Kenrantaru Grande Scene

Vol.10 Ch.052 Rhythm and Mood

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Curtain Rises Vol.01 Ch.002 Departure Vol.01 Ch.003 One Step Ahead Vol.01 Ch.004 Merit Vol.01 Ch.005 To the Dream World Vol.02 Ch.006 Pro Dancer Vol.02 Ch.007 Let's Dance for Fun! Vol.02 Ch.008 Absolute Disadvantage Vol.02 Ch.009 Redeeming Quality Vol.02 Ch.010 Gaze Vol.03 Ch.011 Copycat Vol.03 Ch.012 Role Model Vol.03 Ch.013 A New Generation Vol.03 Ch.014 Promises Vol.03 Ch.015 New Axis Vol.03 Ch.016 Negligence Vol.04 Ch.017 Full Speed Ahead Vol.04 Ch.018 Routine Vol.04 Ch.019 Clever Vol.04 Ch.020 Deft and Clumsy Vol.04 Ch.021 Special Lesson Vol.04 Ch.022 Exertion Vol.05 Ch.023 Concatenation Vol.05 Ch.024 Blockhead Vol.05 Ch.025 Athlete Vol.05 Ch.026 Support Vol.05 Ch.027 Classics Vol.06 Ch.028 Scout Vol.06 Ch.029 Foothold Vol.06 Ch.030 Audience Vol.06 Ch.031 Purpose Vol.06 Ch.032 Recompense Vol.07 Ch.033 Muscle and Competency Vol.07 Ch.034 Mime and Action Vol.07 Ch.035 Life Choices Vol.07 Ch.036 Heat Up Vol.07 Ch.037 YAGP 1 Vol.08 Ch.038 YAGP 2 Vol.08 Ch.039 YAGP 3 Vol.08 Ch.040 YAGP 4 Vol.08 Ch.041 YAGP 5 Vol.08 Ch.042 YAGP 6 Vol.09 Ch.043 Award Ceremony Vol.09 Ch.044 Essential Skills Vol.09 Ch.045 Curiosity Vol.09 Ch.046 Bearing Support Vol.09 Ch.047 Advantage Vol.10 Ch.048 Constraints Vol.10 Ch.049 Multilingual Vol.10 Ch.050 Language Barriers Vol.10 Ch.051 Hunger Vol.10 Ch.052 Rhythm and Mood Vol.11 Ch.053 Distance Vol.11 Ch.054 Misunderstanding Vol.11 Ch.055 On Your Marks! Vol.11 Ch.056 Get Set! Vol.11 Ch.057 New York Finals 1 Vol.11 Ch.058 Vol.11 Ch.059 Vol.11 Ch.060 Vol.11 Ch.061 Vol.11 Ch.062
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