Vol.21 Ch.195 Descent

Vol.01 Ch.001 Yoshimori and Tokine Vol.01 Ch.002 Scars Vol.01 Ch.003 Yoshimori's Ambition Vol.01 Ch.004 Human Ghost Vol.01 Ch.005 Nourishment Vol.01 Ch.006 A Dangerous Man Vol.01 Ch.007 The Flower of Passion Vol.02 Ch.008 Yukimura Tokio Vol.02 Ch.009 Demon-User Vol.02 Ch.010 Remembrance and Hatred Vol.02 Ch.011 Vow Vol.02 Ch.012 Yoshimora Vs. Yoki Vol.02 Ch.013 Urakai Vol.02 Ch.014 The Only Thing Vol.02 Ch.015 Winter Cherry Tree Part 1 Vol.02 Ch.016 Winter Cherry Tree Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.016.5 [Omake] Vol.03 Ch.017 Yoshimori's Trials Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.018 Yoshimori's Trials Part 2 Vol.03 Ch.019 Yoshimori's Trials Part 3 Vol.03 Ch.020 400-Year Reunion Vol.03 Ch.021 Ginro and Kouya Vol.03 Ch.022 Garden Vol.03 Ch.023 The Mountain Dogs Vol.03 Ch.024 Sorrowful Parting Vol.03 Ch.025 Reseal Vol.03 Ch.026 Black Demon Vol.04 Ch.027 Echo (Part 1) Vol.04 Ch.028 Echo (Part 2) Vol.04 Ch.029 Echo (Part 3) Vol.04 Ch.030 Brothers Vol.04 Ch.031 Sumimura Masamori Vol.04 Ch.032 Houin Vol.04 Ch.033 Running Forest Vol.04 Ch.034 Above the Sky Vol.04 Ch.035 Resolve Vol.05 Ch.036 What Is It? Vol.05 Ch.037 Uro-sama Vol.05 Ch.038 Nishiki-Numa Vol.05 Ch.039 Domain of the Gods Vol.05 Ch.040 Footsteps of the Gods Vol.05 Ch.041 Toshimori's Day Vol.05 Ch.042 Secrets Vol.05 Ch.043 Feathers Vol.05 Ch.044 Shirahago Vol.05 Ch.045 Tokine's Arrow Vol.06 Ch.046 Spying Vol.06 Ch.047 Contemplation Vol.06 Ch.048 Scatch Marks Vol.06 Ch.049 Shishio Gen Vol.06 Ch.050 Homeland Vol.06 Ch.051 An Unwelcome Guest Vol.06 Ch.052 Masamori & Gen Vol.06 Ch.053 Ooukubigruma Vol.06 Ch.054 Legitimate Successor Vol.06 Ch.055 The Wanted Man Vol.07 Ch.056 The Last Compliment Vol.07 Ch.057 The Prince of Central High Vol.07 Ch.058 Hachiouji Kimiya Vol.07 Ch.059 Karasumori Plot Vol.07 Ch.060 Gramp's Night Vol.07 Ch.061 The Council of Twelve Vol.07 Ch.062 Always... Vol.07 Ch.063 Declaration of War Vol.07 Ch.064 Negotiations Vol.07 Ch.065 Kaguro Vol.08 Ch.066 Three-Dimensional Vol.08 Ch.067 The Debt Vol.08 Ch.068 Sense of Elegance Vol.08 Ch.069 That Won't Do Vol.08 Ch.070 Competence Vol.08 Ch.071 Four Years Ago (Part I) Vol.08 Ch.072 Four Years Ago (Part II) Vol.08 Ch.073 Four Years Ago (Part III) Vol.08 Ch.074 Ougi Family Vol.08 Ch.075 Decision Vol.09 Ch.076 The Caged Bird Vol.09 Ch.077 Hanashima Otora Vol.09 Ch.078 Raizou Vol.09 Ch.079 Aerial Battle Vol.09 Ch.080 Gagin and Hekian Vol.09 Ch.081 Rat Vol.09 Ch.082 Attack Vol.09 Ch.083 The Last Journey Vol.09 Ch.084 The Position of Lord Vol.09 Ch.085 Agony Vol.10 Ch.086 Quickening Vol.10 Ch.087 Moving Seat Vol.10 Ch.088 Kokubourou's Invasion Vol.10 Ch.089 The Nigh-March of the Monsters Vol.10 Ch.090 Cooperation Vol.10 Ch.091 Demon of Flames Vol.10 Ch.092 Full Transformation Vol.10 Ch.093 Omen Vol.10 Ch.094 Sea of Flames Vol.10 Ch.095 Eternity Vol.11 Ch.096 The Funeral Vol.11 Ch.097 Together Vol.11 Ch.098 The Path to Kurosuski Vol.11 Ch.099 The Crows Behind the Mountain Vol.11 Ch.100 The Many Faces of the Yagyou Vol.11 Ch.101 Small Battles Vol.11 Ch.102 Second Coming Vol.11 Ch.103 Interception Vol.11 Ch.104 The Unexpected at Kurosuski Vol.11 Ch.105 The Fox Battalion Vol.12 Ch.106 Castle Vol.12 Ch.107 Rescue Vol.12 Ch.108 Byako and Heisuke Vol.12 Ch.109 The Empty Man Vol.12 Ch.110 Deposit Vol.12 Ch.111 AIHI Vol.12 Ch.112 Demon Flower Vol.12 Ch.113 The Man Who Does Not Die Vol.12 Ch.114 Outside a Different World Vol.12 Ch.115 Weak Point Vol.13 Ch.116 Difference Vol.13 Ch.117 Sincere Advice Vol.13 Ch.118 True Strength Vol.13 Ch.119 Come Out Vol.13 Ch.120 The Road Home Vol.13 Ch.121 Slap Vol.13 Ch.122 Visitor Vol.13 Ch.123 Kiyoko Vol.13 Ch.124 Nail Vol.13 Ch.125 Master and Disciple Vol.14 Ch.126 Jaren Vol.14 Ch.127 Temptation Vol.14 Ch.128 Strong Feeling Vol.14 Ch.129 Master and Follower Contract Vol.14 Ch.130 Kekkai and Zekkai Vol.14 Ch.131 A Troublesome Guest Vol.14 Ch.132 Ootengu Vol.14 Ch.133 His Lordship Vol.14 Ch.134 Inspection Vol.15 Ch.135 Box Vol.15 Ch.136 Hostage Vol.15 Ch.137 Exit Vol.15 Ch.138 The Truth Behind the Box Vol.15 Ch.139 The Four Ayakashi Vol.15 Ch.140 Cocoon Vol.15 Ch.141 Kurokabuto Vol.15 Ch.142 Responsibility Vol.15 Ch.143 Distortion Vol.15 Ch.144 Complete Vol.16 Ch.145 Karasumori's Wrath Vol.16 Ch.146 Order Vol.16 Ch.147 Report Vol.16 Ch.148 Julia Vol.16 Ch.149 Jealousy Vol.16 Ch.150 Love Triangle Vol.16 Ch.151 Here It Comes Vol.16 Ch.152 Water Dragon Vol.16 Ch.153 Culprit Vol.16 Ch.154 A Phone Call from Brother Vol.17 Ch.155 Pool Vol.17 Ch.156 Tan'yuu Vol.17 Ch.157 Mudou Vol.17 Ch.158 Close Friend Vol.17 Ch.159 True Zekkai Vol.17 Ch.160 Immortal Vol.17 Ch.161 Correction Vol.17 Ch.162 The Elder Brother's Decision Vol.17 Ch.163 The Master's Power Vol.17 Ch.164 Envy Vol.18 Ch.165 Promise Vol.18 Ch.166 Traitor Vol.18 Ch.167 Mind Reading Vol.18 Ch.168 Intelligence Vol.18 Ch.169 Kagemiya Sen Vol.18 Ch.170 Arrival Vol.18 Ch.171 Covert Operation Vol.18 Ch.172 Panic Vol.18 Ch.173 Gathering Vol.18 Ch.174 Four Corner Formation Vol.19 Ch.175 Compression Vol.19 Ch.176 Prophecy Vol.19 Ch.177 Shrine Maiden Saki Vol.19 Ch.178 Crow Vol.19 Ch.179 Seclusion Vol.19 Ch.180 Tobimaru Vol.19 Ch.181 Investigation Vol.19 Ch.182 A Visit Vol.19 Ch.183 Wind Ability User Vol.19 Ch.184 God Killer Vol.20 Ch.185 Windy Trap Vol.20 Ch.186 Guardian Vol.20 Ch.187 Transaction Vol.20 Ch.188 Aniki's Wish Vol.20 Ch.189 Masamori Vs Ougi Vol.20 Ch.190 Gigantic Tornardo Vol.20 Ch.191 Lump of Meat Vol.20 Ch.192 Youth Vol.20 Ch.193 Seriously Worried Vol.20 Ch.194 Left Behind Vol.21 Ch.195 Descent Vol.21 Ch.196 Rain Vol.21 Ch.197 Sinking of the School Vol.21 Ch.198 Decision Vol.21 Ch.199 Stigma Vol.21 Ch.200 Hida Village Vol.21 Ch.201 Memorial Service Vol.21 Ch.202 Target Vol.21 Ch.203 Disintegration Vol.21 Ch.204 The Heart of the Power Vol.21 Ch.205 Initiation Vol.22 Ch.206 Special Search Squad Vol.22 Ch.207 The Guillotine Island Vol.22 Ch.208 Inquisition Vol.22 Ch.209 Escape Vol.22 Ch.210 The Island Chase Vol.22 Ch.211 Ignited Vol.22 Ch.212 Loophole Vol.22 Ch.213 Judgment Vol.22 Ch.214 True Nature Vol.22 Ch.215 Resistance Ch.223.1 Hiura Souji Vol.23 Ch.216 Yashiro Vol.23 Ch.217 Revolution Vol.23 Ch.218 Willfulness Vol.23 Ch.219 Leniency Vol.23 Ch.220 Evil Thought Vol.23 Ch.221 Fissures Vol.23 Ch.222 Back-Up Team Vol.23 Ch.223 Hiura Souji Vol.23 Ch.224 First Class Small Shrine Vol.23 Ch.225 Illusion Vol.24 Ch.226 True Ability Vol.24 Ch.227 Intruder Vol.24 Ch.228 Policy Change Vol.24 Ch.229 Command Oriented Vol.24 Ch.230 The Unlucky Ballot Vol.24 Ch.231 Hiura and Shishio Vol.24 Ch.232 Blank Box Vol.24 Ch.233 Majinai Division Vol.24 Ch.234 Selfishness Vol.24 Ch.235 Vampire Vol.25 Ch.236 The People Around Vol.25 Ch.237 State of Mind Vol.25 Ch.238 The Blank Room Vol.25 Ch.239 Ichigou Vol.25 Ch.240 Come Out Vol.25 Ch.241 Example Vol.25 Ch.242 Selfishness Vol.25 Ch.243 Justice Vol.25 Ch.244 Breaking In Vol.25 Ch.245 The Serpent's Eye Vol.26 Ch.246 Cruel Future Vol.26 Ch.247 A Certain Person Vol.26 Ch.248 Complete Form Vol.26 Ch.249 Shinigami Vol.26 Ch.250 Common Trait Vol.26 Ch.251 Excessive Power Vol.26 Ch.252 Special Human Vol.26 Ch.253 The Promise Vol.26 Ch.254 Conditions Vol.26 Ch.255 Pierrot Vol.27 Ch.256 Revolution Vol.27 Ch.257 Child Prodigy Vol.27 Ch.258 Source of Power Vol.27 Ch.259 Number Three Vol.27 Ch.260 Fighter Vol.27 Ch.261 Power Vol.27 Ch.262 10 Percent Vol.27 Ch.263 Enemies and Allies Vol.27 Ch.264 Lie Vol.27 Ch.265 Zero Vol.28 Ch.266 Highest Degree of Blank State Vol.28 Ch.267 Majinai Elimination Vol.28 Ch.268 Majinai Destruction Vol.28 Ch.269 One-on-One Vol.28 Ch.270 Contract Formation Vol.28 Ch.271 Denial Vol.28 Ch.272 Equal Resolution Vol.28 Ch.273 Karasumori Vol.28 Ch.274 The Real Finale Vol.28 Ch.275 God of Catastrophe Vol.29 Ch.276 The Limit of a Human Vol.29 Ch.277 White Zekkai Vol.29 Ch.278 Dawn Vol.29 Ch.279 Worry Vol.29 Ch.280 Awakening Vol.29 Ch.281 The Men of Ougi Vol.29 Ch.282 The Log Keeper Vol.29 Ch.283 Suigetsu Vol.29 Ch.284 Homecoming Vol.29 Ch.285 The Last Night Vol.30 Ch.286 The Lord Vol.30 Ch.287 The Keep Vol.30 Ch.288 The Sound of Laughter Vol.30 Ch.289 Tag Vol.30 Ch.290 That Time Vol.30 Ch.291 Into the Distance Vol.30 Ch.292 The New Karasumori Castle Vol.30 Ch.293 Kumon Vol.30 Ch.294 Door Vol.30 Ch.295 Stage 2 Vol.31 Ch.296 Trap Vol.31 Ch.297 The Founder Vol.31 Ch.298 Reproduction Vol.31 Ch.299 Ambition Vol.31 Ch.300 Arashizaki Shrine Vol.31 Ch.301 Shinkai Vol.31 Ch.302 Serious Vol.31 Ch.303 The King Vol.31 Ch.304 Vessel Vol.31 Ch.305 Hatred Vol.32 Ch.306 Territory Vol.32 Ch.307 Invasion Vol.32 Ch.308 Aim Vol.32 Ch.309 War Vol.32 Ch.310 Attack on the Headquarters Vol.32 Ch.311 All-Out War Vol.32 Ch.312 Underdog Vol.32 Ch.313 Tsukikage Vol.32 Ch.314 The Cursed Child Vol.32 Ch.315 The Flow of Power Vol.33 Ch.316 Fate Vol.33 Ch.317 Father and Child Vol.33 Ch.318 Kidoin Nura Vol.33 Ch.319 Raijin Vol.33 Ch.320 Wind(of change) Vol.33 Ch.321 Comrades Vol.33 Ch.322 Smile Vol.33 Ch.323 Hakuma Vol.33 Ch.324 Mission Vol.33 Ch.325 Infiltration Vol.34 Ch.326 Persuasion Vol.34 Ch.327 Utsusemi Vol.34 Ch.328 The Night Before Vol.34 Ch.329 The Truth Vol.34 Ch.330 Battle Start Vol.34 Ch.331 Ogre Princess Vol.34 Ch.332 Guidance Vol.34 Ch.333 The Plan Vol.34 Ch.334 Tsukihisa Vol.34 Ch.335 A Sudden Change Vol.35 Ch.336 Falsification Vol.35 Ch.337 Message Vol.35 Ch.338 Judgment Vol.35 Ch.339 Last Moments Vol.35 Ch.340 Reassignment Vol.35 Ch.341 One´s role Vol.35 Ch.342 Creation Vol.35 Ch.343 Sumiko Vol.35 Ch.344 Parting Vol.35 Ch.345 End
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