Lotte no Omocha!

Vol.09 Ch.067.1 Extra Chapter 9 - "Mansion of Intoxication" [END]

Vol.01 Ch.001 A Candidate for the Princess's Harem, well it's fine right? Vol.01 Ch.002 Our first Sleepover, and that's the way it goes Vol.01 Ch.003 Purveyor For The Princess, Mmm it's good stuff Vol.01 Ch.004 Girls meeting, Almost like Candy some times bittersweet Vol.01 Ch.005 Girl Gets Girl Vol.01 Ch.006 A Dangerous Man Vol.01 Ch.007 The Count's Daughter is at a Marriageable Age? Vol.02 Ch.008 The Great Sage of the Ivory Tower Vol.02 Ch.009 The Great Sage of the Ivory Tower Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.010 The Queen's Attack! Vol.02 Ch.011 A Chance Meeting on a Moonlit Night Vol.02 Ch.012 Speaking After Seven Years Vol.02 Ch.013 Date Forecast Rain, then Sunshine Vol.02 Ch.014 Splish Splash Vol.02 Ch.014.5 Rotte and the Protagonist's Physical Examinations Vol.03 Ch.015 Prodigious Swordsman Vol.03 Ch.016 A Day in the Sage's Life Vol.03 Ch.017 The Transfer Student and the Three Girls Vol.03 Ch.018 The Sneaky Sight-Seeing Shadow Vol.03 Ch.019 Special Transfer Vol.03 Ch.020 Your Skin after a Bath is Milky White Vol.03 Ch.021 The Angel has Landed Vol.03 Ch.022 The Prince in the Academy Vol.03 Ch.022.5 Asuha's Yonkoma Theater Vol.04 Ch.023 A Succubus's Hardship Vol.04 Ch.024 Beware of Dog Vol.04 Ch.025 The Queen and the Boy Vol.04 Ch.026 The Queen and the Boy II Vol.04 Ch.027 The Academy's Mystery! Spirited Away the Night Before the Festival Vol.04 Ch.028 On the Festival Stage Vol.04 Ch.029 Night of the Party Vol.04 Ch.029.5 Miracle Panzer Vol.05 Ch.030 What the Beautiful Maid Saw! Vol.05 Ch.031 The Beautiful Maid's Secret! Vol.05 Ch.032 Those Who Seek the Truth Vol.05 Ch.033 Fervor! The Tournament Battle Vol.05 Ch.034 Intermezzo Beneath the Autumn Sky Vol.05 Ch.035 The Queen and the Princess Vol.05 Ch.036 His Circumstances Vol.06 Ch.037 The Angel's Seasonal Change of Clothing Vol.06 Ch.038 The Strange Man And The Strong Woman Vol.06 Ch.039 The Vampire Princess' Circumstances Vol.06 Ch.040 Grow-up Girls Vol.06 Ch.041 The Sun-Drenched Journey And The Sparkling Waters Of Autumn I Vol.06 Ch.042 The Sun-Drenched Journey And The Sparkling Waters Of Autumn II Vol.06 Ch.043 The Sun-Drenched Journey and the Sparkling Waters of Autumn III Vol.06 Ch.043.1 Extra Chapter 3 - "Shuffle House" Vol.06 Ch.043.2 Extra Chapter 4 - "Forgotten Objects of Summer" Ch.067.5 Extra Chapter 9 - Mansion Of Introxication (omake) Vol.07 Ch.044 Country of Alcohol and Hot Springs Vol.07 Ch.045 Relax if you please! Vol.07 Ch.046 The newcomer's secret! Vol.07 Ch.047 The newcomer's secret! II Vol.07 Ch.048 The Newcomer's Secret! III Vol.07 Ch.049 God Milk I Vol.07 Ch.050 God Milk II Vol.07 Ch.051 Wavering Hearts and the Writhing Darkness Vol.07 Ch.051.1 Extra Chapter 5 - "The young ladies' 4 panel comics theatre" Vol.07 Ch.051.2 Extra Chapter 6 - "Charming Girls"" Vol.08 Ch.052 Always Together Vol.08 Ch.053 A Prince's Regret I Vol.08 Ch.054 A Prince's Regret II Vol.08 Ch.055 A Prince's Regret III Vol.08 Ch.056 Fountain of Miracles Vol.08 Ch.057 Paradise Lost Vol.08 Ch.058 Rebellion Vol.08 Ch.058.1 Extra Chapter 7 - "The Young Ladies' Secret Club" Vol.08 Ch.058.2 Extra Chapter 8 - "New Invention" Vol.09 Ch.059 Miss You Vol.09 Ch.060 Into the Maelstrom Vol.09 Ch.061 The Flight to Freedom Vol.09 Ch.062 Fireflies Dancing in the Dark Vol.09 Ch.063 Those Who Fight Back Vol.09 Ch.064 The One Who Grasped Her Hand Vol.09 Ch.065 Dream Crossing Vol.09 Ch.066 Those Who Will Open the Door Vol.09 Ch.067 A Concerto of Spring [END] Vol.09 Ch.067.1 Extra Chapter 9 - "Mansion of Intoxication" [END]
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