Whirling Loop Survival Vol.05 Ch.040 In Order to Get off the Road We're Lost On Vol.05 Ch.041 A Secret Plan from Me!? Vol.05 Ch.042 The Bodyguard Is a Member of the Shinsen Group (Part One) Vol.05 Ch.043 The Bodyguard Is a Member of the Shinsen Group (Part Two) Vol.06 Ch.044 Welcome to the Head Temple! ♥ Vol.06 Ch.045 Silence at the Head Temple? Vol.06 Ch.046 The Head Temple in Flames?! Vol.06 Ch.047 Take Konoka Back!! Vol.06 Ch.048 The Time to Act Vol.06 Ch.049 The Hidden Power Unleashed Vol.06 Ch.050 For Konoka's Sake Vol.06 Ch.051 Return of Dark Evangeline Vol.06 Ch.052 The Miracle Moment Vol.06 Ch.053 Memories of Kyoto Vol.07 Ch.054 Le Map, L'Amour, Le Chocolat ♥ Vol.07 Ch.055 Three-Way Action ♥ Vol.07 Ch.056 Negi, Makie, and the Disciple Test Vol.07 Ch.057 Bring It Home (Part One) Vol.07 Ch.058 Bring It Home (Part Two) Vol.07 Ch.059 Buying You a Clue Vol.07 Ch.060 Cards, How to Use Vol.07 Ch.061 Marshmallow Empire of the South Pacific Vol.07 Ch.062 Lubba-Dub! Not Here, Please Vol.08 Ch.063 (Secret) Tower for Two ♥ Vol.08 Ch.064 After that Magic-Teacher! Vol.08 Ch.065 My Very Own Superhero Vol.08 Ch.066 The Truth of that Snowy Day Vol.08 Ch.067 Rub-a-Dub-Dub, There's Slime in the Tub Vol.08 Ch.068 It Was a Dark and Stormy Visitor Vol.08 Ch.069 The Attack Begins! Negi and Kotarō Vol.08 Ch.070 A Reason to Fight Vol.08 Ch.071 Negi's Choice Vol.09 Ch.072 Burn it up, Girls! Vol.09 Ch.073 Soft on the Outside, Clever on the Inside Vol.09 Ch.074 Here, There, and Nowhere Vol.09 Ch.075 The Logic of Illogic Vol.09 Ch.076 Strange But True! Love's Practice Run (Part One) Vol.09 Ch.077 Strange But True! Love's Practice Run (Part Two) Vol.09 Ch.078 Draw Curtain The Negi Grab-'n'-Run Vol.09 Ch.079 The Sweet Truth of the World-Tree Legend ♥ Vol.09 Ch.080 Signs & Portents at the Pre-Festival Gala Vol.09 Ch.080.5 Vol.10 Ch.081 MahoraFest Begins Vol.10 Ch.082 MahoraFest Begins... Again?! Vol.10 Ch.083 Date with a Bookstore ♥ Vol.10 Ch.084 Kiss Machine' Negi?! Vol.10 Ch.085 So What Is a Grown-up Kiss Like?? Vol.10 Ch.086 The Object of One's Long-Ago Love Vol.10 Ch.087 That Lovin' Feeling that Just Won't Hide Vol.10 Ch.088 Return of the Ver-r-ry Dangerous ♥ Martial-Arts Tournament Vol.10 Ch.089 The "Ba-Bump! Nuthin'-But-the-Strongest" ♥ Battle Royal Vol.10 Ch.089.5 Vol.11 Ch.090 In Which All (?) Is Set A'Right Entering Events Vol.11 Ch.091 Wise in the Ways of Cosplay ♥ Vol.11 Ch.092 Promise to a Rival Vol.11 Ch.093 Enter Kotarō! The Budōkai Begins Vol.11 Ch.094 Extreme Combat! Tatsumiya vs. KÅ« Fei Vol.11 Ch.095 The Latest Weapon... and a Tradition of Fighting Spirit Vol.11 Ch.096 Courage — the Key to Victory! Vol.11 Ch.097 Takamichi's True Seriousness Vol.11 Ch.098 Negi! Get Up!! Vol.11 Ch.099 The Hidden Technique Bursts Through Vol.11 Ch.099.5 Vol.12 Ch.100 Hidden Memory Vol.12 Ch.101 The True Power of the Brute Strenght Baka Vol.12 Ch.102 Asuna Overflowing?! Vol.12 Ch.103 The Ever-deepening Mysteries of MahoraFest Vol.12 Ch.104 Promise with Negi Vol.12 Ch.105 The Scariest Thing in the World?! Chao's Plan (Part One) Vol.12 Ch.106 The Scariest Thing in the World?! Chao's Plan (Part Two) Vol.12 Ch.107 Eva, the Queen of Mean Vol.12 Ch.108 The Ultimate Choice Vol.12 Ch.109 The Tale of the Bad Mage Vol.12 Ch.109.5 Omake Vol.13 Ch.110 KuNel Sanders, the One to Watch Vol.13 Ch.111 Kaede's Ninpo Knockout Vol.13 Ch.112 The Full Force of Kaede's Ninpo!! Vol.13 Ch.113 That Which Waits in the Dark ♪ Vol.13 Ch.114 If You Are All Here, Then So Am I Vol.13 Ch.115 Love Is Power Vol.13 Ch.116 Advancing Finals, Advancing Conspiracy ♥ Vol.13 Ch.116.5 The Negima Workshop Vol.13 Ch.117 Reunion with Father?! Vol.13 Ch.118 Two Fists Full of Love Vol.13 Ch.119 Mixed-up, Dragged-out Finale Vol.14 Ch.120 Negi-kun Fan Club ♥ Vol.14 Ch.121 Negi Majorly Busted Magister Magi Vol.14 Ch.122 Ordinary Yet Dreamy Love Story Vol.14 Ch.123 Pre-performance Madness!! Vol.14 Ch.124 Love Spells and Dreamy Results Vol.14 Ch.125 You're the Star! Vol.14 Ch.126 Fierce Magical Desires ♥ Vol.14 Ch.127 Danger! Love Triangle Ahead! Vol.14 Ch.128 The Front Line of Love and Friendship Vol.14 Ch.129 My Idol Is a Superstar Vol.15 Ch.130 An Anticipated Date Becomes an Unexpected Date Vol.15 Ch.131 Finale of the Older Man Complex!! Vol.15 Ch.132 Before Saying Goodbye Vol.15 Ch.133 Super Battle Guidance Counseling!! Vol.15 Ch.134 Full Throttle! Robotic Martial Arts!! Vol.15 Ch.135 If Chao Lingshen Won't Cry, We'll Make Her Cry Vol.15 Ch.136 Team Negi-bozu ♥ Vol.15 Ch.137 Mature Discussion of Combat ♥ Vol.15 Ch.138 An Unnusual Day for Negi's Party Vol.15 Ch.139 The Girl Genius Wins! Vol.16 Ch.140 Top Secret Rescue Negi Operation!! Vol.16 Ch.141 Critical Hit in the Naked Battle ♥ Vol.16 Ch.142 Infiltrate! Charge! Negi Rescue Team!! Vol.16 Ch.143 Terror! The Truth About Death Specs!! Vol.16 Ch.144 Friendship! Victory! Reunion ♥ Vol.16 Ch.145 The Clock's Ticking for the Time Machine Vol.16 Ch.146 Top-Secret Operation Defeat Chao!! Vol.16 Ch.147 The Complete Annihilation of Chao's Plan!! Vol.16 Ch.148 The Great Mahora Shootout ♥ Vol.16 Ch.149 Welcome Negi Party ♥ Vol.17 Ch.150 The Great, Heated, Close Combat! Mahora Mage Order vs. Super Science from the Future!!! Vol.17 Ch.151 Recharge Complete, the Return of Negi!! Vol.17 Ch.152 I've Got My Sights Locked on You ♥ Vol.17 Ch.153 Go! Negi-bozu!! Vol.17 Ch.154 Fight! Magical Girl Biblion!? Vol.17 Ch.155 Negi Cometh!! Vol.17 Ch.156 Everyone's Strength Will Save the World! Vol.17 Ch.157 Where's Justice!? Vol.17 Ch.158 We All Carry the Burden of the Future! Vol.17 Ch.159 Justice Sides with the Victor!! Vol.18 Ch.160 May the World Be at Peace ♥ Vol.18 Ch.161 The Future Belongs to Everyone ♥ Vol.18 Ch.162 Hope for a Happy Future, Zaijian!! Vol.18 Ch.163 Take a Break ♥ Vol.18 Ch.164 Magical Michevious Spirit ♥ (Part One) Vol.18 Ch.165 Magical Michevious Spirit ♥ (Part Two) Vol.18 Ch.166 Silence Can Be a Kindness ♥ Vol.18 Ch.167 Negi's Growing Up ♥ Vol.18 Ch.168 Only a Few More Nights Until Summer Break ♪ Vol.19 Ch.169 Is It a Dream, a Reality, or an Illusion? Vol.19 Ch.170 Outragous Club President Appointment Test Vol.19 Ch.171 Death Study ♥ (Part One) Vol.19 Ch.172 Death Study ♥ (Part Two) Vol.19 Ch.173 Endless Death Study ♥ Vol.19 Ch.174 The Keyword Is 'Father' Vol.19 Ch.175 A Single Frame of a Youthful Summer Vol.19 Ch.176 Club Negima (Temporary Name) Growing in Numbers ♥ Vol.19 Ch.177 Dead or Alive Vol.20 Ch.178 Summer! Beach! Confession!? Vol.20 Ch.179 She's the One for Negi!? Vol.20 Ch.180 Explosion! Negi Wars ♥ Vol.20 Ch.181 I Need to Tell You Something! Vol.20 Ch.182 Negi Party, All Ready! Vol.20 Ch.183 Full of Memories ♥ Vol.20 Ch.184 Negi Party Departs to London!! Vol.20 Ch.185 Starting Point for the Future!! Vol.20 Ch.186 Welcome to Another World!! Vol.21 Ch.187 Fate Causes a Catastrophe Vol.21 Ch.188 Power Up, Negi Party! Vol.21 Ch.189 Destruction! Negi Party!! Vol.21 Ch.190 Energy Recovered, 120% ♥ Vol.21 Ch.191 Promise from the Past Vol.21 Ch.192 Hero's Duty Vol.21 Ch.193 Wanted!! Vol.21 Ch.194 Maid in the Magical World Vol.21 Ch.195 1,000,000 Drachma Repayment Plan Vol.22 Ch.196 Enter the New Heroes!! Vol.22 Ch.197 Project One Stone, Three Birds ♥ Vol.22 Ch.198 Life-threatening Showdown!! Vol.22 Ch.199 Ako's Heart-pounding Examination Room ♥ Vol.22 Ch.200 Respective Strengths! Vol.22 Ch.201 A New Master / Disciple Combo Is Born ♥ Vol.22 Ch.202 All Negi's Got Vol.22 Ch.203 Magical Girl Yue Vol.22 Ch.204 If I Could Be Stupid... ♥ Vol.23 Ch.205 Father's Path or Master's Path!? Vol.23 Ch.206 Precious Reunion ♥ Vol.23 Ch.207 No Chance of Winning!!? Vol.23 Ch.208 Limit Vol.23 Ch.209 Negi's Back! Vol.23 Ch.210 Everyone's Energetically Devoted to Life ♥ Vol.23 Ch.211 Magical Girl Major Battle ♥ Vol.23 Ch.212 100km Broom Rally; Falling Clothes and Danger Ahead ♥ Vol.23 Ch.213 Super Magical Girl Yue ♥ Vol.24 Ch.214 I'm So Glad to See You ♥ Vol.24 Ch.215 Operation Return to the Real World! Begin!! Vol.24 Ch.216 Is Love an Illusion?? Vol.24 Ch.217 Now Is the Time to Face the Darkness! Vol.24 Ch.218 Boobies in Peril!! Vol.24 Ch.219 A Wonder to Behold! Magia Erebea!! Vol.24 Ch.220 The Hearts of the Negima Club Are One! Vol.24 Ch.221 Let the Festivities Begin ♥ Vol.24 Ch.222 Negi vs. Fate Vol.25 Ch.223 Negi's Party vs. Fate's Party Vol.25 Ch.224 Incredible Skills! Fate's Army of Beautiful Girls Vol.25 Ch.225 Proclamation of War!! Vol.25 Ch.226 Wish Upon a Pair of Panties ♥ Vol.25 Ch.227 All Out Showdown!! Negi's Party vs. Fate's Party Vol.25 Ch.227.5 Extra Negima no Kabe Vol.25 Ch.228 Negi's Party Assembled! Vol.25 Ch.229 Fate's True Colors! Vol.25 Ch.230 EP1 'Rakan Sets Out ♥' Vol.25 Ch.231 EP1 'Rakan Sets Out ♥' - Continued Vol.26 Ch.232 EP1 'Rakan Sets Out ♥' - Continued Again Vol.26 Ch.233 EP1 'Rakan Sets Out ♥' - To Eternity Vol.26 Ch.234 Captive Imperial Princess Vol.26 Ch.235 Advent of Chichigami ♥ Vol.26 Ch.236 Enter Team Nagi and Kojiro!! Vol.26 Ch.237 Legendary Emergency Entry!! Vol.26 Ch.238 Proclamation of Complete Defeat!? Vol.26 Ch.239 Brave Allies ♥ Assemble Vol.26 Ch.240 Flawless! Defeating Rakan Vol.27 Ch.241 Negi Awakens?! Vol.27 Ch.242 God of Lightning - Negi! Vol.27 Ch.243 Rakan, 120%!! Vol.27 Ch.244 Negi is Defeated!? Vol.27 Ch.245 Even if that Happens, I'll Believe in Negi! Vol.27 Ch.246 Victory for Your Sake! Vol.27 Ch.247 Trump Card Glory! Vol.27 Ch.248 And on to the Summit Vol.27 Ch.249 Initiation! Vol.28 Ch.250 Again, to Mahora Academy!! Vol.28 Ch.251 Reunion with Destiny Vol.28 Ch.252 My Partner ♥ Vol.28 Ch.253 The Hesitant Maidens' Pactio Dreams ♥ Vol.28 Ch.254 The Other Mastermind!? Vol.28 Ch.255 Which Path Will Negi Choose?! Vol.28 Ch.256 Invitation from the Darkness Vol.28 Ch.257 The Plan to Return to the Real World Begins! Vol.28 Ch.258 To the Core of the World's Secrets! Vol.29 Ch.259 Outburst!? The Top Elites of the Magical World Do Battle! Vol.29 Ch.260 Top Battle & Top Class Dance ♥ Vol.29 Ch.261 Kiss Kiss Carnival ♥ Vol.29 Ch.262 Kiss Kiss Carnival ♥ Episode 2 Vol.29 Ch.263 Kiss Kiss Carnival! ♥ Episode 3 Vol.29 Ch.264 The Door of Truth!! Vol.29 Ch.265 Encroachment of Darkness! Vol.29 Ch.266 Facing the Truth! Vol.29 Ch.267 Tale of a Father and a Mother's Fate Vol.30 Ch.268 Collapse of Love and the World Vol.30 Ch.269 Until the End of the World... Vol.30 Ch.270 Your Answer, Please! Vol.30 Ch.271 Dilemma! The Legendary Mercenary Swordsman Vol.30 Ch.272 Final Answer Vol.30 Ch.273 I Believe in My Father and Friends!! Vol.30 Ch.274 Negi Party's Great Escape!! Vol.30 Ch.275 'Cosmo Entelecheia' Revived Vol.30 Ch.276 Friends, the Greatest Asset! Vol.31 Ch.277 The Magical World is Annihilated!!? Vol.31 Ch.278 Conclusion! Showdown Between the Magical World's Top Elites Vol.31 Ch.279 Negi's Party Is the Only Hope!! Vol.31 Ch.280 The Girls' Counterattack!! Vol.31 Ch.281 Negi's Party, Hard A-Port! Full Speed Ahead!! Vol.31 Ch.282 Seek the Key to Victory!! Vol.31 Ch.283 A Fierce Attack on Asuna! ♥ Vol.31 Ch.284 The Captive Imperial Princess Vol.31 Ch.285 Dark Prescription Vol.32 Ch.286 Magia Erebea vs. Negi's Party Vol.32 Ch.287 Mahora Academy Prepares for Battle!! Vol.32 Ch.288 Secret Confession Vol.32 Ch.289 A String of Pactios Is in the Forecast Vol.32 Ch.290 Fate's Resolve Vol.32 Ch.291 Obtaining the Darkness!! Vol.32 Ch.292 Last Project Vol.32 Ch.293 The Final Battle Begins!! Vol.32 Ch.294 Ala Alba, Charge at the Enemy!! Vol.33 Ch.295 The Final Choice Vol.33 Ch.296 Dear Old Days Vol.33 Ch.297 Cosmo Entelecheia Vol.33 Ch.298 There Is More than One Future! Vol.33 Ch.299 Negi's Answer vs. Fate's Answer! Vol.33 Ch.300 Onward to Asuna!! Vol.33 Ch.301 To the Battle to Save the World Vol.33 Ch.302 All-Out Battle! Cosmo Entelecheia vs. Ala Alba!! Vol.33 Ch.303 Final Dungeon, Front Line!! Vol.33 Ch.304 All-Out Battle, Round 2!! Vol.34 Ch.305 To Fate! Vol.34 Ch.306 Prevail? Or Be Consumed?! Vol.34 Ch.307 Even So, We Believe in Negi! Vol.34 Ch.308 The Best Scheme to Approach the Formidable!! Vol.34 Ch.309 The Final Dungeon - an Audacious Infiltration!! Vol.34 Ch.310 Ala Alba Assault!! Vol.34 Ch.311 Fate of the Counterattack Vol.34 Ch.312 Sacrificial Ninpou in an Absolute Predicament Vol.34 Ch.313 We Won't Give Up, Not Until the Very End! Vol.34 Ch.314 Rebirth Vol.35 Ch.315 Toward the Fateful Battle! Vol.35 Ch.316 Where is the "Truth"!? Vol.35 Ch.317 Countdown to the Collapse! Vol.35 Ch.318 Decisive Battle!! Vol.35 Ch.319 1000% Battle!! Vol.35 Ch.320 We Won't Lose! We Can't Lose! Vol.35 Ch.321 Everyone's Full-strength Battle!! Vol.35 Ch.322 The Magic World vs. Mahora Academy!! Vol.35 Ch.323 The Paru-sama's Back! Vol.35 Ch.324 Top Secret Revealed!! Vol.36 Ch.325 We Settle This Now!! Vol.36 Ch.326 The Awakening Fate Vol.36 Ch.327 The Flavor of Coffee Vol.36 Ch.328 Who has Survived?!! Vol.36 Ch.329 The Entrusted Future! Vol.36 Ch.330 Ressurection of a Nightmare!! Vol.36 Ch.331 Mahora Academy vs. Kosmo Entelecheia!! Vol.36 Ch.332 The Classmates' Great Gathering Vol.36 Ch.333 Save Asuna! The Furious Counterattack of the Strongest Lineup!! Vol.36 Ch.334 Reunion The Greatest Partner! Vol.37 Ch.335 Let All Living Things Resurrect!! Vol.37 Ch.335.5 It’s the movie adaptation! Secret Material Dance de Emittum Vol.37 Ch.336 After a Great Battle! Vol.37 Ch.337 I Want to Help! Vol.37 Ch.338 A Beloved Space Development Project Vol.37 Ch.339 Love Love Complex Vol.37 Ch.340 The Crystallization of Love is Born Vol.37 Ch.341 I'm Getting Married?! Vol.37 Ch.342 The True Nature of the Price Vol.37 Ch.343 The Eternal Farewell Vol.37 Ch.344 The Enemy of Womankind, Negi! Vol.38 Ch.345 The Target is Negi-Sensei! Vol.38 Ch.346 A Revelation? Negi's True Favorite?!! Vol.38 Ch.347 Love Can't Be Stopped!! Vol.38 Ch.348 Going all out to make you confess Vol.38 Ch.349 I Want to Protect Negi <3 Vol.38 Ch.350 Onto the Endless Road Vol.38 Ch.351 Bye-Bye, Everyone! Vol.38 Ch.352 A Century Of Memories Vol.38 Ch.353 To The Future ! Vol.38 Ch.354 The Wonder! Magical Detective Yue Vol.38 Ch.355 3-A Forever
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