Lan Chi

Ch.012 Weirdo

Ch.001 Little Sister Ch.002 Starting School Ch.003 A Chance Encounter Ch.004 Huge Mistake Ch.004.5 Mini Theater 01 Little Blue Riding Hood Ch.005 Lies Ch.006 Not Returning Home Ch.007 Big Brother Ch.008 Coming Home Ch.009 To Cover Up a Lie Ch.010 Fair (1) Ch.011 Fair (2) Ch.012 Weirdo Ch.013 Plotting Ch.014 Bad Dream Ch.015 Guardian Ch.016 Scheming Ch.017 Goodbye Ch.018 Running Away Ch.019 Chase Ch.019.1 More Painful Than Pain Ch.020 Distress Ch.020.1 Side Story - Illusion Forest Ch.021 Help Ch.022 Confusion Ch.022.5 Lemon Theater 01 Pop Quiz Ch.023 Stay Ch.024 A New Journey (1) Ch.024.5 Cherry Theater 01 Ming Qing’s Many Troubles Ch.025 A New Journey (2) Ch.026 A New Journey (3) Ch.027 Start Ch.028 Tang Yuan's Memories Ch.029 Incurable Ch.030 Three Ch.031 Notice Ch.032 Memories of Tang Yuan Ch.032.5 Lemon Theater 02 Developing in Puberty (1) Ch.033 Promise Ch.034 Return Ch.035 Reunited Ch.036 A Changing Home (1) Ch.036.5 Lemon Theater 02 Developing in Puberty (2) Ch.037 A Changing Home (2) Ch.038 Orphans Ch.039.1 Ch.039.2 Ch.040 Mother Ch.040.5 Extra Chapter Ouxili HIgh School Article Ch.041 Followed Ch.042 The Past Ch.043 Family Ch.044 Mom Ch.045 Thrown Away Ch.046 Showdown Ch.047 Break Away Ch.048 Terrifying Ch.048.5 .1 Side Story The Sweet, Sweet Orange Soda (1) Ch.049 Chaos Ch.050 Reunion Ch.051 Angla Ch.052 Ming Lan Ch.053 Ming Lan Ch.054 Waver Ch.055 Deal Ch.056 Ants Ch.057 The Decision Ch.058 The Decision (2) Ch.059 Xi Lian Ch.060 Heartache Ch.061 Black Falcon Ch.062 Ch.063 Ch.064 Ch.065 Ch.066 Pirate Ch.067 Ch.068 Ch.069 Ch.069.1 Ch.069.2 Ch.069.3 Ch.069.4 Ch.069.5 Ch.069.6 Ch.069.7 Ch.069.8 Ch.069.9 Ch.070.1 Ch.070.2 Ch.070.3 Ch.070.4 Ch.070.5 Ch.070.6 Ch.070.7 Ch.070.8 Ch.071.1 Ch.071.2 Ch.071.3 Ch.071.4 Ch.071.5 Ch.071.6 Ch.071.7 Ch.071.8 Ch.072.1 Ch.072.2 Ch.072.3 Ch.072.4 Ch.072.5 Ch.072.6 Ch.072.7 Ch.072.8 Ch.072.9 Ch.073 chapter 72.10 Ch.073.1 chapter 72.11 Ch.073.2 chapter 72.12 Ch.073.3 chapter 73.1 Ch.073.4 73.2 Ch.073.5 73.3 Ch.073.6 73.4 Ch.073.7 73.5 Ch.073.8 73.6 Ch.073.9 73.7 Ch.074 73.8 Ch.074.1 Ch.074.2 Ch.074.3 Ch.074.4 Ch.074.5 Ch.074.6 Ch.074.7 Ch.074.8 Ch.074.9 Ch.075 74.10 Ch.075.1 Ch.075.2 Ch.075.3 Ch.075.4 Ch.075.5 Ch.075.6 Ch.075.7 Ch.075.8 Ch.076.1 Ch.076.2 Ch.076.3 Ch.076.4 Ch.076.5 Ch.076.6 Ch.076.7 Ch.077.1 Ch.077.2 Ch.077.3 Ch.077.4 Ch.077.5 Ch.077.6 Ch.077.7 Ch.077.8 Ch.077.9 Ch.078.1 Ch.078.2 Ch.078.3 Ch.078.4 Ch.078.5 Ch.078.6 Ch.078.7 Ch.078.8 Ch.078.9 Ch.079.1 Ch.079.2 77.20 Ch.080.1 Ch.080.2 Ch.080.3 Ch.080.4 Ch.080.5 78.5 Ch.080.6 Ch.080.7 Ch.080.8 Ch.081.1 Ch.081.2 Ch.081.3 79.3 Ch.081.4 Ch.081.5 Ch.082.1 Ch.082.2 Ch.082.3 Ch.082.4 Ch.082.5 Ch.082.6 Ch.082.7 Ch.083.1 Ch.083.2 Ch.083.3 Ch.083.4 Ch.083.5 Ch.083.6 Ch.083.7 Ch.083.8 Ch.084.1 Ch.084.2 Ch.084.3 Ch.084.4 Ch.084.5 Ch.084.6 Ch.084.7 Ch.084.8 Ch.085.1 Ch.085.2 Ch.085.3 Ch.085.4
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