Kinnikuman II Sei: Kyuukyoku Choujin Tag Hen

Vol.28 Ch.310 Last Chapter Farewell, Second Generation!

Vol.01 Ch.001 Vol.01 Ch.002 Vol.01 Ch.003 Vol.01 Ch.004 A Trap That Transcends Time to Attack Father and Son!! Vol.01 Ch.005 Wise Descendant, Solve the Time Choujin's Mystery!! Vol.01 Ch.006 The Space Time Disturbance Annihilating The Robin Dynasty!! Vol.01 Ch.007 The "Descendant of Wisdom" Meat's Secret Plan!! Vol.01 Ch.008 The Justice Choujin's Greatest Mission Goes Into Operation!! Vol.01 Ch.009 Who Will Be the Challengers On This Unprecedented Trip Back in Time?! Vol.01 Ch.010 Go Forth, Time Ship "Kevin Mask"!! Vol.01 Ch.011 A Mysterious Intruder Disturbs the Time Warp?! Vol.02 Ch.012 Charge Into the Past, Messengers From the 21st Century!! Vol.02 Ch.013 Repercussions for the Messengers From the 21st Century?! Vol.02 Ch.014 An Enormous Distortion of History?! Vol.02 Ch.015 Chaos From the Distortions in Time?! Vol.02 Ch.016 The "Ultimate Tag" Battle Opens Its Doors!! Vol.02 Ch.017 Bridging the Gaps in Time With Knowledge!! Vol.02 Ch.018 Vol.02 Ch.019 A Crack in the Boulder of Friendship Power?! Vol.02 Ch.020 The Formation of a Time Ascending Dream Tag!! Vol.02 Ch.021 20th Century Choujin Tags are "Borderless"!! Vol.02 Ch.022 The Chosen "Borderless Tag"?! Vol.03 Ch.023 23-25 Read Online Vol.03 Ch.026 26-29 Read Online Vol.03 Ch.030 30-33 Read Online Vol.04 Ch.034 34-39 Read Online Vol.04 Ch.040 40-44 Read Online Vol.05 Ch.045 Who'll Be The Final Eliminated Team!? Vol.05 Ch.046 Vol.05 Ch.047 The "Flying Fireball Fogey Squadron"'s Final Fearless Moments! Vol.05 Ch.048 Mantaro's Tag Team In Danger Again!? Vol.05 Ch.049 Another Search For The "Savior Of The Rest"!? Vol.05 Ch.050 Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures! Vol.05 Ch.051 A Match-Up Lottery And A Toy Collaboration!? Vol.05 Ch.052 How Will The Gachapon Of Fate Work!? Vol.05 Ch.053 The Match-Ups Finally Get Set Up! Vol.05 Ch.054 Has The Partner Switch Plan Failed!? Vol.05 Ch.055 Onward To The "Palace" Of Game Venues! Vol.13 Ch.139 Past Memories Unlocked! Vol.17 Ch.182 Heroic! The End of Warsman! Vol.21 Ch.231 Message from Warsman! Vol.28 Ch.310 Last Chapter Farewell, Second Generation!
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