Itsuwaribito Utsuho

Vol.13 Ch.127 Sweet Temptation

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Journey Begins Vol.01 Ch.002 What I Saved Vol.01 Ch.003 Lying Contest Vol.01 Ch.004 The Price of Lying Vol.01 Ch.005 A Nice Meeting Vol.01 Ch.006 One Finger! Vol.01 Ch.007 Who You Should Trust Vol.02 Ch.008 Even Though We Think Differently Vol.02 Ch.009 Yakuma's Suffering Vol.02 Ch.010 The Mysterious Mind Reader Vol.02 Ch.011 If You Believe Vol.02 Ch.012 He's Cool Vol.02 Ch.013 Utsuho Is Human After All Vol.02 Ch.014 Utsuho Gets Tricked Vol.02 Ch.015 We'll Pretend It Didn't Happen Vol.02 Ch.016 The Same Smell Vol.02 Ch.017 For My Family Vol.02 Ch.017.5 Bonus Vol.03 Ch.018 The Boss's True Identity Vol.03 Ch.019 Humans Vol.03 Ch.020 Neya's Agony Vol.03 Ch.021 Bonded to Each Other Vol.03 Ch.022 The Same as Gramps Vol.03 Ch.023 Utsuho's Idea Vol.03 Ch.024 More Important Than Proof Vol.03 Ch.025 A Gift Born of Sincerity Vol.03 Ch.026 Everyone's Goals Vol.03 Ch.027 The Power of a God Vol.03 Ch.027.5 Bonus Vol.04 Ch.028 Behind the Miracle Vol.04 Ch.029 Mastermind Vol.04 Ch.030 The Mistake Vol.04 Ch.031 Feint Vol.04 Ch.032 Lies and Magic Vol.04 Ch.033 Hisago's Whereabouts Vol.04 Ch.034 Pochi and the Comb Vol.04 Ch.035 Yakuma's Choice Vol.04 Ch.036 Town of Explosives Vol.04 Ch.037 Tenka's Past Vol.04 Ch.037.5 Bonus Vol.05 Ch.038 Forward! Vol.05 Ch.039 A Weapon Called Sen Vol.05 Ch.040 Four-shaku Shell Vol.05 Ch.041 The Liar's Identity Vol.05 Ch.042 The Kokonotsu Vol.05 Ch.043 Vilage of Dolls Vol.05 Ch.044 Borrowing and Lending Vol.05 Ch.045 The Lord's Dolls Vol.05 Ch.046 The Cursed Doll Vol.05 Ch.047 Sleeping Princess Vol.05 Ch.047.5 Bonus Vol.06 Ch.048 A Way to Help Vol.06 Ch.049 The Lord's Records Vol.06 Ch.050 The Value of Protecting Vol.06 Ch.051 A New Lead Vol.06 Ch.052 Gem Eyestone Vol.06 Ch.053 The Test Vol.06 Ch.054 Answer Vol.06 Ch.055 Cracks Vol.06 Ch.056 Hokorai Village Vol.06 Ch.057 Utopia? Vol.06 Ch.057.5 Bonus Vol.07 Ch.058 The Lord's True Identity Vol.07 Ch.059 The Path of God Vol.07 Ch.060 Closed Island Vol.07 Ch.061 The True Culprit?! Vol.07 Ch.062 The Lord's Daughter Vol.07 Ch.063 The Strongest Weapon Vol.07 Ch.064 Hikae Dies?! Vol.07 Ch.065 Rebellion Vol.07 Ch.066 Raid Vol.07 Ch.067 Split Up Vol.07 Ch.067.5 Bonus Vol.08 Ch.068 Kuroha Vol.08 Ch.069 The Door of God Vol.08 Ch.070 Hiruko's Mission Vol.08 Ch.071 A Good Opportunity Vol.08 Ch.072 Large Warehouse Vol.08 Ch.073 Scroll Vol.08 Ch.074 Kuroshiro Vol.08 Ch.075 Utsuho and Uzume Vol.08 Ch.076 Castle Lord Vol.08 Ch.077 The Agate Chalice Vol.08 Ch.077.5 Bonus Kuroha's Gang After Mayohiga Vol.09 Ch.078 Break-out Vol.09 Ch.079 The World Vol.09 Ch.080 Iriya Vol.09 Ch.081 Letter Vol.09 Ch.082 Village of Brides Vol.09 Ch.083 Princess Iwashi Vol.09 Ch.084 Bandits Vol.09 Ch.085 Cooperate Vol.09 Ch.086 Cherry Blossom Rouge Vol.09 Ch.087 Sasaka Vol.09 Ch.087.5 Bonus Vol.10 Ch.088 Onihime Vol.10 Ch.089 Weather Vol.10 Ch.090 Capital Vol.10 Ch.091 Onkado Vol.10 Ch.092 Comrades Vol.10 Ch.093 Utsuho's plan Vol.10 Ch.094 Friends Vol.10 Ch.095 Invasion Vol.10 Ch.096 The Past Vol.10 Ch.097 Choice Vol.11 Ch.098 Plan Vol.11 Ch.099 Extra chapter Vol.11 Ch.100 Onkado's birthday festival Vol.11 Ch.101 The leading plan Vol.11 Ch.102 A bad premonition Vol.11 Ch.103 Leader and Iriya Vol.11 Ch.104 Pochi and Iriya Vol.11 Ch.105 Happiness Vol.11 Ch.106 White Wings Vol.11 Ch.107 A Good Lie Vol.12 Ch.108 The people and the world Vol.12 Ch.109 Family Vol.12 Ch.110 From here on out Vol.12 Ch.111 Sapphire Magatama Vol.12 Ch.112 Comrades Vol.12 Ch.113 Hihi-baa's tale Vol.12 Ch.114 The Village village Vol.12 Ch.115 The Village of Lies Vol.12 Ch.116 The village's secret Vol.12 Ch.117 The village of tanuki Vol.13 Ch.118 Group of three Vol.13 Ch.119 Cursed Power Vol.13 Ch.120 Lily Vol.13 Ch.121 The Past of the Village Vol.13 Ch.122 Halfling Vol.13 Ch.123 Soul Vol.13 Ch.124 Taboo Vol.13 Ch.125 Suggestion Vol.13 Ch.126 Tattoo Vol.13 Ch.127 Sweet Temptation Ch.139 Ch.140 Ch.141 Vol.14 Ch.128 The Two's Decision Vol.14 Ch.129 Hideout Vol.14 Ch.130 Shopping Vol.14 Ch.131 A Good Lie Vol.14 Ch.132 We Can Change Vol.14 Ch.133 Ryuubi's Goal Vol.14 Ch.134 Ryuubi's Past Vol.14 Ch.135 Just Before the Battle Vol.14 Ch.136 Read Online Ch.142 Ch.143 Ch.144 Ch.145 Ch.146 Ch.147 Ch.149 Ch.150 Ch.151 Vol.15 Ch.138 Utsuho's secret Ch.152
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