Kurogane (IKEZAWA Haruto)

Vol.08 Ch.070 2 Years Later

Vol.00 Ch.000 Vol.01 Ch.001 Hero Vol.01 Ch.002 Shidou Vol.01 Ch.003 The After-School Duel Vol.01 Ch.004 Zero Vol.01 Ch.005 A TRANSIENT HERO Vol.01 Ch.006 Regular Vol.01 Ch.007 Best Order Vol.01 Ch.008 General Kurogane Vol.01 Ch.009 Yodaga Vol.01 Ch.010 The Best in Japan Vol.01 Ch.011 Raising the Curtain Vol.01 Ch.012 The Pre-Game Battle Vol.02 Ch.013 Vangard, "0 Points" Vol.02 Ch.014 The Pillar of Ouka Vol.02 Ch.015 A Flash Vol.02 Ch.016 Switch Vol.02 Ch.017 The Secret Strategy Vol.02 Ch.017.5 [Side Story] Vol.02 Ch.018 Samidare Vol.02 Ch.019 The Dawn after the Defeat \ [NY Special] Vol.02 Ch.020 Aoharu Vol.02 Ch.021 I'm done Vol.02 Ch.022 Love and Hate Vol.02 Ch.023 Newcomer Battle Vol.02 Ch.024 Weakness Vol.03 Ch.025 The Great Tree Vol.03 Ch.026 Rhythm Vol.03 Ch.027 Noise Vol.04 Ch.028 Wrath Vol.04 Ch.029 Back to the Beginning Vol.04 Ch.030 THE WAITING BATTLE Vol.04 Ch.031 Oaf Vol.04 Ch.032 Ability to Evolve Vol.04 Ch.033 Heat Haze Vol.04 Ch.033.5 [Extra] Vol.04 Ch.034 Kantou Preliminaries Vol.04 Ch.035 The Last Ace Vol.04 Ch.036 Swings Vol.04 Ch.037 The Last Summer Vol.04 Ch.038 We, Ouka Kendo Club Vol.04 Ch.039 Complete Victory Vol.05 Ch.040 Reunion Vol.05 Ch.041 Be the Last Vol.05 Ch.042 Anywhere is Fine Vol.05 Ch.043 I can fight Vol.05 Ch.044 A Match Vol.06 Ch.045 Unyielding Spirit Vol.06 Ch.046 It's My Victory Vol.06 Ch.047 The Last Second Vol.06 Ch.048 One More Time Vol.06 Ch.049 Since That Day Vol.06 Ch.050 Ouka's Dawn Vol.06 Ch.051 King's Sword Vol.06 Ch.052 Victory at IH Vol.07 Ch.053 Imposter Vol.07 Ch.054 15th Generation Vol.07 Ch.055 Sakura's Rights Vol.07 Ch.056 Janken Vol.07 Ch.057 10,000 Points Vol.07 Ch.058 Won't Relinquish Vol.07 Ch.059 Two Sakura Vol.07 Ch.060 Answer Vol.07 Ch.061 Bumpkins Vol.07 Ch.062 Strike in Accordance with Its Countermeasure Vol.08 Ch.063 Aoharu VS Koga Vol.08 Ch.064 Asagiri vs Hare Vol.08 Ch.065 Shidou vs Ame Vol.08 Ch.066 I'll Risk Everything Vol.08 Ch.067 Last Strike Vol.08 Ch.068 Kurogane Vol.08 Ch.069 Interlude - Past Memories Vol.08 Ch.070 2 Years Later
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