Katteni Kaizo

Vol.05 Ch.055 What Should I Do - Lovestory

Vol.01 Ch.001 Birth of a Cyborg?! Vol.01 Ch.002 Lost Memories?! Vol.01 Ch.003 Congratulations Umi?! Vol.01 Ch.004 Poetic Intentions?! Vol.01 Ch.005 I Can't Sleep Tonight!! Vol.01 Ch.006 Where's France!? Vol.01 Ch.007 Kalzou, the Great Cyborg Monster Vol.01 Ch.008 School Swimsuit Vol.01 Ch.009 Science-vestigation Club, a Hair's Breadth from Financial Disaster?! Vol.01 Ch.010 Two Chitans!? Vol.01 Ch.011 An Exiting Summer Festival?! Vol.02 Ch.012 Fascination for Office Relationships Vol.02 Ch.013 Wishing upon a Time Capsule?! Vol.02 Ch.014 You Want to Gossip? Vol.02 Ch.015 That Noisiest Beach in the Summer! Vol.02 Ch.016 I Want to Say It! On My Own Vol.02 Ch.017 Lost Lost Little Doggie?! Vol.02 Ch.018 Nori Is No Good?!? Vol.02 Ch.019 What's Your Name? Vol.02 Ch.020 That Guy Is Missing Somebody? Vol.02 Ch.021 The Big Fashion Demon King!? Vol.02 Ch.022 Any Small Heart Vol.02 Ch.023 The First Unstoppable Runner? Vol.03 Ch.024 Lets Make a Movie!! Vol.03 Ch.025 All Members Unite for the Boss! Vol.03 Ch.026 Adult Pranks Big Strategy Vol.03 Ch.027 Masked Legend Resurrected Vol.03 Ch.028 A Nabe Isn't that Easy!? Vol.03 Ch.029 A Maiden's Feelings Vol.03 Ch.030 Go with the Wind Vol.03 Ch.031 "Scary" Christmas Vol.03 Ch.032 Contagious New Year! Vol.03 Ch.033 Lets Go Snowboarding! Vol.03 Ch.034 Something Like That! Vol.04 Ch.035 Woman from the West Vol.04 Ch.036 Contest for the Clubroom Vol.04 Ch.037 Raise the Curtain! Male Valentine!! Vol.04 Ch.038 Begin the Heartbreaking Story!! Vol.04 Ch.039 It Won't Stop Until I Die!? Vol.04 Ch.040 Lets Go to Hinamatsuri!? Vol.04 Ch.041 A Story of Favoritism Vol.04 Ch.042 Is That an Explanation? Vol.04 Ch.043 Forgotten Friend!! Vol.04 Ch.044 The Drama of Revival Vol.04 Ch.045 We Feel Like the Elite!! Vol.04 Ch.046 This Is Something Adults Do! Vol.04 Ch.046.5 We Lose and Don't Profit Vol.05 Ch.047 What Am I !? Vol.05 Ch.048 The Last Weapon vs. Kaizou!? Vol.05 Ch.049 The Tragedy of May 1 Vol.05 Ch.050 I Want to Tribute Vol.05 Ch.051 We Doing It!! Vol.05 Ch.052 Let's Go Home (With Spirit!) Vol.05 Ch.053 I Want Purple Noons Vol.05 Ch.054 He's Damp!! Vol.05 Ch.055 What Should I Do - Lovestory
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Katteni Kaizo contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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