Journey to the West (Zheng Jian He)

Ch.044 Soul Snap

Ch.001 Dragon and Wolf Ch.002 Dragon King, Deva General Ch.003 Secret of The Sutra Ch.004 The Legend of the White Wolf's Beginnings, Bai Lang returning Sutra Ch.005 Searching for the Grand Master Tang Sangzan Ch.006 Undying Heart Ch.007 Not For the People But For Myself Ch.008 Entering And Leaving Society Ch.009 The Sinful White Dragon Horse Ch.010 The Trail Of Demons Ch.011 A Different Color Ch.012 Hell Chanting Ch.013 Soul Awakening Ch.014 Thousand Hands, Thousand Eyes, The God among Gods, Limitless and Endless Rotating Seals Ch.015 Gautama Buddha Came To Help The Journey Ch.016 Departure Ch.017 The King of Pigs Ch.018 Something That Never Fades Away Ch.019 The Revival of Fangs Ch.020 The King of Pigs Enters the War Ch.021 The River of Flowing Sand Ch.022 Amnesia Ch.023 The Heavenly King Dhritarashtra Ch.024 Shifu, Forever and Always Ch.025 The King of Sand Enters the War Ch.026 The Death of Sun Wu Kong Ch.027 The Southern Ocean Dragon Clan Ch.028 Ch.029 The Worst Decision Ch.030 The Undefeated Knight Ch.031 Heaven's Strongest Knight Ch.032 The Graveyard Guardian Ch.033 The Unrivaled Knight Ch.034 Meeting After a Long Separation Ch.035 Revival of the Ape King Ch.036 Boundless Transformation 3,000 Worlds of Existence Ch.037 Goodbye Sun Wu Kong Ch.038 Reason Ch.039 The Merciless Trial Ch.040 Towards an Unfathomable Future Ch.041 Giant Country Ch.042 Iron Stone Body Ch.043 The Giant Bird and The Dragon Ch.044 Soul Snap Ch.045 Tang San Zang's Godlike Death Defying Skill Ch.046 She Who Defied Fate Ch.047 A Decisive Battle between the Two Heavenly Kings Ch.048 The Ancient Dragon's Secret Ch.049 Dhritarashtra's Painstaking Effort Ch.050 The Wild Bull's Castle Ch.051 The Stone-Encased God-Ape A Reincarnation from Fire Ch.052 The Great Sage Equaling Heaven Sun Wu Kong is Here! Ch.053 The Ox King and The Wasp Queen Ch.054 Deep into the Secret Valley of Death Ch.055 Searching for Feathers Ch.056 Berserk Ch.057 Advance of the Insane Ox Ch.058 For Love Ch.059 A Reckless Plunge into the Asura Kingdom Ch.060 Fallen God Ch.061 Battle Soul Ch.062 The Mad King's Magic Blade Ch.063.1 The Everchanging Undefeated Ape King (Part 1)
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