Kyou kara Ore wa!!

Vol.38 Ch.365.5 [Kyou kara ore wa sidestory] Imai and Tanigawa's Trip for Two

Vol.01 Ch.001 Delinquent Youth Vol.01 Ch.002 The Hated Vol.01 Ch.003 Female High School Students Vol.01 Ch.004 Criminals Vol.01 Ch.005 Cheapshots Vol.01 Ch.006 Ruffians Vol.01 Ch.007 Skirt Chasers Vol.02 Ch.008 Evil Delinquent Teacher Vol.02 Ch.009 Hostages Vol.02 Ch.010 Best Friends Vol.02 Ch.011 Sportsmanship Vol.02 Ch.012 Hicks Vol.02 Ch.013 Woman Vol.02 Ch.014 Golden-Haired Sincerity Vol.03 Ch.015 The Cursed Vol.03 Ch.016 1 on 1 Vol.03 Ch.017 A Close Call Vol.03 Ch.018 The Christmas Party Vol.03 Ch.019 The Brand Vol.03 Ch.020 Mitsuhashi Style Ultimate Technique Vol.03 Ch.021 Itou Style Friendship Vol.04 Ch.022 Justice Vol.04 Ch.023 The Kappa Vol.04 Ch.024 When a Man Can't Back Down Vol.04 Ch.025 The Stupid Idiot Vol.04 Ch.026 Echelons of Evil Vol.04 Ch.027 Mama's Memento Vol.04 Ch.028 Revenge Vol.04 Ch.029 Run Away! Vol.05 Ch.030 Bloodshed Vol.05 Ch.031 The Immortal Mitsuhashi Vol.05 Ch.032 Honesty Vol.05 Ch.033 My Love, My Life Vol.05 Ch.034 God, Give Me Strength Vol.05 Ch.035 Sacrifice Vol.05 Ch.036 Arches of Our Youth Vol.05 Ch.037 Whoop His Ass Vol.05 Ch.038 Be a Man Vol.05 Ch.039 Payback Vol.05 Ch.040 Forget Last Time Vol.06 Ch.041 How Rude! Vol.06 Ch.042 This Is How It Should Be Vol.06 Ch.043 Bear with Me Vol.06 Ch.044 Kick 'em in the Balls Vol.06 Ch.045 Dig Here Woof Woof Vol.06 Ch.046 My Balls Vol.06 Ch.047 Just a Bunch of Idiots Vol.06 Ch.048 A Courageous Boy Vol.06 Ch.049 Martial Honor Vol.07 Ch.050 Mitsuhashi the Heartless Vol.07 Ch.051 Cheer Us on, Riko! Vol.07 Ch.052 A Strange Relationship Vol.07 Ch.053 As Long as There's a Chance to Win Vol.07 Ch.054 Scary Itou! Vol.07 Ch.055 Angry Mitsuhashi Vol.07 Ch.056 We've Lowered Our Sign Vol.07 Ch.057 Our Overconfident Youth Vol.07 Ch.058 The Middle School Army Vol.07 Ch.059 Hey, Wake Up! Vol.08 Ch.060 Against Violence Vol.08 Ch.061 The Middle School Student Who Never Backs Down Vol.08 Ch.062 The Man-Bear Vol.08 Ch.063 Mitsuhashi Fighting Style, Fair-Minded Vol.08 Ch.064 The Great Transformation for the Study Tour Vol.08 Ch.065 Let's Settle Things at the Station Vol.08 Ch.066 Kiyomizu Temple Vol.08 Ch.067 Chiba vs. Ibaraki Vol.08 Ch.068 Riko and Her Yatsuhashi Vol.08 Ch.069 Showdown in Kyoto Has Begun! Vol.09 Ch.070 The Dirty Monkey Vol.09 Ch.071 Itou the Man Vol.09 Ch.072 The Weakling Vol.09 Ch.073 Mitsuhashi the Man Vol.09 Ch.074 Sweet Kyouko-chan Vol.09 Ch.075 Imai Returns Vol.09 Ch.076 The Boozer Vol.09 Ch.077 Mitsuhashi's Mom's Husband Vol.09 Ch.078 Sagara Is Back Vol.09 Ch.079 Ryou-kun the Man Vol.10 Ch.080 You'll See, Bastard Vol.10 Ch.081 Leave Him to Me Vol.10 Ch.082 Essence of Delinquency Vol.10 Ch.083 You Really Kept Me Waiting Vol.10 Ch.084 Smashed Head Vol.10 Ch.085 Iron Chop of Justice Vol.10 Ch.086 Cool Guy Vol.10 Ch.087 You're Going Down with Me Vol.10 Ch.088 My Dio-kun Vol.10 Ch.089 Devil, Fiend, Dumbass, Moron, Cockroach Vol.11 Ch.090 Mitsuhashi's Dedication to Work Vol.11 Ch.091 The Neighbor Town Is a Good Place Vol.11 Ch.092 Mitsuhashi's Brawl in the Neighbor Town Vol.11 Ch.093 Two of Them!? Vol.11 Ch.094 The Igarashi Brothers Are Strong! Vol.11 Ch.095 History's Strongest Partnership Vol.11 Ch.096 Itou's a Rich Guy Vol.11 Ch.097 Mitsuhashi's Teaching Vol.11 Ch.098 Mommy's Way of Manliness Vol.12 Ch.099 Do Your Best, Third Years! Vol.12 Ch.100 The Horrible Newcomers Vol.12 Ch.101 An Incredible Bad Guy Vol.12 Ch.102 The Strongest Person Vol.12 Ch.103 The Evil-Repellant Vol.12 Ch.104 Imai's Spring Vol.12 Ch.105 Too Happy Vol.12 Ch.106 Imai's Path of the Man Vol.12 Ch.107 Because We Are Friends Vol.12 Ch.108 The Horrifying Nakano Vol.13 Ch.109 From Today on, in Chiba! Vol.13 Ch.110 A Little Dangerous! Vol.13 Ch.111 Imai's Manliness Vol.13 Ch.112 That's How a Man Should Be Vol.13 Ch.113 Unreasonable Fight Vol.13 Ch.114 Sometimes We're Friends Vol.13 Ch.115 Flying Imai Vol.13 Ch.116 The Conclusion of the Fight Against the Yakuza! Vol.13 Ch.117 The Great Edison Vol.13 Ch.118 Yuuichi's Love Vol.14 Ch.119 Money Rules the World Vol.14 Ch.120 Mitsuhashi's Weakness Vol.14 Ch.121 The Rich Villain Vol.14 Ch.122 I Trust Him Vol.14 Ch.123 Even So, I Still Trust Him Vol.14 Ch.124 Too Much of a Nice Guy Vol.14 Ch.125 After All, I Still Trust Him Vol.14 Ch.126 Mitsuhashi + Riko Vol.14 Ch.127 Mitsuhashi + Tanigawa Vol.14 Ch.128 Imai Katsutoshi's Counterattack Vol.15 Ch.129 Mitsuhashi vs. Imai Part 1 Vol.15 Ch.130 Mitsuhashi vs. Imai Part 2 Vol.15 Ch.131 Mitsuhashi vs. Imai Part 3 Vol.15 Ch.132 Mitsuhashi vs. Imai Conclusion Vol.15 Ch.133 I Am Nakano! Vol.15 Ch.134 The Obstinate Nakano Vol.15 Ch.135 The Powerful Nakano Vol.15 Ch.136 Scarred for Life Vol.15 Ch.137 Love Is in the Air! Vol.15 Ch.138 Like a Mitsuhashi Vol.16 Ch.139 Real vs. Fake Vol.16 Ch.140 The Real Villains Vol.16 Ch.141 Akehisa, Home of Supervillains Vol.16 Ch.142 Duel in the Dark Vol.16 Ch.143 Itou's Big Crisis Vol.16 Ch.144 Danger Is Approaching Vol.16 Ch.145 Danger Around Every Corner Vol.16 Ch.146 Super Ultra Big Trouble Vol.16 Ch.147 According to Plan Vol.16 Ch.148 Those Who Become a Legend Vol.17 Ch.149 Charge into Akehisa Vol.17 Ch.150 Legendary Brothers Vol.17 Ch.151 The Legendary Dumbasses Vol.17 Ch.152 Oh Shi- Vol.17 Ch.153 Assaulting the Enemy's Nest Vol.17 Ch.154 Spring and Winter Vol.17 Ch.155 After the Legend Vol.17 Ch.156 Fierce Battle Vol.17 Ch.157 Sport of Youth Vol.17 Ch.158 Fierce Match Vol.18 Ch.159 Fair Play Vol.18 Ch.160 Mitsuhashi Takashi of Two Years Ago Vol.18 Ch.161 Painful Flashback Vol.18 Ch.162 Remember Kirimura Vol.18 Ch.163 Fundoshi-Mask Vol.18 Ch.164 Yakuza Replica Vol.18 Ch.165 World's Strongest Assistant Vol.18 Ch.166 Everybody Turns Bald Vol.18 Ch.167 Operation Coconut Vol.18 Ch.168 Flavors of Youth Vol.19 Ch.169 Let's Go to Karuizawa Vol.19 Ch.170 Far Away from Karuizawa Vol.19 Ch.171 Unbelievable Karuizawa Vol.19 Ch.172 Brisk Imai Vol.19 Ch.173 Unexpected Karuizawa Vol.19 Ch.174 Brisk vs. Pathetic Vol.19 Ch.175 Local Delinquents - Between Heaven and Hell Vol.19 Ch.176 Karuizawa Punks vs. Tokyo Delinquents Vol.19 Ch.177 Drunk Mitsuhashi Is a Nice Guy Vol.19 Ch.178 Naive Imai Is Stepping Forward! Vol.20 Ch.179 Itou and Imai Captured Vol.20 Ch.180 Fighting Unfair, Crisis by a Hair Vol.20 Ch.181 Exploding Anger! People's Mitsuhashi Vol.20 Ch.182 Lethal Weapon Kyouko Vol.20 Ch.183 Riko's Shattered Memory Vol.20 Ch.184 Great Detective Sherlock Mitsuhashi Vol.20 Ch.185 Takoyaki of Love and Emotion Vol.20 Ch.186 Satoshi's Business Vol.20 Ch.187 Takoyaki of Faith Vol.20 Ch.188 Takoyaki Forever! Vol.21 Ch.189 Imai, a Birthday in Tears Vol.21 Ch.190 Riko Is Imai's Girlfriend!? Vol.21 Ch.191 Mitsuhashi's Manly Bowling Vol.21 Ch.192 The Strike of Determination and Endurance Vol.21 Ch.193 Itou Has a Lackey? Vol.21 Ch.194 Fundoshi-Mask Once Again! Vol.21 Ch.195 A New Enemy Appears! Vol.21 Ch.196 Lucky Charms? Vol.21 Ch.197 Encounter! Nan High vs. Hokunei Vol.21 Ch.198 Mitsuhashi's Trouble with Women Vol.22 Ch.199 I Will Protect San-chan! Vol.22 Ch.200 The Horror of Hokunei Vol.22 Ch.201 Who is the Real Enemy? Vol.22 Ch.202 Itou the Liar Vol.22 Ch.203 Itou Defeated!? Vol.22 Ch.204 Under the Knife Vol.22 Ch.205 Satoru-kun Trapped Vol.22 Ch.206 I Am a Man! Vol.22 Ch.207 Tragedy of the Scapegoat Vol.22 Ch.208 Itou's Iron Fist of Fury Vol.23 Ch.209 Scary Strong Itou Vol.23 Ch.210 Bodyguard Imai Vol.23 Ch.211 Evil Sweeper Mitsuhashi Vol.23 Ch.212 Two Heroes Emerged Vol.23 Ch.213 The River and Mitsuhashi's Splashing Sound Vol.23 Ch.214 Yanagi's Defeat Vol.23 Ch.215 Don't Lay Hands on My Friends Vol.23 Ch.216 That Eventful Summer Day Vol.23 Ch.217 Kyouko Visits Itou's Home Vol.23 Ch.218 Mitsuhashi's "I Am the Law!" Vol.23 Ch.219 Mitsuhashi's Future...? Vol.24 Ch.220 It's a Promise, Big Bro! Vol.24 Ch.221 Marathon of Love and Courage Vol.24 Ch.222 This Time the Enemy's a Cool Guy!? Vol.24 Ch.223 The Transfer Student Is Hot Blooded! Vol.24 Ch.224 Confrontation! Judo vs. Cowardice! Vol.24 Ch.225 Can't Compete with Youngsters! Vol.24 Ch.226 Takasaki-kun's Jumping to Conclusion!? Vol.24 Ch.227 Rematch! Mitsuhashi vs. Takasaki! Vol.24 Ch.228 Takasaki-kun's Hidden Past! Vol.24 Ch.229 Manly Itou Is the Savior! Vol.25 Ch.230 Heating Up! Battle in Saitama! Vol.25 Ch.231 Chiba's Representative, Mitsuhashi Vol.25 Ch.232 Chiba Trio in Danger Vol.25 Ch.233 Rage of the Cheapskate Vol.25 Ch.234 Final Phase of the Battle in Saitama Vol.25 Ch.235 Despicable Takasaki! Vol.25 Ch.236 The Opponent Is a Foreign Wrestler Vol.25 Ch.237 Using a Foreigner Is Against the Rules! Vol.25 Ch.238 The Reason Takasaki Cannot Lose Vol.25 Ch.239 We Are Companions Vol.26 Ch.240 Mitsuhashi Has a Disciple! Vol.26 Ch.241 The Attractive Banchou Imai Vol.26 Ch.242 Banchou Imai, Chiba's Pure Love Story Vol.26 Ch.243 To Make Imai-san a Man Vol.26 Ch.244 Girlfriend and Friend, Which to Choose? Vol.26 Ch.245 Mitsuhashi Family's Bond Vol.26 Ch.246 Unlucky Itou-kun Vol.26 Ch.247 Bad Guy Itou Vol.26 Ch.248 The Delinquent Who Submits to the Circumstances Vol.26 Ch.249 Tokyo's Conquest of Chiba! Vol.27 Ch.250 Tokyo's Number One Badasses Vol.27 Ch.251 Tokyo's Delinquents Are Unforgivable Vol.27 Ch.252 Takasaki and Mitsuhashi in Danger Vol.27 Ch.253 Merciless Tokyo Gang Vol.27 Ch.254 Itou Is the Target Vol.27 Ch.255 Lame Ass Mitsuhashi Vol.27 Ch.256 Careless Itou, Powerful Mitsuhashi Vol.27 Ch.257 You Are a Man, Yutaka-kun! Vol.27 Ch.258 A Battle Between Men Should Be 1 on 1 Vol.27 Ch.259 Mitsuhashi-kun Is Angry Vol.28 Ch.260 Safe Return from Chiba Vol.28 Ch.261 Returning the Favor Chiba Style Vol.28 Ch.262 I'm Just a Bad Guy Vol.28 Ch.263 Gardening President Mitsuhashi Vol.28 Ch.264 Cheapskate and Urchin Going Lost Vol.28 Ch.265 Finding Leaf People Is a Man's Romance Vol.28 Ch.266 Ryou-kun's Trouble with Youth Vol.28 Ch.267 Charming Ryou-kun Vol.28 Ch.268 Kyou-chan Lied to Me Vol.28 Ch.269 Bentou of Love Vol.29 Ch.270 This Time It's the Iron Fist Vol.29 Ch.271 Delinquents Have No Guts Vol.29 Ch.272 Mitsuhashi Lost to Karate!? Vol.29 Ch.273 Can Mitsuhashi Be Taken Down by Karate? Vol.29 Ch.274 What's Your Take on Things? Vol.29 Ch.275 Kurosaki's Dojo Hunt Vol.29 Ch.276 I'm Angry Vol.29 Ch.277 Who Is the Coward? Vol.29 Ch.278 Who Is the Bigger Man? Vol.29 Ch.279 Why Is Nakano so Gloomy? Vol.30 Ch.280 The Truly Vicious Banchou Imai Vol.30 Ch.281 The not so vicious banchou Imai Vol.30 Ch.282 Believers Shall Find Salvation Vol.30 Ch.283 It's Tough Being a High School Teacher Vol.30 Ch.284 Mitsuhashi-kun's First Time Experience Vol.30 Ch.285 Tanigawa's Confidence for Existing Vol.30 Ch.286 Itou Cries over 10 yen Vol.30 Ch.287 Being Poor Is No Big Deal Vol.30 Ch.288 A Pickpocket's Pride Vol.30 Ch.289 Secret of the Stolen Powder!? Vol.31 Ch.290 The Banchou and Miss Banchou's Double Date Vol.31 Ch.291 Banchou Imai's True Charm Vol.31 Ch.292 Overconfident Mitsuhashi Vol.31 Ch.293 Where Mitsuhashi's Charm Lies Vol.31 Ch.294 Arrogance Is All Vol.31 Ch.295 Horror of the Strange Mansion Vol.31 Ch.296 Mitsuhashi Awakened by Poetry Vol.31 Ch.297 Believe in Mitsuhashi's Salvation Vol.31 Ch.298 The Southern Islands Is a Guy's Dream Vol.31 Ch.299 This Is Imai's Capability Vol.32 Ch.300 Mitsuhashi's Left Regrets Vol.32 Ch.301 On the Plane to Southern Island Vol.32 Ch.302 Here I Come, Saipan Vol.32 Ch.303 Tanigawa the Knight Vol.32 Ch.304 Tanigawa Wants to Become Strong Vol.32 Ch.305 Tanigawa's Rival! Vol.32 Ch.306 The Thing Tanigawa Surpasses Jun With Vol.32 Ch.307 The Guy Tanigawa Wants to Punish Vol.32 Ch.308 This Is Tanigawa's Revenge! Vol.32 Ch.309 Are You Sure about This, Imai? Vol.33 Ch.310 This Is No Game Vol.33 Ch.311 Mitsuhashi & Itou's Revenge Vol.33 Ch.312 Tanigawa's Fury Vol.33 Ch.313 Tanigawa Coming Out of His Shell Vol.33 Ch.314 Souvenir Shopping in Southern Islands Vol.33 Ch.315 Mitsuhashi and Itou Missing in the Pacific Ocean Vol.33 Ch.316 Chiba's Strongest Duo Deserted Vol.33 Ch.317 Mitsuhashi & Itou in No Man's Land Vol.33 Ch.318 Return from Saipan Vol.33 Ch.319 Takasaki-kun Is Leaving Chiba!? Vol.34 Ch.320 The Scary "Curse Guy" Vol.34 Ch.321 Curse Guy Nemoto Is on the Loose! Vol.34 Ch.322 Nemoto-kun's Way of Living Vol.34 Ch.323 Nemoto-kun, Live by Looking Forward Vol.34 Ch.324 Mitsuhashi Repaying His Debt Vol.34 Ch.325 Imai's Secret? Vol.34 Ch.326 A Secret Between Two!? Vol.34 Ch.327 Itou from Junior High Vol.34 Ch.328 Itou's Distinction Between Right and Wrong Vol.34 Ch.329 Mitsuhashi and Itou Going Shopping Vol.35 Ch.330 Mitsuhashi and Itou Are the Targets Vol.35 Ch.331 The Enemy's Fighting with His Brain Vol.35 Ch.332 Mitsuhashi's Helping People Vol.35 Ch.333 Melancholic Mitsuhashi Vol.35 Ch.334 A Man's Promise Vol.35 Ch.335 The Horrifying Truth Vol.35 Ch.336 The Strongest Duo, Conflicting!? Vol.35 Ch.337 Mitsuhashi's Thought, Itou's Thought Vol.35 Ch.338 True Friendship Vol.35 Ch.339 A Man's Life Long Dream Vol.36 Ch.340 Imai Is Burning Up!? Vol.36 Ch.341 Who Needs a Diet! Vol.36 Ch.342 Chubby-kun's Determination Vol.36 Ch.343 Midtnight Run! Vol.36 Ch.344 Love Is Everything!? Vol.36 Ch.345 Mitsuhashi Sleeping on the Train Vol.36 Ch.346 Tragedy of the Mustache Banchou Vol.36 Ch.347 Everyone's Path Vol.36 Ch.348 Kyou kara Atashi ya! Vol.37 Ch.349 Wishes and Shadows Vol.37 Ch.350 The Man Who Resembles a Demon Vol.37 Ch.351 Imai's Erupting Anger Vol.37 Ch.352 Imai's Determination Vol.37 Ch.353 Mitsuhashi Moving Out! Vol.37 Ch.354 A Serious Match!? Vol.37 Ch.355 The Evildoer's Struggle Vol.37 Ch.356 Sagara's Actions Vol.37 Ch.357 Akehisa's Counterattack Vol.37 Ch.358 Sagara Moving in the Dark Vol.38 Ch.359 The Counterattack Has Begun! Vol.38 Ch.360 No End to the Insanity Vol.38 Ch.361 True Evil Vol.38 Ch.362 Miracle...! Vol.38 Ch.363 The Power of Belief...! Vol.38 Ch.364 Companions Vol.38 Ch.365 Tomorrow Vol.38 Ch.365.5 [Kyou kara ore wa sidestory] Imai and Tanigawa's Trip for Two
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