Vol.11 Ch.069 RendezVous With a Goddess

Vol.01 Ch.001 Himorogi's Daughter Vol.01 Ch.002 The Emperor's Voice Was Heard Vol.01 Ch.003 Spring Attack! Vol.01 Ch.004 School Days Vol.01 Ch.005 The After-School Goddess Vol.01 Ch.006 Sister Vol.02 Ch.007 Sisters Vol.02 Ch.008 The Fiery Devils for Hire x 2 + 1 Vol.02 Ch.009 We Love Thou, Our Idol Vol.02 Ch.010 Revelation! A New Power!! Vol.02 Ch.011 That Girl's Crazy Vol.02 Ch.012 Wuthering Heights Vol.03 Ch.013 Meisou Gakuen Vol.03 Ch.014 My Embarassing Past Vol.03 Ch.014.5 Interlude -Karaoke Warrior Takako Vol.03 Ch.015 Everything Is Fuzzy Vol.03 Ch.016 But This Is the Truth Vol.03 Ch.017 Ephemerality (Short-Livedness) Vol.03 Ch.018 Jin Head over Heels in Love Vol.04 Ch.019 Spending Summer Together Vol.04 Ch.020 Encounter Vol.04 Ch.020.2 Interlude Nakakiyono Vol.04 Ch.021 When Girlfriend and Boyfriend Change into Swimsuits Vol.04 Ch.022 Streets in Shiomi Vol.04 Ch.023 Divided Spirit Vol.05 Ch.024 Sea Dragon's Shadow in the Ocean Sunrise Vol.05 Ch.024.5 Interlude MMO Vol.05 Ch.025 Hakua's Castle - Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.026 Hakua's Castle - Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.027 In the First Year of High School, We Only Have This Summer Vacation Vol.05 Ch.028 The End of Summer Vol.06 Ch.029 An ON/OFF Switch for a Calling Vol.06 Ch.030 My Truthfully Embarassing Past Vol.06 Ch.031 Dandelion in the Shadows Vol.06 Ch.032 High School Idolmaster Vol.06 Ch.033 Playing with O-kun Vol.06 Ch.034 I Wonder What Love Is Vol.06 Ch.035 Wheel of Fate Vol.06 Ch.036 Ozuma Appears Vol.07 Ch.037 Cut Down Part 1 Vol.07 Ch.038 Cut Down Part 2 Vol.07 Ch.039 Cut Down Part 3 Vol.07 Ch.040 Cut Down Part 4 Vol.07 Ch.041 Children on the Mountain Vol.07 Ch.041.5 Tsugumi's Secrets Vol.07 Ch.042 Hinoue Shouhou Vol.08 Ch.043 Aquamarine Dress Vol.08 Ch.044 Teach Me This Skill! Vol.08 Ch.045 Jin's Reflections Vol.08 Ch.046 The Goddess Kannagi Vol.08 Ch.047 The Kannagi Festival Vol.08 Ch.047.5 Helping the Pilgrims Vol.08 Ch.048 You Are Here Vol.09 Ch.049 Dreams Vol.09 Ch.050 A Friend Vol.09 Ch.051 Memories Vol.09 Ch.052 Sharing Senses Vol.09 Ch.053 The Holy Place (Part 1) Vol.09 Ch.054 The Holy Place (Part 2) Vol.09 Ch.055 Grafting Vol.09 Ch.056 Back to Daily Life Vol.09 Ch.057 The Goddess's Jealousy Vol.09 Ch.058 Cheer Up! Vol.09 Ch.059 Yasuhi and Mitsuyo's Advice Vol.09 Ch.060 Akiba's Rebellion Vol.09 Ch.061 Christmas of a Hopeless Girl Vol.11 Ch.062 Night of Open Hearts Vol.11 Ch.063 A Sunny Day Under Clear Sky Vol.11 Ch.064 A Dark Day Under Black Sky Vol.11 Ch.065 SpellBound Vol.11 Ch.066 Shino Works Vol.11 Ch.067 Nouvelle Shino Works After Vol.11 Ch.068 Graduation Vol.11 Ch.069 RendezVous With a Goddess Vol.11 Ch.070 Song (Part 1) Vol.12 Ch.071 Song (Part 2) Vol.12 Ch.072 Vol.12 Ch.073 Vol.12 Ch.074
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