Koi Inu.

Ch.180 Words from a Woman are... Contrary?

Ch.000 Prologue Ch.001 Reunion Ch.002 Don't Run Away Ch.003 I'm not a kid Ch.004 The Bed Head Story Ch.005 The Manual for Dealing with Unruly Girls Ch.006 Rewind Ch.007 Beneath the Stars Ch.008 Misunderstanding Ch.009 Secrets Ch.010 A Shopping... Date? Ch.011 Maybe If You Were My Girlfriend Ch.012 One Summer Day Ch.013 It's Probably Just the May Blues Ch.014 The Other Side of the Hate Ch.015 The Selfish Chiyo Ch.016 To Meet Once More Ch.017 Summer Prologue Ch.018 The Beach, Swimsuits, and Mars Ch.019 Extreme!! Ch.020 Honomi's Confession Ch.021 Rain Falls, Earth Hardens Ch.022 It’s mutual… right? Ch.023 Chiyo’s Inner Conflict Ch.024 If Pushing Doesn’t Work, Try Pulling Ch.025 Egoist Ch.026 Chiyo’s Confession Ch.027 Night Meeting Ch.028 Night Meeting (2) Ch.029 The All-Nighter Ch.030 Miyu Reminiscing Ch.031 At Home, and You? Ch.032 Kuma Appears! Ch.033 Let’s Go on a Date! Ch.034 Let’s Go on a Date! (2) Ch.035 Let’s Go on a Date! (3) Ch.036 This Time, My Accidental Kiss Ch.037 And then I… Ch.038 A Day in the Life of Ryouhei Takakura Ch.039 Christmas Special Ch.040 The Story Without You (1) Ch.041 The Story Without You (2) Ch.042 The Story Without You (3) Ch.043 The Story Without You (4) Ch.044 If Even Dogs Can Walk… Ch.045 All Men Are Wolves? Ch.046 teardrops Ch.047 Distant Ch.048 The Difference Between Glasses and Contacts Ch.049 An Uneasy Feeling Ch.050 Proof of Love Ch.051 Chiyo Gets a Job Ch.052 Grudges Ch.053 Chiyo Gets Kidnapped!? Ch.054 Caution Kumas in the Area Ch.055 Shishijima’s Expectations Ch.056 Restart! Ch.057 The Thing You Want Ch.058 The Ungivable Gift Ch.059 Ookuma and Igarashi Ch.060 Preparations Ch.061 Birthday Celebration (1) Ch.062 Birthday Celebration (2) Ch.063 Birthday Celebration (3) Ch.064 Birthday Celebration (4) Ch.065 Swaying Twin-tails, Swaying Heart Ch.066 Looking for Your Footprints Ch.067 Ookuma Ch.068 Before the Performance Ch.069 A Song About The Boy Who Hates Azuki Beans Ch.070 I like you[r] ______ Ch.071 We’ve Even Gotten Used to Riding the Motorcycle Together Ch.072 Whereabouts of the Shoes Ch.073 A Lie For Your Sake Ch.074 Don't Wake Up With A Ruckus Ch.075 I Am So Not Jealous Ch.076 Miyako's Red Glasses Ch.077 She Does Get Jealous After All! Ch.078 My Headache is Getting Worse Ch.079 What Are You Angry About? Ch.080 Hurting Each Other Ch.081 Limit Ch.082 So What if I’m a Chibi? Ch.083 I’m So Sad… Ch.084 Chiyo’s Small Step Ch.085 Treat Each Other Sincerely Ch.086 Shishijima is in a Bad Mood? Ch.087 What is a Charming Woman? Ch.088 A Night with Shining Stars Ch.089 Hidden in the Heart (1) Ch.090 Hidden in the Heart (2) Ch.091 Repenting Ch.092 I Feel a Little Strange Ch.093 An Honest Person Will… Ch.094 Come to Your Senses!! Ch.095 Robin Sensei Says Ch.096 Christmas Grand Strategy (1) Ch.097 Christmas Grand Strategy (2) Ch.098 Christmas Grand Strategy (3) Ch.099 The Best Present Ch.100 Step by Step Ch.101 Christmas Morning Ch.102 Shun Still Hasn’t Returned Ch.103 Don't Be So Funny! Ch.104 Abrupt Invitation Ch.105 Shun’s Home Ch.106 Shun’s Home (2) Ch.107 Shun’s Home (3) Ch.108 Yokohama Date Ch.109 Yokohama Date (2) Ch.110 Yokohama Date (3) Ch.111 Yokohama Date (4) Ch.112 Heavy Snowfall Warning Ch.113 Inoue Mika Ch.114 I am Jealous Ch.115 Kouji and the Snowy Day Ch.116 Reunion with Friends Ch.117 Reunion with Friends (002) Ch.118 Reunion with Friends (003) Ch.119 Don't Cheat on Me Ch.120 Don't Cheat on Me (2) Ch.121 Don't Cheat on Me (3) Ch.122 City...Boy? Ch.123 New Year's Through the Phone Ch.124 Father! Ch.125 Chiyo's Birthday (1) Ch.126 Chiyo's Birthday (2) Ch.127 Chiyo’s Birthday (3) Ch.128 Chiyo's Birthday (4) Ch.129 Nagatsuki and Valentine’s Day (1) Ch.130 Nagatsuki and Valentine's Day (2) Ch.131 Nagatsuki and Valentine’s Day (3) Ch.132 Mushroom Faction vs Bamboo Faction Ch.133 Ookuma and the Maiden! Ch.134 You Have to Eat Hot Dogs When Tracking Somebody! Ch.135 Woman’s Intuition! It's a Horror Movie Ch.136 Anemia in the Summer Ch.137 Igarashi-kun in Wonderland (1) Ch.138 Igarashi-kun in Wonderland (2) Ch.139 The Ocean is Awesome! Ch.140 Is Yuko-kouhai Cute? Ch.141 Nagatsuki’s Long-Suffering Love Ch.142 I Want to be Spoiled Ch.143 No Forgiveness Ch.144 Crying Woman! Ch.145 Subaru's Reason to Cry Ch.146 I’ll Become a Prized Professional Ch.147 The Second Date Ch.148 The Second Date (2) Ch.149 The Second Date (3) Ch.150 The Second Date (Aftermath) Ch.151 Cheating? Encounter After Class? Ch.152 Just Have Faith in Him Ch.153 Scars Ch.154 Don't Go! The Charm of an Onee-san Ch.155 I Only Came for a Glass of Milk Ch.156 What is the Risk? Ch.157 Summer Vacation Plans Ch.158 Summer's Expectations Ch.159 Meat, Danger and Jealousy Ch.160 Lottery Dispute Ch.161 Test of Courage (1) Ch.162 Test of Courage (2) Ch.163 Test of Courage (3) Ch.164 Test of Courage (4) Ch.165 Slumber Ch.166 Wavering Confidence Ch.167 Let's Go on a Date! Ch.168 Discord Among the Girls! Ch.169 Saying... Knowing... Ch.170 Story of the Runaway Man Ch.171 The Power of Sweetness is Amazing Ch.172 A Lion Chasing Romance Ch.173 You and Yukata and Hot Springs Ch.174 A Modest Favor Ch.175 Mood Problems Ch.176 Goodbye Ch.177 Broken Friendship (1) Ch.178 Broken Friendship (2) Ch.179 Subservient Chiyo-chan Ch.180 Words from a Woman are... Contrary? Ch.181 I'm Sorry... Ch.182 The Bathroom is Just Like a Karaoke Room Ch.183 Grandson of a National Treasure Ch.184 Celebration Sake Ch.185 Drunk Guys Ch.186 Drunk Guys (2) Ch.187 Hangover Ch.188 Hangover (2) Ch.189 Hangover (3) Ch.190 Suspicions of Cheating Ch.191 Heartache Ch.192 Heartache (2) Ch.193 Letter
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