Vol.40 Ch.432 The Decisive Dusk

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Unknown Boy Vol.01 Ch.002 Map Vol.01 Ch.003 Body Double Vol.01 Ch.004 The Rebel's Army Vol.01 Ch.005 Half Brother Vol.01 Ch.006 Piao’s Resolve Vol.01 Ch.007 The Visitor from the West Vol.01 Ch.008 Qin's Dinosaur Vol.02 Ch.009 Mountain Dwellers Vol.02 Ch.010 Off Guard Vol.02 Ch.011 Conviction Vol.02 Ch.012 Loyal Retainer Vol.02 Ch.013 A Heated Battle Vol.02 Ch.014 The Path to Being a General Vol.02 Ch.015 Prime Minister Lu Vol.02 Ch.016 Horse and Wine for Three Hundred Soldiers Vol.02 Ch.017 Encounter Vol.02 Ch.018 Commitment Vol.02 Ch.019 A Surprising New World Vol.03 Ch.020 Yotanwa Vol.03 Ch.021 Deliberation Vol.03 Ch.022 Alliance Vol.03 Ch.023 The Royal Heir's Throne Vol.03 Ch.024 A Dream of Horses Vol.03 Ch.025 3 000 vs 80 000 Vol.03 Ch.026 The Royal Capital, Kanyou Vol.03 Ch.027 Open Gate Vol.03 Ch.028 Vanguard Vol.03 Ch.029 As Fast as Lightning Vol.03 Ch.030 Meeting Vol.04 Ch.031 Gikou's Crossbow Team Vol.04 Ch.032 Hitman Vol.04 Ch.033 Provocation Vol.04 Ch.034 Frenzy Vol.04 Ch.035 Combined Strength Vol.04 Ch.036 The Laughing Prince Vol.04 Ch.037 Revenge Vol.04 Ch.038 Rankai Vol.04 Ch.039 Bajio Vol.04 Ch.040 Evil Vol.04 Ch.041 Decisive Blow Vol.05 Ch.042 Illusion Vol.05 Ch.043 The Monstrous Bird Arrives Vol.05 Ch.044 King Sho Vol.05 Ch.045 Confrontation Vol.05 Ch.046 Brothers Vol.05 Ch.047 First Castle Vol.05 Ch.048 Recruitment Vol.05 Ch.049 Go Vol.05 Ch.050 The Wei Army Vol.05 Ch.051 Reunion Vol.05 Ch.052 Dakan Plains Vol.05 Ch.052.5 Memories of Kokuhi Village Vol.06 Ch.053 Organizing the Army Vol.06 Ch.054 Five Bodies as One Vol.06 Ch.055 Battle of a Go Vol.06 Ch.056 War Chariot Unit Vol.06 Ch.057 Kyoukai's Rampart Vol.06 Ch.058 Duel Vol.06 Ch.059 Sense of Smell Vol.06 Ch.060 Surge of Cavalry Vol.06 Ch.061 Honour and Reward Vol.06 Ch.062 Closing In Vol.06 Ch.063 Miracle Vol.07 Ch.064 The Commander's Words Vol.07 Ch.065 Intruder Vol.07 Ch.066 Types of Generals Vol.07 Ch.067 A General's Talents Vol.07 Ch.068 General Vol.07 Ch.069 Pincer Attack Vol.07 Ch.070 Two Heroes Vol.07 Ch.071 Showdown of the Generals Vol.07 Ch.072 Fallen Kingdom Vol.07 Ch.073 Return Home Vol.07 Ch.074 Attendance Vol.08 Ch.075 The Past Vol.08 Ch.076 Black Market Merchant Vol.08 Ch.077 Passing Checkpoints Vol.08 Ch.078 Solitude Vol.08 Ch.079 Ghosts Vol.08 Ch.080 Separation Vol.08 Ch.081 Farewell Vol.08 Ch.082 Hundred-Man Commander Vol.08 Ch.083 Shiyuu Vol.08 Ch.084 Assassin's Strike Vol.08 Ch.085 Kyoukai's Dance Vol.09 Ch.086 Mastermind Vol.09 Ch.087 A Thousand Year Name Vol.09 Ch.088 Comrade Vol.09 Ch.089 Weak Point Vol.09 Ch.090 Buying Time Vol.09 Ch.091 True Skill Vol.09 Ch.092 Secret Vol.09 Ch.093 True Identity Vol.09 Ch.094 Ritual Vol.09 Ch.095 Law Vol.09 Ch.096 Ryo's Faction Vol.10 Ch.097 The Enigmatic Man Vol.10 Ch.098 Royal Hearing Vol.10 Ch.099 Six Great Generals Vol.10 Ch.100 The Two of Them Vol.10 Ch.101 A New Path Vol.10 Ch.102 It's All Up to Me Vol.10 Ch.103 Strategist Vol.10 Ch.104 Night Time Chat Vol.10 Ch.105 Naked Socializing Vol.10 Ch.106 Training Request Vol.10 Ch.107 Stateless Area Vol.11 Ch.108 Three Great Heavens Vol.11 Ch.109 Zhao Devastates Vol.11 Ch.110 Strength of a General Vol.11 Ch.111 Appointment Vol.11 Ch.112 Gathering Comrades Vol.11 Ch.113 Bayou Vol.11 Ch.114 Ouki Sets Out Vol.11 Ch.115 Houken Vol.11 Ch.116 Crystallisation of Martial Skill Vol.11 Ch.117 Reason Vol.11 Ch.118 Two Armies Aligned Vol.12 Ch.119 The Vanguard Advances Vol.12 Ch.120 Mission Vol.12 Ch.121 Sneaking Vol.12 Ch.122 Assault Vol.12 Ch.123 Left Army in Chaos Vol.12 Ch.124 To Catch off Guard Vol.12 Ch.125 Distance Vol.12 Ch.126 Hand Picked Troops Vol.12 Ch.127 Outplayed Vol.12 Ch.128 One Hundred Shares Vol.12 Ch.129 Arrow Vol.13 Ch.130 Fame Vol.13 Ch.131 Second Day Vol.13 Ch.132 Strength Vol.13 Ch.133 Breakthrough Vol.13 Ch.134 Winning Strategy Vol.13 Ch.135 Withdrawal Vol.13 Ch.136 Pursuit Vol.13 Ch.137 Appearance Vol.13 Ch.138 Night Time Strike Vol.13 Ch.139 Natural Calamity Vol.13 Ch.140 Two Against One Vol.14 Ch.141 Divine Skill Vol.14 Ch.142 Nine Years Since Vol.14 Ch.143 Hard to Grasp Vol.14 Ch.144 Defeatable Vol.14 Ch.145 Team Attack Plan Vol.14 Ch.146 Failure Vol.14 Ch.147 The Bi Brothers Vol.14 Ch.148 Friend Vol.14 Ch.149 Rallying Vol.14 Ch.150 Ouki's True Strength Vol.14 Ch.151 Moubu Approaches Vol.15 Ch.152 Trap Vol.15 Ch.153 Flag Vol.15 Ch.154 Moubu falls for The Trap Vol.15 Ch.155 Northern Army Vol.15 Ch.156 Arrival Vol.15 Ch.157 Raising Morale Vol.15 Ch.158 Star of the Show Vol.15 Ch.159 Prediction Vol.15 Ch.160 Commanders in Sight Vol.15 Ch.161 Individual Might Vol.15 Ch.162 Kyou's True Identity Vol.16 Ch.163 Kyou's Secret Vol.16 Ch.164 Chance Meeting Vol.16 Ch.165 Source of Strength Vol.16 Ch.166 Like Oil & Water Vol.16 Ch.167 Qin's Military Prestige Vol.16 Ch.168 A New Era Vol.16 Ch.169 Border of Death Vol.16 Ch.170 Great General of the Heavens Vol.16 Ch.171 A General's View Vol.16 Ch.172 Inheritance Vol.16 Ch.173 Battle's End Vol.17 Ch.174 Three Hundred Man Commander Vol.17 Ch.175 Riboku, Kanyou Bound Vol.17 Ch.176 Proposition Vol.17 Ch.177 Negotiation Vol.17 Ch.178 Celebratory Banquet Vol.17 Ch.179 Five Years Vol.17 Ch.180 Preliminary Battles Vol.17 Ch.181 Ant Vol.17 Ch.182 Outsmart Vol.17 Ch.183 Third Faction Vol.17 Ch.184 Queen Mother Vol.18 Ch.185 Mother and Son Vol.18 Ch.186 Vestige of Beauty Vol.18 Ch.187 Kou, Conveys Vol.18 Ch.188 Backing the Dark Horse Vol.18 Ch.189 Assemble Vol.18 Ch.190 Siege Vol.18 Ch.191 Gyoku Hou's Might Vol.18 Ch.192 The Reality of Invasion Vol.18 Ch.193 My Way Vol.18 Ch.194 The Man Known as Renpa Vol.18 Ch.195 Night at Kinrikan Vol.19 Ch.196 Flying Spear Vol.19 Ch.197 Air of a General Vol.19 Ch.198 Ouki and Renpa Vol.19 Ch.199 A Strange Habit Vol.19 Ch.200 1000-Man Commander Vol.19 Ch.201 Shin's Voice Vol.19 Ch.202 Announcement Vol.19 Ch.203 Embrace Vol.19 Ch.204 Hastily Assembled Unit Vol.19 Ch.205 Killer Spear Technique Vol.19 Ch.206 The Hi Shin Unit's Battle Plan Vol.20 Ch.207 Genbou Joins the Fray Vol.20 Ch.208 Enemy Command Squad's Location Vol.20 Ch.209 Genpou Dominates Vol.20 Ch.210 Led by the Nose Vol.20 Ch.211 Vice-Generals Begin to Move Vol.20 Ch.212 Villain Vol.20 Ch.213 Mouten's Proposal Vol.20 Ch.214 Cooperative Battle Vol.20 Ch.215 Rinko's Soldiers Vol.20 Ch.216 Closing In Vol.20 Ch.217 Shin, In One Breath Vol.21 Ch.218 Heki Unit Vol.21 Ch.219 Overcome Vol.21 Ch.220 Heki, Confused Vol.21 Ch.221 Underneath the Underneath Vol.21 Ch.222 General's Calibre Vol.21 Ch.223 Lull Vol.21 Ch.224 The Final Morning Vol.21 Ch.225 Rindou Vol.21 Ch.226 Banter Vol.21 Ch.227 Many Years of Consideration Vol.21 Ch.228 Planning Time Vol.22 Ch.229 Contest of Wits Vol.22 Ch.230 An Instant Vol.22 Ch.231 Will of The Heavens Vol.22 Ch.232 Lone Struggle Vol.22 Ch.233 Precious Comrade Vol.22 Ch.234 Final Stretch in One Push Vol.22 Ch.235 Passion Vol.22 Ch.236 Renpa's Fury Vol.22 Ch.237 That Era Vol.22 Ch.238 Selfishly Vol.22 Ch.239 Surprisingly Vol.23 Ch.240 Checkmate Vol.23 Ch.241 One and Only Vol.23 Ch.242 Sending Off Vol.23 Ch.243 Reward of Service Vol.23 Ch.244 Shin's Battle Plan Vol.23 Ch.245 Arrival of the Strategist Vol.23 Ch.246 Ten's Resolve Vol.23 Ch.247 Strategist's First Battle Vol.23 Ch.248 One Step Ahead Vol.23 Ch.249 The Hi Shin Unit's Strategist Vol.23 Ch.250 Tougun Vol.23 Ch.250.1 Vol.23 Ch.250.5 Extra Vol.24 Ch.251 General of Yan Vol.24 Ch.252 Gekishin's Battle Vol.24 Ch.253 Meaningless Battle Vol.24 Ch.254 Chu's Young Generation Vol.24 Ch.255 Chancellor of State Vol.24 Ch.256 Chancellor of the Left Vol.24 Ch.257 Small Kingdom Vol.24 Ch.258 Jo's Livelihood Vol.24 Ch.259 Chu & Zhao Vol.24 Ch.260 A Warrior's Body Vol.24 Ch.261 Signs of a Storm Vol.25 Ch.262 Superstate's Invasion Vol.25 Ch.263 Unimaginable Vol.25 Ch.264 Enroaching Coalition Army Vol.25 Ch.265 Diplomacy's Job Vol.25 Ch.266 Child of Fate Vol.25 Ch.267 Check mate on the board Vol.25 Ch.268 Assembling the Party Vol.25 Ch.269 Four Lords of the Warring States Vol.25 Ch.270 Gathering at Kankoku Pass Vol.25 Ch.271 Battle's Trigger Vol.25 Ch.272 Duke Hyou's Rush Vol.26 Ch.273 Commander of the Zhao Army Vol.26 Ch.274 Spider's Nest Vol.26 Ch.275 Instinctual Talent Vol.26 Ch.276 Houmei's Hand Vol.26 Ch.277 Kanki, Confronts Vol.26 Ch.278 Father & Son Vol.26 Ch.279 Mouten's Sword Vol.26 Ch.280 Officers Quality Vol.26 Ch.281 Bakuya Sword Vol.26 Ch.282 The Man Recognised by Ouki Vol.26 Ch.283 Each One's Pride Vol.27 Ch.284 Incarnation of a Curse Vol.27 Ch.285 Barrens Littered with Holes Vol.27 Ch.286 No Answer Vol.27 Ch.287 All of Humanity Vol.27 Ch.288 First Day's Report Vol.27 Ch.289 To Evolve Vol.27 Ch.290 Heroic Woman, Karin Vol.27 Ch.291 Stalemate Vol.27 Ch.292 Han's Weapons Vol.27 Ch.293 Short Decisive Battle Vol.27 Ch.294 Moubu's Speech Vol.28 Ch.295 A New Form Vol.28 Ch.296 The 2nd Army Moves Vol.28 Ch.297 The Purpose of War Elephants Vol.28 Ch.298 Singled Out During A Crisis Vol.28 Ch.299 A New Approach Vol.28 Ch.300 Danger of Falling Vol.28 Ch.301 Sea of Enemies Vol.28 Ch.302 Resolve of No Return Vol.28 Ch.303 General's Pride Vol.28 Ch.304 Shin's Bright Idea Vol.28 Ch.305 Ousen's Movements Vol.29 Ch.306 Afternoon of the 15th Day Vol.29 Ch.307 5000 Man Commander Kouyoku Vol.29 Ch.308 Karin Army's Assault Vol.29 Ch.309 The Path to Kanmei Vol.29 Ch.310 The Strongest Vol.29 Ch.311 Unveiled Service Record Vol.29 Ch.312 The First Time In His Life Vol.29 Ch.313 The Strongest Man Vol.29 Ch.314 Deciding the Strongest Vol.29 Ch.315 My Son Vol.29 Ch.316 Victory Is Right Before Us Vol.30 Ch.317 Inside Kankoku Pass Vol.30 Ch.318 Show's Over Vol.30 Ch.319 Chu King's Fury Vol.30 Ch.320 Whereabouts of the Mastermind Vol.30 Ch.321 Dire Situation Vol.30 Ch.322 Hyou & Hi Vol.30 Ch.323 Epitome of the Instinctual Type Vol.30 Ch.324 Gigantic Buffoon Vol.30 Ch.325 Forward Vol.30 Ch.326 Delicious Wine Vol.30 Ch.327 Sei's Decision Vol.31 Ch.328 The Vacated Throne Vol.31 Ch.329 Borrowing A Shoulder to Lean On Vol.31 Ch.330 Sei, Addresses Vol.31 Ch.331 Sai Readies Itself Vol.31 Ch.332 Announcement For Sai Vol.31 Ch.333 The Eastern Wall Vol.31 Ch.334 Sai, Fighting On Bravely Vol.31 Ch.335 The First Night Vol.31 Ch.336 Futei, Takes Action Lively Vol.31 Ch.337 The Man who will become one of the Three Heavens Vol.31 Ch.338 The Conflicting Duo Vol.32 Ch.339 Touring Night Vol.32 Ch.340 An Unexpected Development Vol.32 Ch.341 Secret Exposed Vol.32 Ch.342 Shoubunkun's Proposal Vol.32 Ch.343 Sixth Day's Rally Vol.32 Ch.344 Using Up Everything Vol.32 Ch.345 Opened City Gates Vol.32 Ch.346 Unexpected Reinforcements Vol.32 Ch.347 Overpowering Reinforcements Vol.32 Ch.348 Reason For Going Vol.32 Ch.349 Light Vol.33 Ch.350 Flash Vol.33 Ch.351 Riboku's Decision Vol.33 Ch.352 Repelled Vol.33 Ch.353 Sincere Gratitude Vol.33 Ch.354 Coalition Army's Settlement Vol.33 Ch.355 Exceptional Service Vol.33 Ch.356 3000-man Unit Vol.33 Ch.357 Runaway Vol.33 Ch.358 Encircling Yuu Tribe Vol.33 Ch.359 Difference in Dances Vol.33 Ch.360 True Strength of the Pinnacle Vol.33 Ch.360.1 Queen Yotanwa-sama Vol.34 Ch.361 Reason For Changing Vol.34 Ch.362 Antithesis Vol.34 Ch.363 A Different Parth Vol.34 Ch.364 Two Goals Vol.34 Ch.365 Hakurou's Words Vol.34 Ch.366 The Various States After the War Vol.34 Ch.367 The Chancellor of the State's Thoughts Vol.34 Ch.368 The Brothers, Now Vol.34 Ch.369 Signs of a Conspiracy Vol.34 Ch.370 Disturbing Shadows Vol.34 Ch.371 Tonryuu's Change Vol.34 Ch.372 The Subjugation Army Sets Out Vol.34 Ch.373 Great Growth Vol.34 Ch.374 The Battle of Tonryu Vol.34 Ch.375 Read Online Vol.34 Ch.376 Read Online Vol.34 Ch.377 Shield and Sword Vol.34 Ch.378 Justice Vol.34 Ch.379 Read Online Vol.34 Ch.380 Personal Feelings and Strategy Vol.34 Ch.381 Old-fashioned Person Vol.34 Ch.382 The Fire Dragons of Wei Vol.36 Ch.383 Called Out Vol.36 Ch.384 Behind The Duel Vol.36 Ch.385 Internal Discord Vol.36 Ch.386 Ten's Existence Vol.36 Ch.387 Vol.36 Ch.388 The New Gyoku Hou Unit Vol.36 Ch.389 The Name of Shihaku Vol.36 Ch.390 The History Of Killing Each Other Vol.36 Ch.391 Loss Vol.36 Ch.392 All Of China's Gaze Vol.36 Ch.393 Third Day of Choyou Vol.36 Ch.393.1 Bonus Vol.37 Ch.394 Spectator Vol.37 Ch.395 Ouhon's Duty Vol.37 Ch.396 The Grueling Days of Training Vol.37 Ch.397 Onwards to the Headquarters Vol.37 Ch.398 Reason for Not Fighting Vol.37 Ch.398.5 Extra Mou Bu and the Chu Prince Vol.37 Ch.399 Close In Vol.37 Ch.400 Defeat And Escape Vol.37 Ch.401 The Warning Kingdoms from Now ON Vol.37 Ch.402 Activity at Kanyou Vol.37 Ch.403 The Queen Mother's Goal Vol.37 Ch.404 Lushi Chunqiu Vol.38 Ch.405 A New State Vol.38 Ch.406 Parting of Ways Vol.38 Ch.407 5000-Man Commander Vol.38 Ch.408 The Decisive Year Vol.38 Ch.409 The Man Who Was Nothing Vol.38 Ch.410 Choose One of Two Vol.38 Ch.411 Gathered at You Vol.38 Ch.412 Coming of Age Ceremony Vol.38 Ch.413 Voice of the Ancestral Spirits Vol.38 Ch.414 Three Sides, None Backing Down Vol.38 Ch.415 How to Create Rebel Soldiers Vol.38 Ch.415.1 Vol.38 Ch.416 Where the Ambushers Lie Vol.39 Ch.417 River Crossing Battle Vol.39 Ch.418 First Experience Vol.39 Ch.419 The Man who Stands Vol.39 Ch.420 Parting Ways Vol.39 Ch.421 Repeat of Failure Vol.39 Ch.422 The Life to be Protected at All Cost Vol.39 Ch.423 Origin of the World Vol.39 Ch.424 Utopia Vol.39 Ch.425 Normal Emotions Vol.39 Ch.426 Man's True Nature Vol.40 Ch.427 Words of Resolve Vol.40 Ch.428 Running for your Life Vol.40 Ch.429 A Commander's Popularity Vol.40 Ch.430 The Trumpet Call of Salvation Vol.40 Ch.431 The Turnabout Assault Vol.40 Ch.432 The Decisive Dusk Vol.40 Ch.433 Collapse of the Plot Vol.40 Ch.434 Star of Defeat Vol.40 Ch.435 The Coup's Finale Vol.40 Ch.436 Last Plea Vol.40 Ch.437 The Bond between Parent and Child Vol.40 Ch.438 Hour of Conquest Vol.41 Ch.439 Whereabouts of the Six Generals Vol.41 Ch.440 Mastermind of the Assassination Vol.41 Ch.441 The Position of Prime Minister Vol.41 Ch.442 Kindred Spirits Vol.41 Ch.443 The Monsters Set Off Vol.41 Ch.444 Conquering a Cityless Landscape Vol.41 Ch.445 What Lies at the End of Deceit Vol.41 Ch.446 Unexpected Strategy Vol.41 Ch.447 The Commander Sets Out Vol.41 Ch.448 The Battlefield's Stench Vol.42 Ch.449 Spider's Trap Vol.42 Ch.450 Bandits' Pride Vol.42 Ch.451 Night in Kokuyou Vol.42 Ch.452 Result of the Attack Vol.42 Ch.453 Where the Advance Ends(v2) Vol.42 Ch.454 A Strategist's Potential Vol.42 Ch.455 Disguised Attack Vol.42 Ch.456 A Lieutenant's Responsibility Vol.42 Ch.457 Tenacious Crossing Vol.42 Ch.458 Banner of Rigan Vol.42 Ch.459 Contagious Fighting Spirit Vol.43 Ch.460 The Hi Shin Unit's Lynchpin Vol.43 Ch.461 Decisive Clash of Kokuyou Vol.43 Ch.462 Puzzling Night Vol.43 Ch.463 Tragedy of Rigan Vol.43 Ch.464 Limits of Patience Vol.43 Ch.465 The Palmtop Battle Vol.43 Ch.466 v0 The Man who is in the same class as Riboku Vol.43 Ch.467 The Hunted's Point of View Vol.43 Ch.468 Lucky and Unlucky Vol.43 Ch.469 Instant Vol.43 Ch.470 My Back Vol.44 Ch.471 v0 Tenacious Pursuit Vol.44 Ch.472 The Setting Sun of the Hunter Vol.44 Ch.473 Joyous Retreat Vol.44 Ch.474 Zhao Commander's Pivotal Juncture Vol.44 Ch.475 After the Disturbance Vol.44 Ch.476 The truth behind the smoke Vol.44 Ch.477 Outroar of Pride Vol.44 Ch.478 Confrontation's End Vol.44 Ch.479 Bihei's Cries Vol.44 Ch.480 Bihei and The Hi Shin Unit Vol.44 Ch.481 v2 A Horrendous Gift Vol.45 Ch.482 Rigan and the State of Zhao Vol.45 Ch.483 The Small Hours after a Victory Vol.45 Ch.484 Departures Vol.45 Ch.485 Mouten's News Vol.45 Ch.486 Bureaucrat's Battle Vol.45 Ch.487 Conference of the East and West Kings Vol.45 Ch.488 Qin King's Vision Vol.45 Ch.489 Saitaku's Pride Vol.45 Ch.490 Discussion of Destiny Vol.45 Ch.491 Qin's Obstacle Vol.45 Ch.492 Recruitment for Growth Vol.46 Ch.493 A Fresh Start Vol.46 Ch.494 Sage of the Underground Prison Vol.46 Ch.495 Appropriate Resolve Vol.46 Ch.496 Begining of the Turbulence Vol.46 Ch.497 Intention Behind the Gathering Vol.46 Ch.498 Tension of a Large Army Vol.46 Ch.499 Inherited Dream in Hand Vol.46 Ch.500 Soldiers on the Warpath Vol.46 Ch.500.5 Omake Vol.46 Ch.501 Mutual Probing Vol.46 Ch.502 He Who Seizes The Initiative Vol.46 Ch.503 Birds of Urgent Tidings Vol.47 Ch.504 The Gate to Zhao's Capital Vol.47 Ch.505 Fever Vol.47 Ch.506 The Mountain People's Siege Vol.47 Ch.507 Jin & Tan Vol.47 Ch.508 Sword of the Mountain Tribes Vol.47 Ch.509 Vol.47 Ch.510 Vol.47 Ch.511 Vol.47 Ch.512 Vol.47 Ch.513 China's Predictions Vol.47 Ch.514 The Most Foolish of Plans Vol.48 Ch.515 Refugees of the Small Cities Vol.48 Ch.516 Weapon of Conquest Vol.48 Ch.517 Chipping One Another Down Vol.48 Ch.518 Battleground - Ryouyou Vol.48 Ch.519 Vol.48 Ch.520 Vol.48 Ch.521 Vol.48 Ch.522 The Left Wing's Despair Vol.48 Ch.523 Qin Right Wing's Moment Vol.48 Ch.524 Weight of Resolve Vol.48 Ch.525 Vol.49 Ch.526 The Spear and the Iron Hammer Vol.49 Ch.527 Ryouyou's Fangs Vol.49 Ch.528 Descendants of Quanrong Vol.49 Ch.529 Tanwa's Bravery Vol.49 Ch.530 Killing Stroke Detachment Vol.49 Ch.531 Turning Point Vol.49 Ch.532 Shin's Blade Vol.49 Ch.533 Lost Morale Vol.49 Ch.534 Until Sundown Vol.49 Ch.535 Insufficient Rank Vol.49 Ch.536 A Second First Day Vol.50 Ch.537 A Great General's View Vol.50 Ch.538 Akakin Vol.50 Ch.539 Opponent Vol.50 Ch.540 Battle of Attrition Vol.50 Ch.541 Prophesied Grounds Vol.50 Ch.542 Vol.50 Ch.543 Vol.50 Ch.544 Rookies' Battle Vol.50 Ch.545 Vol.50 Ch.546 Vol.50 Ch.547 Vol.51 Ch.548 Vol.51 Ch.549 Vol.51 Ch.550 Vol.51 Ch.551 Vol.51 Ch.552 Vol.51 Ch.553 Vol.51 Ch.554 Vol.51 Ch.555 Vol.51 Ch.556 Vol.51 Ch.557 Vol.51 Ch.558 Vol.52 Ch.559 Vol.52 Ch.560 Vol.52 Ch.561 Vol.52 Ch.562 Vol.52 Ch.563 Vol.52 Ch.564 Vol.52 Ch.565 Vol.52 Ch.566 Vol.52 Ch.567 Vol.52 Ch.568 Vol.52 Ch.569 Vol.53 Ch.570 Vol.53 Ch.571 Vol.53 Ch.572 Vol.53 Ch.573 Vol.53 Ch.574 Vol.53 Ch.575 Vol.53 Ch.576 Vol.53 Ch.577 Vol.53 Ch.578 Vol.53 Ch.579 Vol.53 Ch.580 Vol.54 Ch.581 Vol.54 Ch.582 Vol.54 Ch.583 Vol.54 Ch.584 Vol.54 Ch.585 Vol.54 Ch.586 Vol.54 Ch.587 Vol.54 Ch.588 Vol.54 Ch.589 Vol.54 Ch.590 Vol.54 Ch.591 Vol.55 Ch.592 Vol.55 Ch.593 Vol.55 Ch.594 Vol.55 Ch.595 Vol.55 Ch.596 Vol.55 Ch.597 Vol.55 Ch.598 Vol.55 Ch.599 Vol.55 Ch.600 Vol.55 Ch.601 Vol.55 Ch.602 Vol.56 Ch.603 Vol.56 Ch.604 Vol.56 Ch.605 Vol.56 Ch.606 Vol.56 Ch.607 Vol.56 Ch.608 Vol.56 Ch.609 Vol.56 Ch.610 Vol.56 Ch.611 Vol.57 Ch.612 Vol.57 Ch.613 Vol.57 Ch.614 Vol.57 Ch.615 Vol.57 Ch.616 Vol.57 Ch.617 Vol.57 Ch.618 Vol.57 Ch.619 Vol.57 Ch.620 Vol.57 Ch.621 Vol.57 Ch.622 Vol.57 Ch.623 Vol.57 Ch.624 Vol.58 Ch.052.1 Vol.58 Ch.351.1 Vol.58 Ch.360.5 Vol.58 Ch.371.1 Vol.58 Ch.382.1 Vol.58 Ch.426.5 Vol.58 Ch.437.5 Vol.58 Ch.448.5 Vol.58 Ch.459.5 Vol.58 Ch.470.5 Vol.58 Ch.481.5 Vol.58 Ch.625 Vol.58 Ch.626 Vol.58 Ch.627 Vol.58 Ch.628 Vol.58 Ch.629 Vol.58 Ch.630 The Depth of the Universe Vol.58 Ch.631 Vol.58 Ch.632 Vol.58 Ch.633 Vol.58 Ch.634 Vol.58 Ch.635 Vol.59 Ch.636 Vol.59 Ch.637 Vol.59 Ch.638 Vol.59 Ch.639 Vol.59 Ch.640 Vol.59 Ch.641 Vol.59 Ch.642 Vol.59 Ch.643 Vol.59 Ch.644 Vol.59 Ch.645 Ch.646 Ch.647 Ch.648 Ch.649 Ch.650 Ch.651 Ch.652 Ch.653 Ch.654 Ch.655 Ch.656 Ch.657 Ch.658 Ch.659 Ch.660 Ch.661 Ch.662 Ch.663 Ch.664 Ch.665 Ch.666 Ch.667 Ch.668 Ch.669 Ch.670 Ch.671 Ch.672 Ch.673 Ch.674 Ch.675 Ch.676 Ch.677 Ch.678 Ch.679 Ch.680 Ch.681 Ch.682
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